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  1. Happy Birthday tengudemon!

  2. Hi all, now i know if i had the time to trawl through all the posts i could probably find the answers i need but i just need a bit of friendly advice to decide what to do. My celica st202 import is having major problems with power loss especially in the lower gears & my idle spead is around 500rpm, i was advised at last M.O.T that the emissions where through the roof, could the power loss be down to the cat being totally dead? i also had the front lower arm & suspension strut replaced in october last year & now there is a terrible rattle coming from that area when i accelerate/decelarate & the noise is just embarrassing on a bumpy road sounds like i'm gonna lose a wheel.Please any help would be appreciated.Thanks
  3. Hi all i'm in the same position now in need of a cat but would prefer a downpipe plus i need a middle exhaust section as mine is corroded & the heat shield has a very loud & embarrassing rattle but its hard to find standard celica exhausts & i don't want the loud roar of of a 4" stainless system.is it true about jdm not needing to pass emissions test as i was advised at my last m.o.t that my emmisions where through the roof.
  4. Thanks for the reply GT4 BOOSTER your always the first to respond & thats £100 cheaper than toyota, fingers crossed its only the lower arm thats damaged as my front o/s wheel is pushed back about an inch compared to n/s wheel thanks to some joyrider who sent me into the curb near silverlink.
  5. Hi everyone i am in need of a offside lower arm for my 1997 imported ss2 & i think it has superstrut suspension, could someone please confirm if i am right on this & if so can anyone advise me where i may be able to purchase a reasonably priced offside lower arm as toyota want to charge me over £300 for one.
  6. Thanks for the reply daktari, i took it to the garage today & it is the clutch i'm getting a new one fitted tomorrow for £235
  7. hi i'm having a problem with my 1988 celica ss2 wen i put my foot down i;m getting very high revs & no power when i take my foot off & put it back down again it picks up no problem, is this the clutch slipping or does anyone have any ideas what else it could be? i have checked the ht leeds & spark plugs & air filter everythings ok there. If anyone can offer any hepl please it would be appreciated.
  8. just thought i'd throw this one out there, was having a debate with an idiot about which was faster between the celica gt4 st205 and the renault spider and i thought i would let you lot have a say so all viewpoints, pee-takes and thoughts are welcome.
  9. hi mate, i like the bling it sets the car off great.can't wait to see it with the skirts.
  10. GT4 mate,take it from me iv'e just part exed am MR2 for one & i'm still smiling B)
  11. no i'm doing the interior swap if they do it they want to keep the cage, so i pick it up today & get the cage out & interior in sometime this week.
  12. thanks for the help karl after a bit more bartering i put down my deposite today & i pick up my GT4 on saturday & say goodbye to my trusty little MR2. thanks again karl your help was much appreciated.
  13. theres a gen5 gt4 going at vineplace for £2990,looks decent too.
  14. i'm going back to have another look tomorrow i'll try to find out for you i'll also ask how much they would be wanting for it.its an impressive looking rollbar though.
  15. yeah i took 1 out at regency this afternoon,white 57k on the clock.& the 1 in the link has a deposite down on it, there the only two i've seen around here