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  1. It actually ripped the gatepost out. Solid cars these RAVs.
  2. Stupidly I have caught the rav on the side of my gatepost. Fortunately it's only caused a small scrape and a thumbnail sized dent. So I'm trying out Listers Club Smartguard repair. I'll report back how it goes.
  3. I have no need, or desire, to ever say "Hey Toyota". And EVERY driver aid should be switchable, none should be compulsory.
  4. And this "Emergency Steering Assist is also newly provided" so as well as randomly braking for no reason it's now going to randomly steer me into oncoming traffic.
  5. Apart from what sounds like even more mithering technology. 🤣
  6. Metc have been using Artico for years. Basically posh vinyl. I hope Toyota's is better.
  7. The yoke was a good idea in 1905 when cars went 30mph max. It's not now.
  8. Modern cars have very little feel as it is, a yoke that only needs a short movement from lock to lock is really bad idea I think, too easy to oversteer at speed. Cyker yes, we had a Yaris with the floating dash, I really liked that you didn't have to refocus.
  9. What they really need is the B4ZX GR. With a 201bhp motor at EACH end. 😁 And I will NEVER understand the yoke. Whatever the engine you still need to steer the damn thing,
  10. Which is a total con frankly.
  11. Use manual ev mode if you just want to set the nav, or roll up the windows, or nudge the car a few feet. Otherwise just let the hybrid system do its thing. If you set menu, info to show the power routing, you'll see power changing between the different states of charging, using, engine only, ev only, round and round constantly as the computer decides what's best needed.
  12. My wife gets 63mpg out of her Yaris without any effort to get it, she doesn't hypermile in any way. Yaris is nippy and certainly fast enough for normal traffic but compared to a 335d most cars will feel slow 😀
  13. I can only find articles from a year or more back about this.
  14. In my experience panel filters dont do much, you can get just as good an effect changing the cheap paper filter more often. You can get results with a good closed induction kit provided you give it a proper cold air feed from the grille.
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