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  1. The diameter of Mk4 wheels is bigger than Mk3 ones so 15" wheels must be 185/65R15 to offer the same diameter on all 3 homologate sizes. The final diameter doesn't change ( just a very little difference ) between 15,16 and 17 inches wheels. Probably the 15" are the better ones in terms of economy but imho the ideal size for Mk4 is the 16"
  2. In Italy is not an option. Is available like standard spec only on top level Energy. On other trims is not avaliable as an optional. Maybe there's already an unused cabling on other versions but to install it as after market you need to replace the full central console. If you really need a QI charger buy an USB one and connect it to 12V plug.
  3. Yes they are offering a 4K € promotion but the starting prices are high. Currently there are some state helps to move to more ecologic cars. Currently on an hybrid car with CO2 emission between 60 and 100 g/km state gives 1500€ if you send to yunkard an old car ( E0 or E1 gasoline or Diesel till E4 ). Also some cities are offering extra helps to change cars. For a full electric car you can get till 16.000 euros if you are lucky to get both state and city contributions. Moreover Toyota is not offering some optionals ( like front and rear sensors or blind spot detector ) on intermediate trim levels
  4. Also in Italy Yaris IV is homologated for 15,16 and 17 inches rims and corresponding tyres ( 185/65/R15 - 195/55/R16 and 205/45/R17 ) with 15" reserved to the Active ( entry level ) with factory steel rims and optional 15" alloy rims, 16" alloy on Trend, Style and Lounge ( with option for 17" only for Style and Lounge with a pack that adds also JBL hifi ) and 17" ( no downgrade allowable ) for the top version Energy. Style and Lounge aresold at same price and differ only for bi-tone paint ( Style ) and panoramic roof ( Lounge ) In Italy the size of allowed tyres is written on the vehicle registration card. Toyota reports only the size of the tyres that are installed on the car ( E.g a Style with the pack will report only the 17" size on registration card and not both 16 and 17 ). You need to ask to department of motor vehicles to modify the registration card to add other allowable tyres combinations. It's a long and complex process thar requires also a permission that must be provided by Toyota. Other manufactures often report more options giving customer more freedom when changing tyres. Obviously if you install a set of tyres with different specification from the ones reported in the card you are violating the law with consequent fine and seizure of registration card in case of MOT or police check. Whithout registration card the car can't be driven.
  5. In Italy standard warranty is 3 years on engine and not hybrid components and 5 on hybrid part ( battery, inverter, electric engines... ) then starts free relax for standard components ( if you have regular checks every year or 15.000 km ) till 10 years or 100.000 km. For Hybrid battery after fifth year theres a free warranty year if Hybrid Check is succesful. Hybrid check is free in case of regular checks or 60 euro in case of no regular maintenance checks. The warranty ( extended one included ) is transferred if you sell the car. In any case the maintenance history is not regular you can start extended warranty also later with a maintenance by a Toyot dealer but it's no operative for the first month. Unluckly extended warranty doesn't cover LED lights, and I fear that you can't change just the lamp.
  6. Wow. I think every country has a different policy. In Italy the extended coverage after fifth year is limited to 5 renewals ( so a total of 10 years ) and/or 100.000 Km
  7. According to user manual for spare wheel Tyre Size T125/70D16 96M Wheel size 16 × 4T
  8. Up to 15 years? 🤔 I knew that was 5 years + 5 yearly extensions with Hybrid Check
  9. Surely Toyota is the most experienced manufacturer in full hybrid technology and its PSD system is probably the less complicated and affordable in he long run due to the absence of clutches and variable gears. But I think that also the new Honda Hybrid technology worths a serious consideration. I know many previous Toyota users that have moved to Honda Hybrid and they're really happy. About Renault solution I've found very little field feedbacks, but I consider it a bit too complex and problem prone in the long run.
  10. For Door Handle you can steal the power from power window keyboard A guy in another forum has ordered this kit for his Yaris https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001360550142.html It has been designed for RAV4. He still has not given a feedback if it works fine also for Yaris Mk 4
  11. @SlippinJimmysays that he has update the ECU firmware but this has not saved him from the issue. Probably the cause is something else. Is there some new bug hiding in the shadows 😉?
  12. But what issue they found on your Yaris ? Did they find a reason for the malfunction ?
  13. I tried the procedure last february because I would like to disable the automatic handbrake ( that was active when i got the car from dealer ) because my town is flat ( there're no hills ) and I succeded. Then talking with other owners I was suggested to always activate handbrake when parking because if someone hits the car on bumpers the movement can damage the parking lock of transmission. The big side effect is that there's any emergency procedure to release the handbrake if your battery go flat.
  14. Check the procedure on page 184 of e-manual ( OKM100E_V2 )
  15. Handbrake can be set to automatically activate when you put in P. Probably that setting is the default. In any case you can change the setting simply pulling the handbrake for 3 seconds while pushing brake pedal. To reset di the contrary. The setting is kept until you change it. I'm no sure if the distance setting on ACC is saved or is reset at each startup.
  16. I use rarely use handbrake when stopped in the traffic, only when I'm stopped on an hill. If the stop is long I use the Hold function that keeps brakes on even if i release the brake pedal. If I need to stop to a train crossing I'll put car in P. I understand clearly what you you say about the traffic of a big city like Paris. I live in Milan and traffic ( expecially on rudh hours ) is always present. Luckily here there's more respect of red traffic lights by car drivers. The problem is with bycicles drivers that very often think that road rules have been written only for car drivers. There are anyway some kind of drivers that i call "fixed speed" ones, that drive slowly when they ahve free road but when reach a red light look left, look right and ... cross, with their lsow pace, thinking that traffic lights are just urban decor 😉 Normally when I drive I always think that when I leave my car parked I become a pedestrian. So I always check zebras and also places where pedestrians could cross the road outside zebras. But I too sometimes cross zebras carefully when the road has more than a lane because the risk of getting the "fox" that overtakes the stopped cars is always present.
  17. It was a typo. A part of the sentence was lost so I had corrected it. Probably you read it before I posted the correction. In any case I think that the settings CesarD found on this USA site probably refer to the menu of Mazda system so can't be applied to an European Yaris that uses a totally different hardware and firmware
  18. But Yaris sold in USA is different from European one. It's a rebadged Mazda 2 so I expect that also the computer that controls doors lock/unlock and all entertainment comes from Mazda and not from Toyota. So I expect that also the service menus and all OBD configurable options are Mazda ones.
  19. It smells a little of fake news. They rolled down an hill with zero damage on the car?
  20. Did you have reprogrammed the ECU ? WGG20 - TMMF Yaris HV Skid Control ECU Reprogramming
  21. Maybe it can be useful a label on the glasses like the the one for the special bolts used to avoid hybrid battery theft. By the way if the stolen cats are to be dismantled on some not official chain I'm no sure that a special marking can be so useful. But a 10-15 year old cat is still so useful to get precious metals ?
  22. Also on MK4 Yaris the battery is under rear seat but there are special connectors on fuse box to connect a battery charger without disassembling the car. The connector is present also on the latest MK3
  23. Probably your car has a dirty GPF filter and needs some time to warmup it to burn particulate. To burn particulate the filter must be hot and receive exaust gas with an high quantity of oxigen. Usually gasoline car produce a gas very poor of oxigen when running and pump fresh air during release when engine works as a brake. Due to the regenerative braking the braking effect of ICE is lower on a Toyota Hybrid car than a conventional gasoline car without an electric motor that converts cinetic energy in electricity. Moreover due to he discontinuos use of ICE the GPF filter can cool down more easily on a hybrid car so the ECU forces ICE to stay on more than normal. If your trips are short and with frequent stops ( like city use ) or with a costant speed without decelerations ( like highway ) the cleanup is more difficult and until the cleanup cycle is incomplete the car shows a lower use of EV. Usually forcing some release with quick acceleration and deceleation can quicken the cleanup phase. In Italy some user has complained with dealers and on at least two cars of volountaries, Toyota technicians has installed for some week an data logger to get more detailed information on what was happening under the hood. But after data capture nobody had news on the analsys results. The issue seem to be more evident when climate is rainy and temperature is not too hot and not too cold ( around 10 Celsius ) probably because ICE still warms-up quicky but air is sufficiently cold to cool down GPF. Probably the issue is still present with colder air but it's more difficulto to note due ICE normally stays on longer with cold air temperature.
  24. If you do a downhill trip you can get a so fantastic result or something similar like 2 liter/100 km but its's just a single trip result. The average should be 3.5 / 4.5 l/100km. If you always get this result there's something strange in your trip computer. What do you read from the app ?
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