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  1. That's what I want to know too! I know at least 4 people with DSG Volswagens,some of them are 15 years old and no issue whatsoever. like I said,after the VW diesel drama,many of people in this country think negatively about VW without even experiencing one and will try to "invent" flaws etc just like Toyota VW cars are well made and reliable cars.it's the refinement,interior build quality and performance that they are usually ahead (at least in case of Golf and Tiguan).
  2. Yes ID4 is budget..same as Up or Lupto,Fox etc it's a sad but it's the new business model of most manuacturers : budget range mini SUV crossovers but Golf,Tiguan are still very well made,Tiguan specially feels and looks nicer and more refined than competing RAV 4.(unfortunately more expensive than our budget at the time but I'm thinking about it after this disappointment and GF insisting on a SUV style car. my GF is also happy with CHR .she don't really care about it being slow and inferior inside quality and feel vs the Golf etc but I just can't cope with it. maybe if I had an inferior car before it I'd be happy with it but the driving experience vs Golf is definitely a downgrade..
  3. again,I'm not comparing it to manual cars or a fast BMW,I'm just comparing it to a VW Golf automatic 1.6 (so smaller engine than 1.8 of this CHR) ,I'm not complaining about "smoothness" of the gearbox,I'm complaining about it's performance.the car is definitely slow, have to push the pedal full to gain some speed.I compared it with a Nissan Qashqai and it's much slower than that too. that I what car are you comparing it to? in fact I just did some research (which I admit I should have done prior to buying it) and "being slow" and "CVT" "tight space at rear" is a common negative in reviews.so I'm not alone, but it seems I chose the wrong forum to express my dissatisfaction as you people are clearly biased! so I may leave with at this point. this for example : https://www.motorbiscuit.com/is-the-2020-toyota-c-hr-as-bad-as-everyone-says-it-is/ or https://www.carwow.co.uk/toyota/c-hr#gref
  4. a lot of negativity about VW in this country is FAKE and fuelled by the famous diesel scandal..VW are 1st / 2nd biggest car manufacturer in the world.just look how many of them are around next time you went for a drive.they are famous for being well made,good quality well engineered mid range cars.(just like Toyota or Honda) same company is making Audi (the same way Toyota makes Lexus) ,my point being they simply cannot be underestimated.funny thing is VW Golf been car of the year in Japan. it's not Dacia or Fiat we're talking about.imo their reliability is similar to (good) Japanese makes but they are more refined technically and often have better performing cars vs competition for similar price or a little extra.there are thousands of 10+ year DSG VW on used market,if what you people think was even remotely true, people wouldn't be buying them.in fact their used ones are extremely on demand. I liked the looks of CHR (exterior) ,but I didn't know after owning the Golf (which imo are comparable to CHR price wise with CHR being even more expensive overall) the driving experience will feel so inferior. didn't really start this thread to make it a war between Toyota and VW fans (this is Toyota owners club after all and I'm an owner although an unhappy one) so yes better leave it.
  5. I am aware of Toyota's reputation for reliability ,but reliability is not everything. what about driving performance and driving experience? what about features and build quality? yes Toyota is going to be reliable (lthough many of their models specially RAV4 are prone to corrosion and rust just like Mazda in this country) but compared to VW it definitely lacks refinement and build quality.I'm not talking about engine quality,I'm talking about interior quality,and the way car "feels" also I trust in build quality of Volkswagen 100%,know many owners and I had the Golf for 4 years with zero issues.
  6. no sadly I didn't test drive it..it was gfs choice and I just agreed,it was online purchase and delivery due to covid. I'm not saying it's the end of the world,but definitely a disappointment and step down vs the Golf both performance and build quality wise. I'm considering replacing it with a Tiguan..(which is not the same class car I know,it's in Rav 4 class)
  7. you say until it breaks expensively as if it's always going to happen,which is not true at all.look how many DSGs are around from over a decade ago.I personally know many people with both older and newer DSG and all going strong.CVT feels awkward to drive in comparison I knew DSG was a better system than CVT but my problem is not only that,the CHR is too slow even compared to other same class crossover types like Qashqai for example.. you'd better performance from the edgy design but it's just like a Prius with much cheaper interior..
  8. I owned a 2016 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI Automatic DSG and was happy, gf really liked a "suv' type car and the looks of CHR so in the end we replaced the Golf with a 2018 CHR Automatic CVT 1.8.(instant regret from my side) why is this car so slow? I never owned a CVT transmission but it's such an inferior system compared to VW's DSG,are all CVTs like this? can't be? I really don't like the car performance overall, it feels heavy and is really slow.now I'm not expecting BMW performannce and I'm not comparing it to a Golf GTI but even compared to a 1.6 Automatic ordinary Golf it feels such a downgrade.also the interior feels very tight and claustrophobic. the build quality and internal quality of the Golf was in the different league too.sadly it seems I'm stuck with this as gf likes the form factor,but I wonder what's other owners opinion about CHR compared to their previous cars?
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