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  1. Looks like still no wireless access for Android Auto! 'Smartphone integration with Android Auto® is available and for added convenience, wireless smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay® is featured as standard.'
  2. How Toyota can charge £1000 for this is totally beyond me. A few years ago I had to have a new ignition barrel in my 2009 Volvo S60 (long story which I won't go into), total cost £370; if an ignition barrel costs that, I can't see how replacing a key should cost £1000; Toyota should be ashamed.
  3. Taken from the Which website: Distance Selling Regulations - Which? Returning faulty goods If you receive faulty goods under a contract entered into on or before 12 June 2014 and wish to return them, your Distance Selling Regulations returns rights are in addition to your other legal rights. So, if your goods received under a contract entered into on or before 12 June 2014 are faulty and don’t do what they're supposed to, or don’t match the description given, you have the same consumer rights as you have when buying face to face. Any terms and conditions that say you must cover the cost of returning an item wouldn’t apply where the goods being returned are faulty.
  4. Saxacat

    1st Service

    Last Friday I was returning from Nottinghamshire to Northumberland, stopped at Scotch Corner for a break; the app recorded the first part of the journey to Scotch Corner fine, but didn't record any further journeys till yesterday. The app was showing the car's location correctly, parked in my garage at home, but the last recorded journey had ended at Scotch Corner, despite me driving home and having a few local journeys as well. Yesterday after another local journey the app correctly showed that journey. During all this time, it was also showing my fuel level as 0%, even though the tank was about 25% full; again after yesterdays local journey the fuel level was shoeing correctly.
  5. Saxacat

    Tyre Advice

    This is the recommended rotation procedure...
  6. Saxacat

    Tyre Advice

    Thanks for the replies I don't have anything to compare them to, noise wise, but I don't think they would have been my first choice of tyre. I'm going to leave them at the 38psi set by the dealer and keep an eye on the wear. My only previous experience of an AWD vehicle was a Isuzu Trooper I owned many years ago; the uneven tyre wear on that was awful, which is why I was initially keen to do the rotation thing on the RAV. I'm also hoping to hand this car back at the 3 year point with its original tyres on it, although whether that's realistic I'm not sure.
  7. Saxacat

    Tyre Advice

    My RAV came fitted with with Toyo Proxes R46a 225/55R19 tyres. On delivery they were inflated to either 40 or 44psi, can't quite remember which; I assumed this might have been for transit/storage. The manual and info plate on the car say 33 psi is the correct pressure; so over the last 12 months I have kept them at 33psi. The manual suggests rotating the wheels on the vehicle every 3000mles; I did this at the 3000 mile point but haven't done it since. Yesterday the car was serviced, it has done just short of 7000 miles. The tyres were checked; the report said each tyre had 6.5mm inside, 7mm centre and 6.5mm outside. Since all the tyres read the same, I'm wondering whether its worth the hassle of the rotation (I don't have a spare, so its a bit of a pain to do). Also, the wear seems to indicate I'm under-inflating the tyres and I see that the garage has adjusted the inflation to 39psi. So what are the thoughts on rotation and correct tyre pressures?
  8. Saxacat

    1st Service

    Mine also only shows the Hybrid health check, and its the same on the Webpage.
  9. Saxacat

    1st Service

    Yes, close and open; holding down the lock button closes any open windows, holding down the unlock button will open the windows. Its something I had on a BMW a few years ago, didn't use it a lot, but it did come in handy a few times
  10. Saxacat

    1st Service

    Service done; eCall recall work done; I also got them to activate the key fob window control. A short video of the health inspection sent to my phone (this is a first for me). As quoted £195.
  11. Saxacat

    1st Service

    You've saved a few bob then, as I've been told my service tomorrow will be £195, and I've just paid £76 for my second year Roadside Assistance.
  12. My 2021 model is also badged on the rear door as AWD-i
  13. Saxacat

    1st Service

    Agreed, not particularly useful, you'd think they might put something more specific on the 'My Toyota' page. I was aware of it as I'd had a letter from Kinto, who are the finance people for my lease and therefore the owners of the vehicle.
  14. Saxacat

    1st Service

    This is what it states for mine...
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