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  1. Hi......can someone explain what MID is ? Barry Wright
  2. Hi all......further endorsement in today's Daily Mail motoring feature by Ray Massey echoing my support for Toyota reliability. Included in the list of key equipment being sent to Ukraine by the UK to bolster the nations defence is quite telling. Large shipment of modified Toyota Land Cruisers (TLC's) are on the way. These rugged 4x4s in the showrooms continue to be the off-roader of choice favoured by regular & irregular militias throughout the world. More than 10 million TLC's have been sold across 170 countries over eight decades.......my case rest. Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  3. Hi all.......did lots of research pre Toyota ownership days, no need really. I was always impressed that 80% of vehicles featured on TV travel & news programmes carried the Toyota badge. Mostly in parts of the world where off road capabilities & reliability are paramount. Conclusion; (1) As quoted above ✅ (2) On site repairs & availability of spares ✅ (3) Good value ✅ This was further endorsed by a family member, a civil engineer working in the middle east for most of his career. The company purchased off road vehicles several at a time. Ford, Range Rover, Nissan, etc. all featured at some point but always returned to Toyota a firm favourite on all fronts. Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  4. Hi......yea, really miss several what I thought were staples on my previous HEV but sadly missing on the new PHEV. I miss the memory powered seat, heated steering wheel, cargo net, sure there is more yet to surface. Plenty of headroom IMO within the generous price reduction for other self funded USA style goodies. Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  5. Slightly off topic, the frequent PHEV charging task itself needs some thought. All about convenience; a home or workplace charging facility is essential IMO. Like fueling an ICE a gallon at a time, amazing how quickly those 46 urban miles are used up. The 7kw lead is fairly robust & needs regular cleaning. Surprised how little thought new EV/PHEV owners give to the charging task. A couple of newbies with high end EV's smugly related recently how they use free overnight parking & charging at Tesco on a regular basis....really. Takes all sorts.......Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  6. Mornin' all......so did mine, supplied with the car in 2 separate sealed bags. 1 Heavy duty 7kw lead & 1 light duty 3kw granny lead. Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  7. Hi all......gave up on the so called "free" complimentary valet years ago. My local Toyota dealership used a thriving independent car washing/valeting service next door to their showroom. They did a great job, particularly minting 2nd hand vehicles from the sales line which caused me to think they had a running contract with the car wash company. Unfortunately my "free" valet at service was done by Toyota workshop staff (waste of time IMO) I regularly suggested on post service comments they offer a full valet at the next door facility at cost. Surprised & disappointed that I never received a response. Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  8. Hi all.......the short time I have participated in this forum has proved beneficial on many fronts. Does anyone have a view on the new Toyota forum I was invited to join recently ? Notice several regulars feature on both platforms. However I remain a fan of this owners club. Final query regarding direct messaging (D/M) from either forum. Should I wish to pursue a related subject or query off topic how do I D/M a member ? Thanks in anticipation.......Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  9. Hi all.....thanks for posting & a couple of great informative links. British family company (JCB) now a global brand are to be applauded. They produce 400 diesel engines a day, serious pressure imposed by UK green targets. Their battery powered 2 ton digger cost £37k v £18k for the diesel version; say no more. As a result JCB are designing a hydrogen ICE from scratch, not redesigning an existing ICE. They are proposing to eventually use green liquid hydrogen fuel produced from renewables. JCB are also actively setting up a major world network to carry Ammonia a shipping fuel used to safely transport hydrogen, further endorsement of a longer term vision. Well done JCB, well done Toyota for the pursuit of a true green EV alternative. Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  10. Hi......a great motor, you will love it. Forget the handbook, all the info. you need here on this forum. Always someone there with answers & solutions........Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  11. Hi all.....thanks; that's a very good point which also crossed my mind. As intimated in my post, the cargo consisted of high end EV's, inferring top quality batteries with sophisticated protection systems, maybe some were on charge (live batteries) Would a cargo of Tesla's have suffered the same fate ? We really do need to see what a detailed inquiry reveals. Which brings me back to enclosed car parks. Hypothetically; A 50 vehicle car park with 20 EV's on charge (live batteries) Range of models budget to high end, containing basic to comprehensive battery packs. Do these large garages with active charging in process pose an additional fire risk ? One for the policy makers I guess. Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  12. Hi all.....disturbing news of the vessel Felicity Ace at sea with a serious cargo fire. Thankfully the crew were all safely evacuated. The significance of this major incidence is that the cargo was 100's of high end Electric Vehicles (EV's) Reports suggest that batteries caught fire requiring specialist equipment to extinguish the blaze. The abandoned ship was reported as burning from end to end; everything on fire 5 meters above the water. Presumably the Porsche, Audi, & Bentley EV's all contain top quality batteries. A ship's hold or an indoor car park; what's the difference ? Apparently sprinkler systems are ineffective on battery fires. Sure that fire authorities & insurance companies are all over this. There needs to be a detailed inquiry pronto into the circumstances leading to this incident. Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  13. Hi all.... Typical ? Why is it that when one attempts to do the right thing by the book only to become frustrated with being passed around, I'd be tempted to just get on & complete the installation. In the meantime just look forward to taking delivery of a great motor. Barry Wright, Lancashire.
  14. Hi all.....sure several would have spotted that the 3.5hr. window quoted would have been insufficient to provide a full charge via the granny lead; apologies. Several more hours would have been necessary at an increased night time rate. Even so my trip would be considerably less than the £6. However on a positive note, following months of prompting, our management company have reduced the back office payment to £1.50 per hour which aligns with the other only EV in the block. A full charge on the RAV is now £4.50.....at last a result.... Hooray! Barry Wright, Lancashire.
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