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  1. What is the issue with running a petrol engine out of fuel? As in I would have imagined Toyota should have designed in engine/battery management protocals to prevent damage to the traction battery in the event of measured/anticipated zero fuel remaining, and why would a petrol engine be difficult to start anyway? Is this perhaps connect with the (and I am guessing here) direct? injection nature of the modern Toyota engine?
  2. I have been buying E10 since we bought the car, so I suppose I am no the wiser re any performance inhibitions. And still getting very acceptable fuel economy. P.S. I now feel a warm glow of schafenfreud when I see the price of diesel. Marcusthehat
  3. Thanks all, since I attempt to "drive smooth" I therefore do not notice any limitations with the Eco mode, which I basically never bother with anyway being happy with the boggo standard driving mode. With the unseasonably mild weather currently seeing 50-55 mpg on 30 to 40 mile trips on mostly flattish terrain and sitting at 45-50 max. Ah the joys of being retired. Though the wife's wee 2.0 mile run to Ch. of a Sunday buggers the figures up, plus the 4 mile run to Tesco's and back. Cheers all, Marcusthehat. P.S I still love the RAV4. But I should be getting the refurbished and resprayed 1999 Steyr Daimler Puch(its really a G Wagen, but officially imported as a SDP ) van back before Christmas, so my love may well be a little diluted.
  4. I have been experimenting with using the selectable EV mode, but the inconsictencies in its messages/reasons for not working(like why not simply say "insufficient power is available") and the number of times it bleeps as being unselectable due to low battery, or quite widely varying excess speed, yet the "energy" display on the centrally mounted screen will at the same time show the battery is powering the car, not the ICE. Huh! Surely that means we are actually running in EV mode? And, anyway, why is it selectable, surely it should be fully automatic in interests of overall fuel economy? And what does selecting "Eco" mode achieve, since I can discern zero difference. Gibber, mutter an twitch.
  5. LFC/WTF Did Toyota NOT simply top hinge the flap, with an attatched membrane. I.e. open the flap upwards and it would form its own waterproof roof. From a farmers Son perspective. Duh!
  6. So, presumably the dealerships will be looking to off-load the old model Corolla? What deals are likely to be available, or is it worth waiting for the new model? The daughter is well in the notion of changing asap, though she was being quoted 8 to 9 months delivery on a Corolla estate. Thoughts, please.
  7. I have deliberately and repeatedly checked my indicated speed against those roadside displays that provide this information, and yes, as to be expected, the car consistently reads a few mph high. So I set the SL at 32 or 33, or 43/44 (but often drive slower regardless, the SL is only there as a backstop) and the CC is generally set 5 mph faster than the 50/60/70 limit, though I mostly pootle about at 45-50, and seem get there just a fast . Marcus
  8. 18 months and 13,550 miles in, I still find the operation of the speed limiter and cruise control unintuitive or indeed downright difficult to use, this despite assidously using both functions from the start, multiple times on every trip, like even on the 4 miles into and through the town to Tescos. So plenty of practise. Why does the cruise control jump in 5mph bounds but the speed limiter is single mph changes, like I am unaware of any speed limits that are not either 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70, so would it not have made more sense for both functions to be in 5mph increments? And the click-on-click-off nature of the buttons makes it impossible to know if either function is activated, WITHOUT spending TOO much time studing the display, to the point of being distracting . . . And I quite often inadvertently catch the on-off CC/SL button while attempting to set or reduce the set speed. All in all I find it surprising that Toyota did not make a better fist of "eyes front" operation of these functions. P.S. Also the random/scattered/semi hidden location of the controls for the auto headlights, fuel cap release, bonnet release etc. Toyota, please why why why? But I really really really like the car. Marcus,theHat
  9. I sat in a Yaris Cross today cos the daughter may be thinking of replacing her 175,000/10 year old 1.4 diesel Yaris and she would intend to stay with the Toyota brand, anyway, for my short legged/long backed stature/build/physique it seemed to be a lovely ergonomic head-roomy place to sit. Even while wearing the Akurba hat! Marcus,theHat
  10. So what if one moved the OBD connector somewhere out of sight and replaced it with a dummy OBD with all pins connected to a largeish capacitor? Only knowing me I would forget about this cunning plan when I booked the car in for a service. Oops.
  11. I am totally dumbfounded by this revelation. Our car is unlikely to be stolen from outside our home, simply due to where we live, but, fornicating hell, we were in England last week for a week. That would have been a proper boker, to come back to a car that wasnt there, while far from home. Signed Disgusted of Dervock.
  12. In our case, when the wife attempted to "re-program" it by re-entering Cairnryan as a destination from afresh, it attempted to take us on a massive unneeded loop "oop Nth" to swing us back down via Ayr, in so far as could be established from the crummy mapping. Cheers allmth
  13. I shall leave such interactions to the SMT to set up, her being much more tech-savvy.
  14. We took our 2021 RAV4 down to Droitwich Spa, from Cairnryan, looked at various local sights and attractions over the course of a week, and drove back. Prior to this trip our local summertime mpg had a high of 57(based on a couple of longer liesurly jaunts) but dropped back to a more realistic 55. This based on never re-setting the fuel data. Except late in the spring to cancel the poorer(say 45 mpg) winter consumption figs. Anyway with 660 miles there, and back, on "A" class and M Ways, with the cruise control set for an indicated 65 or 75(and adjusted for temporary local 50/55 M' Way speed limits) Over some 1050 miles in total we got 54.7 mpg. Cheers, Marcus
  15. Why, why, oh why is Toyota's Sat Nav system so "flaky"? This trip was the first time we had occasion to use the Toyota Sat Nav in ernest. Anyway we are resolved to probably buy a proper TomTom or Garmin. A cheap price to pay for marital harmony! It did not help that the postcode given on the website for our destination was entirely incorrect(a first in my experience) and only after repeated "go arounds" did we then think to dial in the actual address.( It was dark and we were tired, did not help) Cheers, Marcus
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