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  1. Nick72

    1st Service

    What an arbitrary limit.
  2. Nick72

    1st Service

    Could be that the app has just lost the plot if the car has been in maintenance mode but who knows. I've given up on relying on the app for my business mileage.
  3. Nick72

    1st Service

    It's not the key. It just happens randomly through a combination of poor software doing the data management and warehousing and ropey servers. Happens randomly which means it is a complexity issue with sloppiness.
  4. If the ICE kicks in of its own accord or I put it in HV mode manually then switch back to EV mode the car continues in ICE mode for anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes in my experience. As Ernie says, it has to go through its cycle. What can be confusing is the car MID shows EV mode even though the ICE is running. Always find that weird.
  5. Yeh there was no politeness about my Merc horn. Was like something from Mad Max. Long press for shouting horn. Short press for polite horn. How hard can it be to implement that?
  6. It's pretty pathetic. No doubt driven by Toyota's over zealous safety ambition. Safety in the sense of not aggravating other motorists to receive a bashing.
  7. Oh I want that. The noise that is lol!
  8. Relates to the ESC not coming on again at next start automatically if you switch it off. I've never touched the button and no plans to. More importantly, if I take the car in to fix this non issue for me what updates and other fixes should I be asking for? Anything from the vehicle system to infotainment. Thanks
  9. I've got a rechargeable lantern which is completely rinseable. Has UV lights and an electrocution grid inside it. Works really well and lasts 2 nights running. About hand sized. Think it was 25 quid off Amazon.
  10. I think it took mine a couple of weeks before everything worked. Just different accounts and registrations needing to catch up and sync.
  11. I wished they'd just up their game here. Scorchio and I just wanted to set the air con on cool for 10 minutes before I set off. 🤷🤦
  12. Yeh the guessometer is a rolling average over the last several trips so it doesn't know how fast your going to be driving on your next trip. At above 55mph the range starts to fall off rapidly so that's where you'll see the biggest difference to the guessometer.
  13. In my day it was ... Air filter, straight through wide bore exhaust, and ECU remapping. That got you 10 to 20pc more power. Now if you start at 100hp and go to 120 then that's not much of a gain. If you had a turbo car then replacing a few valves and putting a bigger intercooler gave you more scope for remapping and performance gains. Good example was my brother's mitsubishi colt turbo. 160hp 970kg car. He got that running at nearly 300hp. One of the fastest cars on the road at the time. So long as the road was dry. Bit of a sleeper. As for your Auris I wouldn't bother to be honest. You won't really notice the mods much and you'll be thousands of pounds down. As the other poster said, just get a faster car, like a Fiesta ST. I drive the RAV4 PHEV which is just perfect as I needed an AWD SUV that was super cheap on company car tax (I basically got a third off the price). Side benefits are it costs me next to nothing to run (54 mile EV range at the moment) and the 306hp DIN of mostly all electric AWD torque means I'm at 60 in 5.5sec and going from 50 to 70 is faster than a supra. Feels almost instant going from 70 to 100 too which is honestly a big problem. Point here is there are a lot of standard unmodified mass produced sleepers on the road so tickling with a few extra hp and stiffer ride doesn't really make any odds.
  14. Thank you Hayzee. Just started working after 15 minutes of trying. Grrrrr.
  15. Suddenly asking me to login. Details all correct. Can't login. Anyone else or just me? Was just about to precon because it is hot!
  16. Thanks Ernie and sorry to hear about your ailment. I feel for you. I have a different set of ailments. Old age and all that. Probably similar overall. Mid 40s on average in the last 9 months but mostly not trying. I get low hybrid coaching scores 🤣
  17. No problems whatsoever in 9 months of having the car. That includes parked at 20 degrees elevation and under low flying combat aircraft.
  18. Yep. I'm not going off the guessometer. I'm going off the odo and if a long trip using only battery then the end of trip reporting in the MID. So far the guessometer has been within a few percent. The guessometer is a rolling average so if your trips are unlike one another (speed, acceleration, temperature) then the guessometer is most likely to be wrong by a fair margin.
  19. Was the tray on mine but I swapped it for a much better after market tray.
  20. Nick72

    1st Service

    Oh I definitely want that enabling. Was like that on my Merc.
  21. Same. What kind average speeds at the moment would you say Ernie?
  22. Just checking in to see how folk are getting on with their EV range now the weather is warming up? I'm currently getting 50 to 56 miles a charge which is quite frankly superb since I'm often driving a little like batman. I saw a US forum post showing the end of trip data on the MID with a 65 mile range. I think this is doable with constant speed at the optimum temperature and speed (20 to 25C and 45mph) with some eco driving. Compare this to a Peugeot full EV (I stalk them on their forum) and they have like a 180 mile claim but many of them only seeing 90 to 110! Talk about range anxiety and dodgy selling. Looks like Toyota has undersold. I prefer that.
  23. Nick72

    1st Service

    So what is this ECU recall about? Safety, efficiency, preventing wear, etc? Which one and why?
  24. Nick72

    MyT app again

    I suspect that Toyota have outsourced app development to someone so it doesn't get the same Toyota rigour. You're right, it is pretty much essential these days. Still, it is vastly better than the Peugeot App.
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