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  1. Cheers guys, shame the weather yesterday was really miserable - didn't stop raining all day in Cardiff. John
  2. Have a word with the guy at Toyota Celica Breakers (TCB) - he's got all sorts of stuff in stock and should be able to help. Here's the link to the TCB website
  3. The original post was in 2004. I'm closing this topic.
  4. Hi Charlie, Welcome to TOC and just up the road from me as well. I've been through several suspension setups on my 1998 E11 Corolla. First off were Eibach lowering springs and though they are more expensive than some other makes they were sold by TTE (Toyota Team Europe) as an official optional extra for the E11. These were used with standard shocks and lowered my Corolla by about 30mm so nothing too drastic. After that I added Koni adjustable shocks because I had a supercharged 4A-GZE engine transplant and had to support the extra weight. Unfortunately they didn't last very long with the extra weight but they were good while they worked. I wasn't sure what to do with the suspension so I had a full chassis / suspension analysis done which came up with some figures to work with. Caster and camber angles, spring rates, ride height, anti-roll bar size etc. Now I'm running Cusco zero 2 coilovers with the softest springs Cusco do. With the heavier engine these are perfect :clap:for me. If you want some more detail of the changes I've made to my Corolla take a look at my website. www.ae111sr.co.uk In your situation with a standard Corolla I'd go for KYB uprated shocks and Eibach springs all available from Fensport. Clicky Cheers John
  5. <Off Topic> Richard K - now there's a blast from the past. How are you doing mate? Glad to see you back here. My supercharged E11 Corolla is still going strong, do you still have two Corollas? Keep in touch. John (& Babs) Cardiff
  6. Closed at request of thread originator
  7. Hi Steve, Sorry to see you selling your Compressor Before deciding on an Auris T180 take a look at the Auris forum on here and check out the posts about MPG - you might want to re-consider. John
  8. You'll find the third bolt under the cover for the high level brake light on the rear hatch.
  9. Closing this as the previuos post is from 2005!!!!
  10. This should do it http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?app=nexus
  11. A Worcester phone number , any idea where abouts in Worcester he is based? Yes he's still there, still working on Toyotas. Kevin is the guy who did my 4A-GZE conversion and has done lots of other work on my AE111. He's in Droitwich. John
  12. ae111sr


    Welcome to TOC and nice choice of vehicle - not that I'm jealous or anything . I recognise that forum name for Pistonheads. John
  13. Steve, my Rays are 7" wide with 42mm offset and rubber is 195 wide so I had a bit more clearance than you.
  14. Steve, I had the same problem with my rear Rays rims scrapping the Cusco coilovers. I managed to get 3mm spacers from Co-ordSport who supplied me with the rims and suspension. They did the trick for me - might work for you. John
  15. Hi Rich, Welcome to TOC This forum is UK based and we do not have the Avalon over here. You would be better asking in the USA TOC forums - try this link
  16. Hi Ainsley, the 7th post on this thread has the meeting place info with the time "Once you have done that add your name here. We will need to meet in the first car park at 9am in the club meeting point. this is the first car park on the left as you enter Beaulieu. We then convoy in as this event does not have a booked pitch for clubs, so we will all need to be together." See you there. John
  17. I'm going and a few others. There is a green banner at the top of the TOC Forum pages which has a link to this thread Get your name down on that thread and we'll see you there :)
  18. Steve, I didn't know that Toyota produces a TTE kit for the facelift. I have the brochure for the Original TTE Rally Kit - it was a dealer fit option only if you bought a brand new Corolla. I was going to go for it but didn't want white wheels on a silver car and they would not split the kit. I've scanned the brochure but the files are large so here are links to both front and back pages. As you can see there was no splitter but the kit did have the TTE front bumper / spoiler. There was a factory fitted splitter on the G6R and also as an optional accessory for other E11 pre-facelift Corollas but I don't know if that would fit the facelift Corolla. Here's a link to the G6R PDF file. Even if it's not designed to fit the facelift I'm sure you can make it work . John
  19. All those side skirts are the same, they are all G6R side skirts. No side skirts were fitted as standard on the facelift.
  20. Hi Dennis, Welcome to TOC. This forum is mainly for cars in the United Kingdom hence no Avalon forum but you will find one one the TOC sister site for the USA here
  21. Hi Steve, I'm up for it, but I'm going anyway. Would be good to get some TOCCERS together.
  22. We'll be there with the supercharged AE111 Corolla. Already have the tickets and an overnight stay booked for the Saturday night so we can be there bright and early. :D
  23. Hi Paul, Good choice, I've got these on my Rays TE37s :D
  24. Im attending JUST to see this :D I went a few years ago and was a very good day. With a WRC Corolla there this year it would be rude not to go :D
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