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  1. Just had an update from the dealer. I was expecting delivery of my new Cross towards the end of November but have now been informed likely delivery is February ish next year! Not in any great rush but I at least will have a 2023 car (albeit it will still be a 72 plate.)
  2. Ordered a new Yaris Cross in Galactic Blue with Tech Pack beginning of June, I was quoted a delivery date of 22nd November but on reading the previous posts about delivery times I am not holding my breath to take delivery then. I am not in any immediate rush as I have had my Mk 4 Yaris for just over a year with no problems (except android auto which has now been resolved) I have been offered about the same amount I paid as part exchange which I am pleased about but if Toyota resolve their supply issues for the chips etc will the same part exchange price be as competitive when my new Yaris Cross is ready for collection? Do I sell now and down grade to a smaller, cheaper second hand car and take advantage of the high prices for selling low mileage hybrids?
  3. I have had continuous problems with android auto on my Mk 4 Yaris which kept disconnecting. I had to keep unplugging the usb cable and then re-connect. It got really frustrating. I tried different cables that were defined as charging/syncing data but still had the same problem. However after using good old google I found the perfect solution via you tube. One of the contributors had tried 7 different cables and having the same issues as me but he found a cable that solved this problem. I purchased through Amazon and lo and behold, problem solved! I tried it out today and had a 100 mile journey to do and no issues what so ever. It didn't lose connection the entire journey. If anyone wants the link, here it is and priced at a reasonable cost of £7.99. Money well spent in my opinion. Anyway here is the said cable https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01GN0M6NE?
  4. Just a quick update, I had a phone call from the general manager tonight at the dealers apologising for the mis-information, it seems that the galactic blue is not available on the icon but is available on the higher spec cars. Quoted delivery end of November, so I will wait and see if I get the right colour!
  5. Ordered the Yaris Cross Tech Design from my local dealer on Friday, however they have told me that my preferred colour ( Galactic Blue) is no longer available. They persuaded me to go for the black metallic finish. When I looked on line a little later other dealers were advertising the same model in the colour I wanted. I went on line to Toyota 's web site and to the build your car, lo and behold the "car" that I built was in the Galactic Blue and no mention that this was now discontinued, to top it all when I clicked on part exchange I was quote £20110 for my Yaris Design on a 21 plate. The dealer offered me £18000 ! The car is in mint condition and has only 4000 miles on the clock. Out of curiosity I went on several sites that advertise to buy your car and they all quoted way more than my dealer had quoted. Silly me paid a deposit on the Cross so if I pull out now I will lose my deposit. I have sent my dealer a couple of emails saying that I had seen the model I want in the colour I want but they did not reply. I telephoned the branch and asked to speak to the sales person who dealt with my order but as soon as I gave them my name he wasn't available. I telephoned again this morning and guess who answered the phone, yes you guessed it, it was the sales person I originally placed the order with. I asked him if he had received my emails and he said yes but had been extremely busy to answer. When I pointed out to him that I could order from elsewhere and get what I wanted he became a little tongue tied. He said he will try to locate one. I know the lead time for the Cross is about 24 weeks and I told him that I was not in a hurry and prepared to wait to get the colour I want. I also pointed out that I had better offers for a part exchange and will probably sell independently when I get confirmation of a delivery date. Has any one else had similar problems with their dealer? Not a happy bunny at the moment.
  6. Hi, I had a reading on the dash showing an average of 81 miles to the gallon. I have also used the method stated by CPN for years now. I recently filled my Yaris Hybrid to the brim (making a note of the mileage and topped up to the brim some 250 miles later, again noting the mileage. I divided the amount of fuel added in litres by 4.546 to convert to gallons, then deducted the start mileage from finish mileage to get distance covered then divided that by number of gallons of fuel used. I got an accurate figure of my actual fuel consumption which equated to 76.7 miles to the gallon. I think that is pretty good considering I do a lot of small journeys! Much better fuel consumption than my old Auris
  7. Not impressed with the aftersales from the dealer. I took my car in on Friday and left it with them for 2 hours. When I went back to collect they couldn't find my keys. The staff were all busy prepping new cars that were due for hand over that day and I was left waiting for over 20 minutes. There were still marks on the paintwork and the response from the manager was "What do you want us to do?" I was flabbergasted at the reply. He went on to say that they had done all they can and then walked off! Now to the first post, I contacted Tech Support about registering the Multimedia. They said that this feature is not available on the new Yaris and they are not planning to update the Multimedia any time soon. Why couldn't the dealership not have that information puzzles me. Thanks to all for your replies
  8. Just a quick update. Went in to the dealership to let them see the damaged paintwork. They told me that there is a 9 week lead time for a replacement car!! They inspected the damaged paintwork and advised me that the "chips" were not chips at all but the Supagard application I paid extra for had not been applied correcly. They are going to reapply the paint protection again free of charge (I should think so too) Not a happy bunny but I have little choice. I am taking the car back in on Friday for them to do the re-application. You live and learn.
  9. Thanks for the reply Rosgoe. I don't have the device id and can't find out how to access it in the set up menu. I have spoken to the dealers this morning and have to take the car back to them on Monday because I have found small chips in the paintwork and was told on the hand over that it was "just dust" after the application of Supagard. I rinsed the car off and found out it wasn't dust at all! Not impressed. I will see what the dealer intends to do and will let you know.
  10. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I have just taken delivery of a Yaris Design Hybrid from my local Toyota Dealership. It is a brand new vehicle and I am trying without any luck to register the multimedia device on the MyT app that I have downloaded on my smart phone. When I go to register the only options available are; Toyota Touch and Go, Touch 2 with Go (CY17), Toyota Touch 2 with Go Generation 1 and the Toyota Touch 2 with Go Generation 2. The multimedia device in my Yaris is the Touch 2 (which I think is standard for all the Yaris models. I have tried ringing the dealer (3 times) but the sales person who was looking after me is always busy and I am told he will ring me back. I have also sent emails which have gone unanswered! Wonderful after sales care. Can someone please help and point me in the right direction. Many thanks. Mike
  11. Hi everone, thought I would just say hello after joining this forum.
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