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  1. I'm tempted to bring my Tezza if I'm allowed to play with you boys Ken...?
  2. Isnt Vpower 100 ron in germany etc? ← Yes - it is in Germany.
  3. Well - I thought I'd never be saying this, but the Lex is going..... All the mods have gone to good homes, so the car will be returned back to standard and sold by the end of September..... :( But it's to make way for my new motor........ :D (until the 2005 IS is released anyway.... ;) ) I should (he crosses fingers) be the proud owner of a Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R in September, running a standard 250bhp from it's 2 ltr turbo engine..... Should be up to 360 by the end of September........ ;) A piccie can be seen here... I'll still be along to meets though - so see you all at trax/santa pod..... B) Zee
  4. Think you'll find that's no ordinary Tezza Ian.... That's Fensports Blitz supercharged RS200....... I'll still kick his ***........ :D
  5. Pah - we've been rumbled at last.......... I'd still kick his ***....... <_<
  6. Must say - Kimi's car blew me away. It was so bloomin clean, it made me feel ashamed of mine! A well deserved winner - although well done to Jaxx too as his yaris was also a minter... It's flippin hard work judging I tell ya... :D
  7. Quick note to say it was a pleasure judging your motors - some absolutely cracking cars on TOC! Well done to Ken, Steve and the TOC crew for all the hard work to make sure the event on the hole was a huge success, trouble free and accomodating to everyones needs. I look forward to seeing more of you in the future... The Zeemeister :)
  8. I'll tell you once I swap out my HKS for an Apexi.......... <_<
  9. Purchased stuff mail order from them and they were fine (nothing big mind)..... have heard good and bad things about them........
  10. For some reason, when I looked into getting KYB's, they put my insurance premium UP more than regular coilovers or springs and shocks. Probably because they are gas...... ....... and thanks for the compliments mate - you're looks great too pal!
  11. Have your tried Tuneacar.co.uk? They may source you one. Also, you have to be careful with some filters as although they may give performance gains they don't filter well and you could end up damaging your engine. Take a look at this test - some interesting results: http://www.mkiv.com/techarticles/filters_t...st/1/index.html http://www.mkiv.com/techarticles/filters_t...st/2/index.html Zee. :)
  12. You should be able to use any shocks with lowered springs, so long as the manufacturer states they can! Check out Bilstein (I think thats how you spell it) too. As for the KYB's - check your insurance loading, as they tend to add more than regular coilovers....
  13. You can pick one up for a couple of hundred quid - but then you need to pay for the rolling road time to get it mapped correctly......
  14. Dunno if T50 SJR is any good to you but it's going for £250 (inc VAT and £80 reg fee). Have a look here at the DVLA Select Reg plate site
  15. Come on Peeps - It's Bank Holiday Weekend evening............ come out and play........... :D Ask Ken (Sorted Avnesis) - it's a right laugh....... B)
  16. Get a VTEC controller and you have power through the entire Rev band.......... ;) Nice motors the type-r's........ B)
  17. Good seeing you there Dawesy......... I think I'll be paying Adrian at Fensport a visit soon......... ;)
  18. Jerry, I'm with Adrian Flux (only company that would insure me for under £1000) and they have been good as gold so far...... (touch wood).... Zee
  19. Of the 50 odd companies I tired, only a few would even insure me (25, Full NCB, Garaged, Safe area etc etc) - I ended up with adrian Flux as they were by far the cheapest at £950...
  20. fantastic site...........
  21. yep - the second link worked, and I reckon the extensions look ace pal......... B)
  22. page not available scot..........
  23. The only reason it may not be legal is if it doesn't meet your state emmission regulations.... and I wouldn't have a clue about that.....
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