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  1. Lithium Air, Lithium Sulphur, Solid State batteries, Graphene based ultra capacitors. Many all racing to be the top. We'll be spoiled for choice. And think, in 5 years you might be able to get a form fit replacement PHEV battery with 100 miles range for 500 quid.
  2. I used to have a massaging seat in the last car. How do I enable that? Is that an option in the MID or more of an infotainment thing? I can only assume my car is just not that interested in me. Like my wife.
  3. Electrical supply is an issue but the major issue with it is the peak demands not necessarily total demand. Solvable by scheduling and greater variance in tariff versus ToD. One overlooked issue is however the capacitive load versus traditional inductive loads on the transformers on our national credit. Modern electronic loads versus heater elements in the kettle and oven. That's the more immediate problem. The block of flats problem is an issue but not insurmountable. If you can put 700 miles on your car in the two or four weekly supermarket shop charger box then that's probably more than enough mileage for most.
  4. Don't get me wrong. Solid engineering in the main. Industrial grade. Functional. Best drive train in the business. Amazing economy. Blah blah. But didnt we get a shocking deal even on the top trim compared to North America and large parts of Europe! I'll not list the long list of things I'm disappointed about but the new one I just discovered is no kick sensor for opening the PBD! WTH. It's 2021 and a 52k car. Not 2001 and a 22k car when I had a PBD with kick sensor. Holy hell. Just been through all the MID options and whilst there are PBD options for beepy beep volume and height opening limits there's nothing about kick sensor. I even wondered if it might be interlocked with the unlock before opening boot logic but no joy. Is this for real?
  5. That worked. Thanks Ernie. Have to shared internet via USB or Wifi hotspot, not bluetooth if you want AA to work at the same time I suspect. Didn't try that but will over the weekend.
  6. This is great stuff. Had same issue you described in the first post. Had installed but referred to the EU site I couldn't find. Gave up. Going to try now.
  7. I do a lot of deep tech analysis. Electric motors set to increase power density by a factor of 3 in the next ten years. Battery tech specific energy set to increase by a factor of 3 in the next ten to twelve years. Nothing weird or at the fringe of science required here. 90 percent probable. Basically, your EV in 10 years will weigh significantly less than today, have significantly more hp and torque, and 600 to 700 mile winter motorway range will be common. All with dual, triple, or quad motor (note that Rivian R1T R1S are quad motor). And they'll cost less. About 20 to 25pc less by my maths. No need for an ICE or PHEV in any circumstances. But that's by 10 or 12 years. Next 5 years there will still be a choice for most people to make but the PHEVs will be marginalised by that point. I'll be going full EV in 3 years depending on winter range at 70 to 75mph if I don't buy the company car then and only to keep it for perhaps another 2 years then swap to an even better EV option than is available 3 years from now. Inevitable.
  8. Thanks, which is the book light switch? You mean the switch on the light itself? Just leave it on? And it will just come on when the boot is open?
  9. Awesome. Ordering. Here's the PIR light. I just stuck velcro hot tape on the back. Slapped it on the back seat. Very bright. Missun Motion Sensor Light... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08V1KZDFN?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  10. Think I need to look at this. Particularly the reversing lights. Not too fussed about the cabin lights. They're ok enough. On the boot front I bought a bright 6mth lasting rechargeable LED panel light with PIR sensor. Think it was about 15 quid. I put velcro hook tape on the back of it and stuck it to the back seat. Very bright white light and no faffing looking for a switch in the dark to turn on the boot light. As soon as I open the boot it detects thermal motion and stays on for 20s unless it picks up further motion when it adds another 20s. Works great and gives me a removable torch as it also has a permant on mode. Puddle lights, I can't see any light at all unless they are either, amazingly weak and drowned out by street lighting, not working, the dealer hasn't enabled the option in the manual.
  11. Thanks each. Puddle lights definitely not coming on when I approach or unlock. But I haven't had a look through the settings yet. Will try this week.
  12. HUD is superb. Pan roof is good for getting light into the cabin otherwise it is a bit dark and gloomy. Doesnt leak which is the main thing for me. Ventilated seats were good but the air con is very effective so probably not really needed. I'd pay the extra just for the HUD.
  13. Nick72


    Only in the 2023 edition 😂
  14. Nick72


    Wonder if Toyota included dash cams as an option they'd just make use of the long play NTSC format VHS tape loop they're using for the reversing camera?
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