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  1. tyres are only a month or two old no rust problems the bottom of the front bumper looks like the previous owner has caught a kerb in a car park not sure if it clips back in place or needs bolts undoing first wheels are scuffed should be refurbishable is that even a word? could do with a driver side window the clown before me has tried tinting it himself and its looking a bit poo to be honest
  2. oops sorry t&t till november
  3. red not a tbar 109000 km some history from before i had it only had it myself since december need the money having had to move into a place of my own (its a dump at he moment )
  4. u reckon i will get between 1000 and 1500 for it? cheers
  5. been quoted 600 for an exedy clutch fitted and 400 for a mongoose exhaust fitted might keep it but its gonna be off the road for a long long time if i do
  6. hiya folks just wondering if anyone can give me a rough guess how much a 94 rev3 tubby in need of tidying up with a slipping clutch and a knackered exhaust is worth? cheers
  7. just a thought are they any good? cheers steve
  8. me again sorry does anybody make a gt4 style spoiler for the rev 3? cheers steve
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    New Clutch

    hi people need some advice if possible my clutch has started slipping recently so i am going to replace it with an uprated clutch can anyone give me a good replacement clutch manufacturer and part name if possible?also how much should i be looking at for a new clutch and fitting? many thanks guys p.s. oops its going in a rev 3 tubby by the way thanks again steve
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    thanks matey got a fair few little jobs to do before any pics arrive
  11. fermit007


    hiya folks bought a rev 3 tubby about 4 weeks ago and everythin seems to be fine except a couple of things,there is some horrific wind noise comin from both windows i have checked the mirror builds and it isnt them any ideas?also when puttin my foot down the boost gauge only climbs 3 quarters of the way is this normal? and finally how much would i be looking at to get it delimited? any help will be greatly appreciated steve
  12. hiya folks just wondering has anybody ever used abp motorsports for servicing etc...? had a rev 3 tubby for 3 weeks and i want the engine to have a !Removed! good service cheers steve p.s. no pics yet it has been in a front ender in its past life thats why i got it so cheap so theres a bit of work to do before i get it lookin standard again
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    gettin my baby friday woohoo yay and all that just wondering if any of u know a good garage in the wrexham-chester area for servicing n stuff not sure about the local toyota dealer (lindop brothers )heard some horror stories from there thanks in advance(cheeky aint I!) cheers steve
  14. after months and months of waiting i am finally getting my hands on an mr2 turbo rev 3 its on an 94 plate done 61k and the guy only wanted 3500 for it only thing slightly worrying was the speedo only goes upto 100mph is this normal? cheers steve will get some pics up when i get the car
  15. cheers m8y # seen a mint looking gt4 on an n plate 96 i think 50000 miles import 12 months mot six month tax and rac warranty for £5500 what u reckon? cheers again steve :D
  16. newbie again is there much difference performance wise between the st2o5 gt4 and the wrc limited edition one? also have any of you heard any horror stories about keighley performance centre they seem to have a couple of wrc gt4s at around £5500 for a 94 any help greatly appreciated cheers steve
  17. what do i think??? i think that musics poo! :D
  18. thanks for the help guys but...... some b :censor: beat me to the blue one emailed the garage and they said that the gap between bonnet and bumper will be sorted so it looks like thats gonna be the one anyhoo just a post to say thanks for your help and as soon as the car arrives i will be requiring a lot more help bwahahahahaha cheers steve
  19. spotted another lol its £5500 dark metallic green lol done 75000 should that be an issue? cheers steve
  20. thanks guys blue it is then only prob is its still in japan white ones due may first not sure i can wait cheers steve
  21. <img src="http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y85/svans3873/r00596444.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">