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  1. Yes 10k , and i thought for a second that I explained myself in English on 10+ ))) ok i will go then , thanks for your help)
  2. Filip.08

    Service !!

    Hi everyone I booked an appointment few weeks ago for MOT and service , however I was planning a few trips which didn't happened and I still got 800 miles on it , tbh I don't know what to do , MOT is expiring on 28 June , no way I will do 800 till 28 , thanks , hopefully I explained it properly )))
  3. Yes , that's way I am willing to pay 340 + , to keep the warranty and Road assistance .
  4. Forgot to mention , the noise disappeared , I heard it Sunday , since Sunday never heard it again .
  5. Thanks for your help guys , for warranty and peace of mind I will stick with Toyota garage , for now )))
  6. Hi everyone , I am currently 2000 miles from my next service which I assume it will be in a month or 2 more or less , which will be an full service , tbh i found it extremely expensive 340 for what ? Currently I am still under warranty , however I noticed yesterday when I was braking a deep noise , should I booke in for a check or just wait for the service ? Thanks.
  7. No halogen understand )apart of that is there something better ? , i have no idea what it is , how can I find out ? )))
  8. Hi everyone , coming from an old Auris obviously i enjoyed LED lights but that was for a while ))) i have a feeling that is not what is supposed to be , does anyone changed them , maybe with superior kit , it's worth to buy something new. Thanks 🙏
  9. Hi, I've got an Auris 1.2 2016 it's almost a year since I bought it , faultless so far , I've only changed wipers blades , on a long run the MPG it's quite decent , my best is 49 , but now it's 36 average , probably because of short runs , it a bit noisy , to be honest sometimes I am struggling to control it specilay in the morning , I do regret that I didn't save a bit more to buy a hybrid , but now it to late )))
  10. Yeah I just checked the car and its not anymore on dashboard , almost **** myself )) thanks.
  11. I've got a Toyota Auris 1.2 2016 , it's has idle on a cold start , I tried only to unplug the MAF sensor as I understand the car should stop which it didn't ( hopefully it was the right one ) , and soon as I plugged in appeared on dashboard some warning signals , any ideas what is wrong ? And if it's safety do drive it ?
  12. Did you ever used them ? Is any point to use them ? I have the same problems with my 1.2 engine ,idle when it starts , sometimes I have a feeling like is not responding like is supposed to be , is that will affect my warnity with Toyota ? Thanks 😊
  13. Hello everyone , when o bought the car 6 months ago the sales guy told me as a sign of courtesy he will change all 4 tyres , is my second car so I am not ashamed to admit that my knowledge about the cars generally speaking it's not very good )) anyway I didn't pay attention at that time , before to buy the car I read some reviews and I was aware of the noise while driving on motarway but still it's beyond my expectations )) and sometimes I felt the car unstable on wet roads , I checked the tyre's and they are Triangle and i Google it and allot of bad reviews some of them are saying that they are very dangerous , I am planning a trip to Scotland not in the Highlands but it still Scotland )) and probably Switzerland afterwards , should I change them ASAP ? And if yes any recommendations ? Thanks , hopefully I will be understood , still learning the language ))
  14. Thank you all for your help)))
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