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  1. Thanks very much for all the info. Ill keep you updated with the purchase and get some pics up soon.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I had a Mk2 import before getting a company car so know the bains of insurance. Think ill stick with the UK version due to the ease of fault finding. One last thing Ive heard on here that it is better to buy a face lift model after 53 plate. Is this true or will getting a 02 plate be just as safe bearing in mind the age of both of the cars? Also how much can you get a hard top for if not already with the car? Hope that make sense?!?! Cheers James
  3. Thanks for the info Giddlepin. Just another quick question: Been looking through auto trader etc and decided to defo get a Mr2 Mk3. But just a little confusion, whats the semi automatic gear box like? Can you simply explain how it works? May sound a silly question but always had a manual and was wondering if there is much difference or should I just stick with a manual?!? Thanks again!
  4. Just testing the water, thinking about getting an Mr-s. I will have around 5k to spend and was wondering what spec I could get for this, Year, Milage etc? Also how much are the hard tops if I cant find one with one already? Thanks for the info in advanced!
  5. Yeah its the AMAP rates so 40p a mile, and wont be doing over 10k so looking for something to increase my carbon foot print alittle, after 2 years sensiable driving in a diesel. What about a Vx220 then? ps I know im on a toyota site asking about other car makes but im sure people have views on them! Rant over ha!
  6. Ahhh sorry im replacing the company car with my own and getting a car allowance instead. So have free reign on what I can have. BMW Wendy house?? Youve lost me there?
  7. Morning! Looks like ill be replacing my company car come September. Looking for some ideas of what to buy. Have around 8k and looking for something reliable but fun as i still have to use it for business. Was thinking about a Vauxhall Vx220 or BMW 330 Cabriolaite. What do you think of the above and have you any ideas? Cheers
  8. !Removed! hell never thought id get so much feedback from a toyota website ha Would love to have a 350z but cant afford one as i have only about 7k to spend. Any other ideas, which wont cost so much to run, but will offer the same amount as fun. What about a 03 plate BMW 325?? Cheers again! ps theres alot to be said for having a company car which comes taxed and serviced every year with no cost ha!!
  9. Its in the title im thicking of getting a Mazda Rx-8? any one know much about them realability, running cost, and more to the point how fun are they? Cheers in advance!
  10. £100 quid and a christmas card! Go ON!!!
  11. £100 and ill take it of your Hands this weekend??
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