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  1. I need to change the oil on my late 2008 petrol Aygo, soon. its on just less than 70.000 miles Opinions on using 0W-20 oil ? I'm worried it might consume a lot of oil or possibly start leaking somewhere Your thoughts or experiences ?
  2. Timpsons shop can cut and program a non remote key from your master - not cheap though
  3. Will, have you tried your spare key ? its a long shot.but, worth trying I know one of my keys played up like that, the other didn't
  4. How are you getting on with this ? any updates ?
  5. My guess is waterpump or alternator or similar bearings
  6. Interesting, that's a question Ive been meaning to ask What if you want the seat out indefinitely ? will the light earn not to come on ?
  7. Just my 2p worth IMHO, it could be you're jolting the resistor into working temporarily by jolting it - my suggestion is - replacing it - but obviously I can't guarantee that's the solution, but it does seem like it by what you've said
  8. Is the car new to you ? once the tank is brimmed, the gauge may not drop a bar for 130 miles or so
  9. I'd love a dash cover or similar if there was a UK supplier, if only But, the only effective solution I know works is Polaroid Sunglasses
  10. Perhaps you could start by telling us your exact symptoms ? Is it slipping or is dragging / difficult to get in gear ?
  11. Yes, try whacking the heads with a few times with a big hammer - avoiding damage, then using six point socket / ring spanner
  12. Another reason was, No Dual Mass Flywheel - a con IMHO Do the new Aygos have a DMF ?
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