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  1. 5 times it failed in the last 3 or 4 weeks. No start, had to boost. Perfect prior to that in the 14 months I've had the car. That's an unusual software problem for sure. I just hope this is not a fob me off job to reduce warrantee claims or I think I'll go thermo nuclear. Now it was in the dealership for an annual first service and the brake actuator software recall plus fob reprogramming about 2 months ago. They tried to update the brake software but the technician couldn't do it after trying many times and needed Leroy to sort it. But Leroy was off. As I said to reception, I really don't give a f... about Leroy. It was booked in for a service and 2 other things including the recall and you haven't done any of those two. Surely you make sure Leroy is in if you need Leroy. They also told me all software was up to date. Weird thing is, they're now saying they've updated all my software. What? You said it was all up to date 2 months ago so which is it? I specifically asked before, during, and after and you said yes. Hypothesis then... They messed up the updates 2 months ago and potentially ended up resetting everything or something to an earlier buggy software load given it was probably Jimmy not Leroy who was doing it. This causes the problem I've experienced. Then, Leroy is now on the case today and thinks hang on, lots of updates required here so I'll update everything including this old bug fix on the telematics. Guessing. It's all starting to smell like Peugeot and I can't stand that smell.
  2. That's worth a try for sure. Thanks. Though I had Waze running on android auto at the time rather than the stock Sat Nav. Maybe I'll just try it with the stock Nav running and see if I can spot any symbols.
  3. Thanks. Yeh, that's what I've been doing for the past 3 or 4 weeks whilst I've been waiting for an appointment. But I've had to boost it 5 times now. 5 times in fewer weeks despite a lot of driving. Not for a new car, no. Not messing under bonnet and faffing. It's not 1986. Happens again I'm going to park it outside of the main entrance at Toyota and take to SM. If it's not fixed at that point they can take it back. Simple really and I don't think this is unreasonable.
  4. Also what bothers me under the test carried out line is "good recharge". A battery with hardly any capacity left can get a good recharge. Has nothing to do with battery's remaining capacity. Add load and it's gone. Maybe there's much behind it than the one liner but I would have hoped for... Good recharge Voltage correct Capacity test good Maybe I know too much being an engineer for over 33 years.
  5. Thanks Ernie. This is all that was written... Odd they didn't do this a couple of months ago when it was in for a full service and I said could you update everything especially where there are TSBs. They said yes everything is up to date already. Clearly not then if they've just had to update the telematics system because it is not shutting down. But, if I take their word and the battery is fine and the right current and voltage is being supplied to charge the 12V then the only remaining explanation is a parasitic current draw when the car is switched off. Odd then that I've had the car 12 months and many times left it for weeks on end with only 5 minute trips before that and yet it started every time with no issues. Why then it would suddenly start now a few weeks ago and 5 times in that period is a total mystery. Especially after 8 hours of motorway driving on one occasion and 6 on another and get a flat battery within a day or days? In short, I'm not convinced this is the problem. See how I get on but I think I'm making up my mind. If it happens again Toyota will get one more go before I hand the car back through our HR team like the last one, the dreaded Peugeot. I'll switch back to Merc. Never had a reliability problem with a new Merc. Doesn't matter how good a car is and this has been a great one, if it is unreliable and I'm faffing about in the freezing Biblical rain and gales we get up here to boost the car in my business suit racing to a last minute dot com summons to a board meeting then... ...No. Goodbye Toyota. This isn't 1994 with an old Vauxhall Nova. Still flummoxed by the 19V reading which I'm going to retry this weekend out of curiosity. New weird thing I've got is on the way home is the car is beeping. No visual warning at all. High pitch beeeep beeeep. Did it 5 times. Not doing anything in particular. Turning aa corner one, straight and level another, crawling in traffic another. Looked through all the settings and nothing obvious. Nothing in RSA since that's set to visual warning only if over speed limit. Have put all other settings back to how they were. But it still does it. No idea what is causing it. It's sounding like a Nintendo Gameboy. 😂😥 Hopefully I can find it or that will drive me totally nuts. So, see where we are in a couple of weeks.
  6. Update... Garage just got in touch. Charged 12v over night. Conducted battery test and all good. Conducted DC management system check which I assume means inverter to DC DC to battery chain. All good. Has made software update associated with telematics system not shutting down, which was drawing current since that update was absent. 19v reading on battery when off not stated as whether they could repeat that. I'll check that again at the weekend. So this is really a matter of fingers crossed and seeing how I get on over the weeks to come. Not terribly confident. Thanks for everyone's support.👍😎🤞
  7. Will find out by close of play Tuesday I guess. Really hoping it isn't. I'm not sure where I would stand. Had these shenanigans with Peugeot. They didn't have any courtesy cars available (ever) and lease company said it's not their problem. It was, and in the end they got me a hire cire. Suspect if it comes to it I'll be on the phone to HR. Grrr.
  8. I think so Ernie. Seems that way. Not sure what would have caused that.
  9. 8 hours of motorway driving last Sunday and Monday. By yesterday the battery was completely dead. Wouldn't even unlock. Had to take the emergency key out of the fob to get in. Bizarre loop then followed. Put the booster on and tried to start. Wouldn't start because the traction battery charger cable was plugged. Warning message. But the charger cable wouldn't disconnect because not enough 12V juice to unlock the port solenoid. What a faff. NOCO needed charging so then I waited an hour for it to charge enough to try again. Managed to unlock the port then start. Meanwhile I'm late for yet another event. Getting tired of this. Car not in until 5th December. Earliest they could do. I think the 12V battery is a goner. Still reading over 19V when car off. Assuming something has gone wrong with cells, going from parallel to series as the only thing I can think of that could cause this. This may be preventing the car from charging the battery if there's a threshold trigger which is rarely reached given the excessive voltage reading. Soooo painful.
  10. The turning circle is pretty poor isn't it.
  11. Thank you. I've added that to the "please check" list for the dealer so a comprehensive set of investigations are performed. I don't want a replacement battery fix of the battery was just a symptom of another cause.
  12. Good summary Philip. I'll be sure to post what the findings are. Hopefully Toyota can sort it and my prejudice based upon a chronic experience with Peugeot and a sublime experience with Mercedes is irrelevant. 🙏🤞
  13. Got a NOCO which I've used a few times now. Shouldn't really need to but it does make for a fall back. I thought my days of cleaning points, fixing water pumps, and tightening fan belts in a suit were over.
  14. Thanks Ernie. That sounds painful. I think it's the hassle and faff which is part the problem. I'm usually pulled here there and everywhere at the last minute. Yes, got the NOCO so the worst case is a faff for a few minutes. Just a thought I never checked how many boosts you can get out of one of those. Assumed perhaps 3 or 4 before needing to recharge it but didn't check.
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