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  1. Had a courtesy Corsa (new one) and cost me £60 to fill it up full with around 450mile range. Just filled up my Yaris only cost me £40 for pretty much the same range. So that's a £20 a week for me saving right there over a petrol car.
  2. They have removed the GR sport from the site , maybe needed to tweak the options ?
  3. Yeah the 18" wheels worry me too, ride is firm enough on my 17" that im having it looked at as the wheel is just rattling all the time, only assumption i have is the "GR Sport Tuning" with the suspension is to help resolve it, or if anything make it worse.
  4. Also gets Heated seats and steering wheel and Wireless phone charging as standard too and the 9 Speaker JBL setup. Even the Bitone Paint is standard! and you get the option to upgrade the cloth seats to the same leather ones you get the in the excel/launch edition. Its also cheaper than what we are paying in the UK. 😞 think Im gonna stick with my launch edition and not take toyotas offer.
  5. https://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/yaris/build?path=engine/09a6531a-c3f1-4d2d-b4d3-eb45cbb35478/7b77d85b-8f26-4645-82ac-22154a7d6293/b4e9dc12-6355-48b0-ae33-5d9e58cb36fe No HUD available.
  6. Thanks for the advice, i have thought about downgrading to an Aygo Cross X to reduce my monthly payments with the cost of living crisis , but will have to ask them to give me free Smart Cover and Gap insurance as i still have them outstanding on my current car.
  7. Because of the massive boom in used car prices and the chip shortage I just had a call from my toyota dealer and they are offering to take my yaris back and in exchange will order me a brand new one for free, obviously they don't have the launch edition or the dynamic anymore so I don't really want to trade it in early for an excel or design, i asked them about the GR sport and he told me they just got the prices for them yesterday, so maybe I will be able to get one of them instead, an appointment has been booked to discuss my options. Has anyone here done this or had a meeting with your dealer about it? what options can i expect? what did they say and what do they offer Im happy with my launch edition, and there are some things that concern me about the GR sport such as what options it will have, no black wheels like mine , not sure about the seats and 18" rims. also may mean using public transport until it arrives 😐
  8. how does your do that ? I have the meter bar that says if im charging,eco or in power according to my revs. but not the EV indicator i always have to look down to the dials for that and see if the green EV light is on.
  9. I'm getting this really annoying rattling noise from my steering wheel or column (see video) going to book it in for a warranty investigation just hope they can solve it and don't say they can't find anything wrong as it only happens on certain roads and happens less when the roads are wet. I took it to a HiQ garage where they inspected the wheels and tyres and did a road test but said they could not find anything wrong. Also getting some rattling from the front left speaker on the dashboard. Any ideas what could be causing this? VID-20220129-WA0003.mp4
  10. I think it's really bad to do that with a safety feature. People could reverse out thinking its working when it's not.
  11. feel like its going to be a labelled as a poor mans GR yaris lol, im guessing its will be a similar price to the excel model, just more "sporty"
  12. Thanks, there site is really easy to use submitted info for a quote.
  13. So someone has hit and run my Yaris and scratched the bodywork on the left side while it was parked. I have Toyota smart cover but they will only repair the small scratch on the door and not the dent and scratched on the front side bumper and rear left bulge. Anyone have a ballpark figure to have this fixed ? Want to see if it's worth an Insurance claim or not. Never had to make a claim or get a car fixed before so not sure what to do
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