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  1. A misguided, evergreen hope that Westover Group, and specifically Mr T's franchise there of, are not out to fleece me for every penny they can get their grubby little mits on... I have high expectations, which are more often that not missed - every time, you'd think I'd learn eh. I do have a friendly little local independent garage who do all my actual servicing stuff, so may ask them too!
  2. OK I have a 2004 Avensis T3-X. Last week, whilst driving the pop-out cup holder in the dash decided it would come out all by itself. No mater what I do it wont stay in. Sticking out like an insulant tongue at me driving! So, the thing is broken, no probs i thought, simple job. Took it in to my local Toyota dealer. The reaction I got was like I had asked for the thing to be hewn from solid titanium! They quoted £220 to fix! FOR A CUP HOLDER???? WTF??? That and the "oh, we have to replace the whole facia strip, remove the radio etc... (what? drop the engine, and get at it from the engine bay too?????????) Anyway, does anyone know if i can just order the cupholder from Mr T and fit it myself (I have had the facia strip off already, so know thats not actually that difficult)
  3. Thanks Fitter! I knew this place would come up with someone who knew what to do!!! Update - confirm this works as advertised - Auto restored!!
  4. I have an 04 T3-X. I had a little trip into the hospital, which meant it didn't move for 2 months... Hence dead and would seem unrescueable battery... Anyway, I popped along to the local Halfords, one new battery fitted. However, on the way home, noticed that the electric windows no longer seem to do the auto open/close thing??? They still work, they go up and down, all round, but they dont do the auto thing????? Any ideas, Is there a reset I can do???
  5. Depends on what you are after... Given the huge pot holes we had last year, I was on needing my third replacement rim (the 5 spoke T3-x rims), which at £150ish from Mr T for each was getting wearing. They always bent between the pokes, so decided enough! I tried to source a set second hand - they were like rocking horse poo down here in the south! In fact any Toyota Alloys (of any shape) were so rare i got only a handfull of offers when i asked for second hand replacements. So, instead got 4 after market 10 spoke alloys, a bit blingier than i really would have liked, but they actually look really good on my car. These cost about £300, so 4 wheels for the price of 2 from Mr T. Only thing that annoys me about them is the nuts are different size, so can't use the really good locking alloy nuts i had on my original rims. Saying that I now have two round Toyota 5 spoke rims and two trapezoid ones in my garage... If anyone want to buy them off me ;)
  6. I read a review of the Avensis that compared it to the reliable bloke in the office - the one you would give the job you really wanted doing to and know it would be done, there would be no mistakes and you would not have to chase him every 5 mins. Its not the fun chap in the office that you go and get drunk with at the end of the week who has the charming smile, but you know that give him something serious to do, and you'll end up doing it again yourself. I know which type of person id reather deal with in the end. Oh, i have had some issues with some dealers, but then thats true of some "prestige" brands too, so, thats not really a down point for the car
  7. Ok... I have a new engine (short block - plus replacement bits for those that broke) The garage reeled off a list of "Do's" and "Don'ts" but didnt give me any paperwork. However, all I registered was "Here's your car, dont rev the nuts off it" Anyone got a list of what I should do, and more to the point shouldnt be doing to "run in" this new engine?? Other than drive like a granny for a few weeks...
  8. Hi guys Just got my car back from Mr T, having had a short engine transplant, following total loss of oil, replaced under extended warrenty, thank you very much Mr T (and Parts-King). However, took it to work to a meeting, everything fine, gingerly treating new engine with kid gloves, driving like an old granny! Came to come home in the evening, no lights... Huh, no main, or dipped lights coming on? Side lights ok, fogs ok, but nothing from the front end! Drove home cautiously on side lights n fog lights, expecting to be stopped and booked at any moment, but got home... Took it to garage, basically said "It was working before you did my engine, it's not now, please resolve"... They had it all Saturday morning... The news before they sent me home with a loan car was that there is a signal going to the lighting control unit (lighting control unit?!?!) but not one coming out of it to turn on bulbs. Here's me thinking it was just a plug disconnected somewhere. Their vehicle electrics chap is looking at it today... Hopefully fixed soon!!!
  9. OK, my faith in Toyota has been restored! Just had a call from a nice man at Toyota GB who apologised for taking longer than the 3 working days to reply, but gave me good news They have informed me that my local garage will be in contact with me to arrange for when my car can go in to have the relevant engine repairs done - under warranty! (This is the same garage that told me it wasn't covered and it was my fault, so have to be nice and not point that out B) ) So, many many thanks Parts-King for the email - the right question, posed the right way, at the right point got the right results (sorry for the emoticon-fest - happy!) Of course, i'll be even happier when its actually happened - was contemplating having to buy a new car, or plump for a company car!
  10. I'm in a similar boat to you Ken. My Avensis did this, without any oil warning lights. I have contacted Mr Toyota, but I am not expecting any joy from them. Mines a 2004 1.8, and its an oil management piston ring - or something like - that has gone on my engine, all the oil has exited the engine round the pistons. Sounds like a bag of spanners, and hence i think a scrapper, unless Mr Toyota smiles kindly on me and agrees its under his extended warrenty (7yr old, 100k miles). The Toyota dealer quoted me a rough cost of £4k for a new engine (parts plus the labour), so not really worth it for a 6 yr old car! Totally unhappy, my last toyota was going strong at 150k miles! Mines sat on my drive like a lump of waste metal! so, would also like to know about residual value, or I too have to start the whole buy a new car with nothing again!
  11. by the way Thank you very much Parts-King I have now sent a very polite and hopefully firmly worded mail to the email you supplied I will see what kind of response i get
  12. I realise the cases are taken on their own merrits... My car is 2004 registed, so 6 yrs old and has 86k miles on the clock, I have it fully serviced it every year. My local Toyota garage (part of the Westover chain) talked over the phone about the 7 yr, 100k miles with service history when I booked it in. When I collected it they confirmed that the engine is, as I suspected, cream crackered. However, the service guy said, the warrenty is for 5 yrs or 60k miles, and that one of my services was a bit late in 2005. So, I have caused this damage in 05, its too old and its got too many miles on the clock so I have no claim to make! So, my local garage has essentially washed their hands of it, saying it will cost me about £4k to fix, so for a 6 yr old Toyota, this is a write off as it is not worth that. So I have no car and no viable asset to use as a deposit for a replacement. I have found reports of this fault going back to when I purchased this car, if I had known I may never have purchased this car. I am exceptionally unhappy with the treatment I have received from Toyota, specifically the "its your fault, we can offer nothing in the way of help". Hence my want to take this further than the local garage
  13. Thanks! Hopefully there is hope then! Mines done 86k and is 9 yrs old! (so sneaking under those limits) Just have to speak nicely to Mr T about my service history
  14. Carinfront... yes, probably... As you quite rightly say, the write and phone details are readily available online. i was just hoping that someone had the email - if no-one else has done this then fair dos