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  1. If you have Toyota Touch 2 with Go, use this method: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5_Z34pQ_pYs You can access and reset the Bluetooth tooth system.
  2. Are there two instrument brightness settings? One for lights off and one for lights on? Mine does. I can set them independently.
  3. *** BREAKING NEWS *** These are now in Lidl for just £13.99 so buy while you can people….
  4. Hi Tim. Are you replacing a bog standard non-electronic manual dipping mirror with an electronically dimming one? (like mine) My 2016 Auris Excel hybrid hatchback has an electro-chromatic interior mirror (AKA auto dimming) fitted as standard with light sensors on it, a green “active” LED and an ON/OFF push button on it. What are you planning on plugging the new mirror into if your car doesn’t have a loom up there? It may even be hooked into the headlight system. Here’s mine:
  5. Hi Tim. Are you replacing a bog standard non-electrically dimming mirror with an electrically dimming one? My 2016 Auris Excel hybrid hatchback has one of those electro-chromatic mirrors (AKA auto dimming) fitted as standard with light sensors on it, a green “operating” LED and an ON/OFF push button on it. What are you planning on plugging the new mirror into if your car doesn’t have a loom up there? It may even be hooked into the headlight system.
  6. @Anthony Poli I vaguely remember an issue relating to a faulty hazard flasher switch on Auris models, which caused a 12V battery drain overnight (after a brief push of the hazard flasher button). 🤔
  7. I agree with @TonyHSD. It’s likely to need a new 12V battery soon. That happened to me in my last car. It was a sign that the 12V battery was on its last legs. When it happens, depending on how many electronic systems your car has, it can cause all sorts of weird electronic glitches such as resetting MPG / trip data, and wiping stored radio stations from memory.
  8. Mine had a very clear ⬆️UP marking on the filter, making it idiot proof to change. It’s not the active charcoal filter though (that combats smells). Just an ordinary pollen type.
  9. Here’s the original cabin pollen filter from my 2016 Auris Excel hybrid hatchback. (My car has fully automatic dual zone climate control). Filter part number: 87139-YZZ16 eBay is a good source for filters. Simple to fit. Hope this info helps. 🙂👍🏻
  10. Regarding map updates for your sat nav, exactly as @Packard says: either DIY with a digital download from eBay onto a USB drive, or pay around £130 from Toyota main dealer for a map update. I decided not to update my onboard maps. I have full Europe and UK maps from 2016, from when the car was new. Mine is a 2016 Auris Excel Hybrid hatchback.
  11. I too have used ECO mode for daily driving for about the last 6 months. In my experience, it softens accelerator response, makes the engine “on time” as little as possible (reducing fuel usage), and reduces cabin fan speed / cooling power of the climate control A/C. Here’s an extract from the manual explaining exactly what it does:
  12. With my last car (a 2010 1.6 diesel Ford Focus Titanium without stop/start) I used to avoid commuter traffic jams and go the slightly longer way round in order to keep moving (rather than sit in stationary Nottingham traffic). My Auris hybrid LOVES queues and slow moving traffic. It’s changed how I drive for the better. I read the road ahead much further in order to brake / regen and accelerate smoothly. I now enjoy rush hour jams and heavy traffic. And I never thought I’d hear myself saying that!! 🤣 🚙🔋 🚗 🚛 🚐 🚌 🚗 🏍
  13. As a 2016 Auris Excel hybrid hatchback driver for the last 13 months, I can tell you with absolute clarity that if you buy a hybrid for commuting in slow speed traffic, it’s absolutely the right tool for the job. It’s a beautiful, relaxing, smooth commute. Thoroughly recommended. Here’s mine:
  14. I’m a 2016 Auris Excel hybrid hatchback owner and mine has the full LED headlight set. 😎 Mine doesn’t have auto high/low beam feature though. As @Devon Aygo suggests, I’d echo that. Does your car have air con? Mine has full climate control. Keep the A/C on in winter and all that misting will disappear quick as a flash.
  15. I bought one. It’s a nice charger.
  16. My 2016 Auris Excel hybrid hatchback has the full LED headlight system. It’s stonkingly good. Sealed units and LED’s that can’t be replaced AFAIK. Maybe worth looking into switching the whole lamp assemblies? Not sure on the wiring harnesses mods though.
  17. Are you just looking for performance mods, or styling mods too?
  18. Agreed. I had to do this once last year. Replaced both key fob batteries and it’s been fine since. Here’s the emergency procedure explained in the user manual.
  19. Yep. Agreed. Take the key out of your pocket and leave it inside the house 🏡 to test. Then touch the inside of the driver (or passenger) door handle and it shouldn’t unlock. 🔒 If the key is on your person, it will unlock. Keyless entry. 🔑 I found this out as a new owner last year. Walked past the car on my drive, pulled the front door handle to see if I’d locked it (as you do) and it opened!! Forgot I’d got the key on me at the time. 🙈 2016 Auris Excel Hybrid hatchback owner with keyless entry and start. 👍🏻
  20. Sounds very much like the LED DRL cluster has eventually failed (highly likely given the mileage). Treat the DRL LEDs as sealed units. They can’t be accessed, repaired or replaced. Best bet is get a used headlight cluster from a breakers or eBay.
  21. I bought a similar one from Lidl. Ultimate Speed brand. Like Auto XS. It’s a superb bit of kit. Here are some photos and the model number. You can also find these on eBay too. Useful for the little 12V battery located in the Auris Hybrid boot. Hope this helps someone. 🙂👍🏻
  22. @Frankefa 🙂👍🏻 Glad my solution worked for you too. I hope it helps many other Auris owners too. Happy to help.
  23. What spec / viscosity of oil are you using?
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