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  1. This. Press the back button. And it will go back to the screen where it says how many miles you have. I've gotten to 0 before just as I reached a station. But pretty sure there is lots of range left though as it's a 36litre tank and I only ever seem to top out at 28l when refueling.
  2. The only models that get this are the Launch/Premier and Excel models since June 2021. Just replaced my Launch with a GR sport and it's gone 😞
  3. Thanks for the advice, Just taken out a policy with ALA for my Yaris GR Sport, Toyota Dealer wanted £508 for gap insurance, but got it for £230 with ALA for 3 years Vehicle Replacement.
  4. So my New GR Sport is showing up on the app , dont think its fully activated yet as it is not showing fuel , mileage and where it is. But there is only a button for remote locking and not the climate control. So looks like the GR sport doesent get this feature 😞 Which is a shame as i used it today on my launch edition as it was -5 last night, Wake up look out my window and see the car is frosted so just put it on for 10mins will i get ready for work and its all gone when I leave the house. I see it says this on the toyota website "At the time of writing this feature is available on RAV4 plug-in hybrid, all-electric Toyota bZ4X, Toyota Mirai and certain models of the new Yaris, Yaris Cross and Aygo X." It says certain models so i guess its only ones like the Launch and Premiere.
  5. just dont go to the toyota germany website, will leave you depressed. Seeing the amount of options for models they get , RAV 4 GR Sport, The new Prius (which looks sexy btw) , Corrola Cross..
  6. Exact same as mine which i pick up this week hopefully, will like to compare the colour of my launch with it side by side.
  7. I have remote climate control and locking on my Yaris Launch but next week I'm getting a GR sport so will be interesting to see if it has it still on the app.
  8. I like rear lightbars like on the new Porsche , etrons, polestars. Does anyone else wish the reflector strip along the back of the boot of the yaris was a cool led lightbar? I do.
  9. Not a fan of parking mode with the nextbase, it would save a protected video everytime i opened my car door and got in my car , if it was saving a protected video everytime i got in my car my SD card will quickly fill up so turned it off.
  10. Doe sent make much difference, but you do get the volume control on a physical knob with the 8" screen rather than a button which is nice. They have one touch opening just pull the switch all the way and release,not sure about global not sure what that means. but you can operate them all from the drivers seat. The temperature control via app will be set to whatever you leave the Climate control on last time you used the car.
  11. I think it depends if you order the car online/over phone or if you went to a dealership and had a test drive etc. Ordering something online etc without seeing the product usually gives you more protection, was usually the case back when UK was in the EU but no idea what now.
  12. just got an Email my order (Number LB79XX) is now "processing" , but i ordered it in the summer 14th of June, why is it only going into processing now? Worry now it wont come with the Two tone paint option now. going to have contact the dealer to get some answers. Ok So looking back at my Launch Edition order i got the "processing" update email a few days before it went into build so i guess its the same case here even though on the app it says its been processing since i placed the order. Also my launch edition only took 18 days from my car to be built from the day i ordered, Crazy how it takes well over 6 months now..
  13. I did my first test in an automatic and also learnt in a Yaris , either one would be good imo. And actually automatic tests are in much more demand now. I had alot of trouble trying to find an automatic instructor.
  14. Looks like they have removed the two tone paint option for the GR sport, hope mine still comes with it.
  15. Mine is also LB but not even gone into build yet.
  16. When I went to get this fixed they tried fixing it by turning down the bass I tried explaining that it rattles when I'm not playing any music so it can't be that lol. They just lazy. Oh and the other time they said it was my chlli bottle in the globe box.
  17. Yeah personally I would stick with summer tyres, All Season comes at a cost, Comfort, Life Span , Performance and it hasn't snowed for a year now where I live, and even if it did not sure i would want to chance it with all season tyres anyway as hybrids are automatic so not as much control over a manual on your revs. When it does snow for a few days of the year will just not go into work or take the train like I used to before.
  18. Ive booked it in anyway as I have had no update yet on the delivery and want some stuff fixed on it too, but they want to charge me £120 to uninstall the dash cams that they installed when i got the car so I can move them to the GR Sport lol. will just do it myself or go to halfords instead. I ordered it in July (order number begins with LB) and they estimated January 2023, not sure if that's good or bad now because if details emerge of the 2023 Models in march and they have some big changes / improvements going to be gutting.
  19. So my new Yaris GR Sport is due in January, and my Mk4 Launch Edition is now on 19300 Miles, by the time January comes I will pretty much be on or just past 20k when its next service is due. I Think the sales guy said it needs a full service history but I cant remember the details, anyone know the the in's and outs when trading in a car close to its service date? I don't really want to spend £300 for a full service on a car that I will only have for a few weeks.
  20. from what you describe Does not sound normal to me. almost like only 2 cyinders are working instead of 3.
  21. Are you sure the music is playing through android auto and not bluetooth when using your phone? What music app do you use on your phone? YoutubeMusic/Spotify etc?
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