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  1. Like I said in another thread our Yaris will be left alone for 2 or maybe 3 weeks. I expect no problems at all.
  2. I did my last map update with the car in Ready, sat on the drive. It was connected to our wireless which might have helped speed it up, as it took about 45 mins. I just left the car and checked on progress every now and then.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by auto ev/hv? Or HV? You can use EV button to make the car use battery only, and then only under certain circumstances. Other than that the car will swap between ice or ev or both or charging all under computer control. You have a little bit of control by choosing eco, sport or normal but that's it.
  4. When my wife drives her 2021 Yaris again it will have sat at least 2 weeks on the drive, possibly 3. I'll report back on if we get any issues.
  5. Here is my advice. Ignore all the threads about hybrid management, and 12v management, and how do I do this and how do I do that, and what mode should I use and will it die if I only drive 4.765 miles a day, and simply drive the damn thing. 😁👍
  6. You had to watch videos? Our dealer just said "do you want gap protection", we said "no" and that was that.
  7. I genuinely don't get why they think that the more expensive luxury trim doesn't need a spare tyre? Do they think the buyers are far too posh to change their own wheels? 😂
  8. I looked at this when choosing mine. I went for Design over Icon as it was only a little more and gave me front sensors. Excel was almost £3000 more and for me the only thing I wanted would have been lumbar support and I've solved that with a £6 mesh support off ebay. I also really wanted a spare tyre. I would rather pay the extra for AWD as I have noticed that the front wheels can unstick in the damp even with gentle acceleration. In both my Focus and the RAV I have found that setting the rear camera to widescreen shows me enough that I don't need the cross traffic alert.
  9. It depends on many things. If the basic mechanics are ok then yes, a bit of welding could get you another 12 months. A bit more cash spent might identify other areas and a cheapish waxoyl could get you a bit more time. Do you have the funds to get a decent replacement car? If not then whatever you buy next will be a gamble so it might be worth sticking with the car you already have and know?
  10. Old starter motors had a solenoid that when the key was turned to ignition would push the starter cog onto the engine cog. Once the engine started the solenoid would deactivate and the cog was thrown off. If the engine was running this solenoid would be deactivated so even if you turned the key the starter cog would not engage with the engine cog. This stopped the risk of accidental starter motor burnout. This has been this way for years so I doubt the aygo would be any different. Might even be clever electronics these days.
  11. I remember in the mk1 Ford Focus some taller people had the same issue and ended up unscrewing the seat bolts and removing the thick washers that were used, to lower the seat just that bit more Not sure how feasible that is here though.
  12. Aye. I reckon if someone else filled our cars up for us we'd never know the difference.
  13. I'd have thought the vast majority of drivers, even in hybrids, will be getting through enough fuel to minimise any risk. I fill up when the tank is 3/4 empty so I imagine the % of fuel that is stale or corrosive would be very small. I think the consequences of completely draining the fuel system and the engine stopping from fuel starvation would be a lot worse.
  14. Agreed. I know this will sound self righteous but I am constantly amazed with how little interest people show in what's not only likely the 2nd most expensive purchase they will make, but also the thing that needs to get them to work, and might endanger their lives if it's not looked after. It's like mobiles. If people had say 800 quid in cash in their back pocket they'd check it constantly, but phones are just chucked around like nothing.
  15. Yugguy1970

    Oil Change

    I would do 10k. I am always suspicious of long service intervals. I think these are more to make cars attractive to fleet managers.
  16. You have to look at forums as a bit like being down the pub, opinions run high and conversations drift and it's hard to tie them down,.
  17. You could say the same for any of the forums. Just skip the posts that don't apply.
  18. Agree with CPN there. These are amazing engines developed over decades. I think the same when I read threads on here about people basically trying to second guess the system. Don't do it, just drive it and let the computer worry about it.
  19. Two of the.missus cars driven the same on the same regular journey. Fiesta 2020 1.0 ecoboost 100ps 39mpg. Yaris 2021 1.5 hybrid 65mpg. Two of my car's driven the same on the same regular journeys. Focus 2019 1.5 182ps 30mpg. Rav4 2021 2.5 hybrid 45mpg Neither of us are consciously trying to hypermile or to thrash them everywhere, just normal driving.
  20. Fuel treatment on a 2 year old car? Do me a favour. 🤣
  21. I was suprised how small the tank in the 2021 Yaris is, but when I filled it up and it showed almost 500 mile range I didn't really care.
  22. Yeah, there's a lot of terraces up north. For me EV is only part of the solution but has.been fixated on by the government as a magic wand. This is the case in so many things where the planners who live in London think the rest of the country is just like there
  23. No queues in Rugby and garages with petrol.
  24. I would want to know if my indy had genuine knowledge and experience in hybrid drivetrains as they are very different than a standard ice and standard gearbox.
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