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  1. That would make sense yes, one common, recognisable sound
  2. Honestly I didn't think about it as I wasn't looking as prospective buyer, it was more "ooh shiny" 🤣 Might be back there this week with a work mate so I'll have a better look.
  3. They've got a b4zx in the showroom, absolutely gorgeous inside but well over 50k.
  4. So I love the Rav but I don't use it, plus the list prices of even the Design trim are on the way to be north of 40k so I'm dropping down to a 2023 2.0 Corolla design hatch in black. No money down and it lowers my monthlies by 60 quid. There's so much equity in the car now and they gave us a massive discount it would have been daft not to. The missus is moving from a Yaris to a Yaris Cross with a similar deal. Like a mini Rav with a massive boot and that's only costing her 14 quid a month more. Dealers have said March for both of them.
  5. Yes why is that you only need to sneeze next to some trim and there's a collosal mark?
  6. https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/new-and-used-cars/article/supermarket-petrol-quality-what-you-need-to-know-aWlmN3O20LKI I think the difference is in quality/quantity of additives such as detergents. I don't beleive there's a conspiracy to destroy engines.
  7. Ok, I've never looked into it I'll admit, but surely in the UK any fuel has to pass the same minumum standard, and is tested regularly to check it? Supermarket petrol stations are never quiet.
  8. I find the Dunlup Grandtrek on my HEV can unstick easily too. I think it is because there's so much torque instantly at standstill and although it's a CVT I believe it's basically locked at standstill too so gives instant drive. I've had to learn to progressively apply the accelerator even more than when I had torquey diesels as even those had to spool up to deliver the torque.
  9. Aye, we've chatted about this before. We reckon it's to do with the national character. Japanese horns are polite. German horns shatter the eardrums of the underclass as they go past. Like the massive single wiper Mercs used to have that bludgeoned passers by with gallons of water. 😁
  10. Ah didn't know that.
  11. It just feels really loud when I'm backing onto the drive late at night.
  12. I was just out running and this 21 plate ev Jaguar thing went past and I couldn't hear any kind of sound like the RAV does. I could hear the hum of the electric motor so perhaps their AVAS is that, more of the same, rather than the choral effort Toyota does 😁
  13. Yugguy1970

    Ev time!

    I knew the Rav was efficient but 6000% of the time in EV! 🤣
  14. We absolutely love our Rav and Yaris. They may not be edgy and interesting but they do exactly what you want, they get you around in comfort without worry or fuss. That said, fun driving is what you make it. I quite enjoy chucking the Rav about occasionally, it handles really well for what it is.
  15. Or maybe one is showing date in UK format and one in US?
  16. I would want parking sensors, I know it's a modern innovation and we are deskilling ouselves 🤣 but they are really useful. I think they should be standard across the range.
  17. Wow. 5.7. How many gallons a mile does that do? 🤣
  18. I dont get that. In four years time the model could have completely changed from the car you first test drove and ordered. You might not even still want it.
  19. Hello. If the above is for 2009-2013 this is a completely different car than yours so you couldn't guarantee it worked.
  20. In the meantime set the sensitivity on it to the lowest
  21. The missus uses it all the time in the Yaris. I never use it, I'm not a fan of the look. Or Google for that matter 🤣
  22. My work is launching a leasing plan. Here's the current weeks lead times they are quoting for Toyotas: Aygo X 17 Corolla Hybrid 39 CH-R 21 Land Cruiser 54 RAV4 45 Yaris 39
  23. It's madness that we pay the same wholesale price for electric wether it comes from cheaper sources or from expensive gas generation.
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