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  1. Hi Tony , This is very informative reading and I am pleased your car has been good for you . It must be paying you back for the care you have put in. I am interested to hear how things have been reliability and cost wise with the hybrid battery and associated components. I have an Auris 1.6 MMT , it has done 153K with great history and is a good all rounder. Whilst not bad on file at around 38 ish I am doing a fair mileage in it and I am aware the hybrid can do better. thanks
  2. Yes regular bladed key (2007) .
  3. Good evening , I only got 1 key with my car when I bought it and must get a spare organised , I don't need a remote one , is anyone able to give me advice on how to get 1 at a reasonable price ? TIA
  4. That is an excessively complicated setup . no wonder it gives issues !
  5. funny you should say that , I did swap the mast on mine for one I had in the garage which was a little longer now the reception has gone from rubbish to poor ! Do you speak from experience with the ferrite bead ?
  6. Thanks for the advice ,it is a second car/work horse and rather than route through the wiring and drop roof lining I am going to get glass a mount aerial , would you know what type of connector is needed for radio back ? Thanks
  7. thanks for the input , so a replacement base is required ? cheers
  8. Good morning I have a 2007 Auris with the "bee sting" aerial on the rear of the roof and the FM reception is poor , only picking up the strongest of signals. Aerial looks in reasonable order , all connections are clean and intact. Does anyone have any insight as to what else could cause the issues ? thanks
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