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  1. I need to change the oil on my late 2008 petrol Aygo, soon. its on just less than 70.000 miles Opinions on using 0W-20 oil ? I'm worried it might consume a lot of oil or possibly start leaking somewhere Your thoughts or experiences ?
  2. Timpsons shop can cut and program a non remote key from your master - not cheap though
  3. Will, have you tried your spare key ? its a long shot.but, worth trying I know one of my keys played up like that, the other didn't
  4. How are you getting on with this ? any updates ?
  5. My guess is waterpump or alternator or similar bearings
  6. Interesting, that's a question Ive been meaning to ask What if you want the seat out indefinitely ? will the light earn not to come on ?
  7. Just my 2p worth IMHO, it could be you're jolting the resistor into working temporarily by jolting it - my suggestion is - replacing it - but obviously I can't guarantee that's the solution, but it does seem like it by what you've said
  8. Is the car new to you ? once the tank is brimmed, the gauge may not drop a bar for 130 miles or so
  9. I'd love a dash cover or similar if there was a UK supplier, if only But, the only effective solution I know works is Polaroid Sunglasses
  10. Perhaps you could start by telling us your exact symptoms ? Is it slipping or is dragging / difficult to get in gear ?
  11. Yes, try whacking the heads with a few times with a big hammer - avoiding damage, then using six point socket / ring spanner
  12. Another reason was, No Dual Mass Flywheel - a con IMHO Do the new Aygos have a DMF ?
  13. I have to say, one of the reasons I bought my Aygo was because there's no EGR,
  14. I always reset the trip meter every time I fill up, and have it on show, that way you get used to what range you have left I find 350 + miles is easily achievable before having to put some in Of course the 6 bar gauge is just whacky
  15. Egr, the most stupidest idea ever IMHO, Thankfully, there isn't one yay 😀
  16. Thanks all. I will get some Wynns, soon as I can
  17. Yes This is my first petrol car for at least 20 years and always used Millers with them, as it works well, at least on Diesels
  18. I have been using E10 with Millers Ecomax Regardless, my car isn't as flat as it was originally, there has been a small gradual improvement, since I got the car
  19. Thanks, That Wynns stuff sounds like a good idea
  20. How ? did you use the special tool ? I ask for future reference
  21. Hi Tony Thanks for your suggestions There were no codes when I checked it a few weeks ago I did do all the things you mentioned when I first got it a year or so ago and only done less than 5000 since then But, I will try them all again soon to make sure Thanks
  22. Mine is a late 2008 Mk1 petrol manual Aygo Its done around 65000 miles Engine seems fine, serviced myself So, it seems to have an odd surging like thing sometimes happens Normally or usually it can be flat as a pancake, especially on gradients Its not brakes btw Sometimes, it seems to want to surge / take off, even on a gradient All a sudden its "whoa" & "yes" lol, its most un Aygo like So, what's likely to be wrong or maybe right ? I think atm unlikely to be fuel pump Maybe relevant may not be, but, I run a OBD cheapo digital gauge thing, that says normally temperature is 84C So far there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it And btw its does it AC on or off, so not that either Thoughts ?
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