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  1. I agree that a gasoline engine should not produce an high level of praticulate. In Italy the issue was noted since september 2020 on first MY20 Yaris and reported it to Toyota service. On some voulenteer customer cars a special monitoring system was installed by Toyota service to better understand what was happening under the hood and the conclusion was that this behaviour is caused by GPF cleanup and no other action has been taken. I too asked to my service and the technician indirectly confirmed me that they were aware of GPF cleanup problems. Probably GPF doesn't saturate but in some situation the sensors trigger the cleanup process. When wheather is cold GPF takes more time to reach the correct temperature, considering also the discontinuos use of ICE and regenative braking in hybrid Toyotas. To GPF it's necessary to send hoxigen rich exaust gasses in GPF and usually gasoline engine gasses are very poor of hoxigen, except in the throttle relese phase when wheels are dragging the engine. And this situation is not common in HSD cars. Probably the issue can't be solved with a SW update, considering that is still involving MY22 models. Usually some fast accelations and releases when ICE is hot ( 4 tabs ) solve the issue for some days.
  2. As I've already written some post ago, the issue is probably caused by GPF cleanup. When external air is cold ( and usually humid ) the GPF takes a lot to reach the correct temperature so ICE is running continuously to try to warm it. Toyota is aware of the issue but probably has archived it as "normal". @flash22 can you check if Toyota has published some TSB relating this behaviour ?
  3. Mmm. Also on the hybrid engine? Oil is used also by the electric engines so oil pump must work also when ICE is off.
  4. On another forum I've read about a strange answer for a battery low problem a new Yaris ( e-call module remaining always on, even with auto closed and parked ). Do you know if there's some outstanding TSB about this issue ? ( it seems that can be solved with a FW update, so I don't think it's caused by a defective module but by a SW bug )
  5. Mmm. The battery recharge should consume few energy. Maybe a 12V battey that requires charge will drain more energy from main battery but I don't think can explain a continuous use of ICE.
  6. Yes, the reason according Toyota is Chlorine contaminated fuel, but there are a lot of strange points. 100% of times nobody found any contaminant in in the fuel remaining in the reservoir and there's no correlation between involved users and the same fuel station. If a fuel station is supplying contaminated fuel it's logical to think that all cars that have refilled there wiil show the issue. So it's hard to sue the petrol company for having sold contaminated fuel. Moreover the involved people said that the diagnosis has always been made by remote just looking a picture of defective egr without any laboratory analisys of damaged components. Has really been clorine ( that has crossed injection, valves and cylinders in liquid form without any impact ) that, after having been expelled with burned gasses, has started to eat the heat exchanger? Or the heat exchanger has been broken by vibration or termic shocks. Has really been clorine that left all that white deposits on EGR valve or has been vaporized coolant that has been sprayed in the EGR channel ? If Toyota considers that it's an Italy specific issue why has released an Europe wide TSB ? Moreover in China more than 900K Toyota cars have been recalled due to defective EGR heat exchager. So I should say "Don't buy fuel fron China" ? The issue involves M15A Yaris engines and also 2.0 and 2.5 engines used by Corolla, CHR and RAV. Seem it's not involving older 4 pots 1.5 yaris Mk3 engine and Corolla / CHR 1.8 one.
  7. This can be a possible reason. Another one could be GPF filter cleaning ( expecially if car is used in town for short trips ). See my answer on the Yaris Cross Hybrid System topic https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/209721-yaris-cross-hybrid-system/?do=findComment&comment=1664808
  8. You had this behvior with cloudy or raining wheater with a growth of air humidity ? It's a well known behaviour we noted in Italy ( and I was surprised not ti find it reported on other countries ). ICE stays on longer, SOC grows to 8 tabs and EV don't lights up in display. It's caused by GPF cleanup. When external temperature drops the GPF has problems to warm up execially on short trips so ECU tries to keep ICE on to warm up it and clean the filter. A trick we found ( seems back magic 😄 ) is to accelerate ( to 30 or more MPH ) and immediately release at least three times ( obviously do this where not dangerous for other cars ) after coolant indicator as reached at least 3 tabs. Usually after this cure car behaves correcctly for about 100-150 miles. In Italy Toyota made a deep monitoring on some voulenteers' cars ( installing some extra monitoring devices ) but after having got these data there was no more feedback ( and I see the issu is still present on MY22 cars ).
  9. If this one doesn't succeed try with him
  10. Obviously leaving can in Ready mode else you will be soon in the "12V battery flat" team 😉
  11. Adding a USB HUB allows you to use two different USB memory sources ( you see ad USB1 and USB2 on display ) but if you enable Android Auto it will take the control of USB bus and the USB memory devices are disabled. Moreover the Toyota multimedia system has a some perverse way to handle tags and play albums on USB sticks. I've put music on microSD on my android phone and I use Musicolet app to play music.
  12. On new Yaris there's a filter on the air intake under back seat. I don't know if previous Yaris had it.
  13. Do yiu have some duplicated numbers? That is the same phone number recorded under different contact names.
  14. A-Pillar tweeters are present also on medium level non JBL multimedia system. AFAIK there are 3 trim levels Base ( 4 speakers ) with a large band speaker on each door Medium ( 6 speakers ) with the extra A-Plllar tweeters JBL ( 8 speakers ) with additional dash top mids. I expect that if Toyota is unable to supply JBL system it will offer at least the medium level trim with 6 speakers.
  15. Is it possible that there's a bug in the new versions of app? Technically is it possible to remote start aircon from the app on some new Yaris. So if some bug exists, the car could get in somw way a false request to start aircon. Else yiur car is fainted like the one of a famous Stephen King novel.... You can try with some exorcirm 😁
  16. Wow, yesterday for the first time Ive seen 5/5 on all bars but I expected to get a 100 or 99 rating instead of 94 😞 !!!!!
  17. On the right side of steering wheel there's a two way button with an odometer icon and a lever with RES/SET. Push it up and you should see a message on center display indicating that cruise control / radar is ready. Reach the speed you want to mantain and push the lever down ( SET ). The CC is engaged. You can fine tune the speed with RES ( increment speed ) an SET ( decrement speed ). If you push brake pedal CC disengages and you can engage it back pushing once RES.
  18. Probably it does a fuel injection to maintain the correct lubrification of engine valves ( gasoline behaves also as a lubrificant ) and ICE temperature.
  19. Which MUI version you have on your MI 9 Pro ? With car stopped ( Ready and in P ) to move the cable connection both on smartphone side and car USB side. If moving the cable causes the issue probably it's an HW problem on phone or car ( depending which side of the cable causes the issue ) Check that the duplicate app functionality ( the functionality of Xiaomi phones that allows to install a copy of the same app for each sim ) is disabled on the phone. I've read that collides with AA. I've a Note 9 PRO and it works fine with AA except that audio is switched on phone speaker after every call. I've read of the same issue on many Xiaomi e MI phones with MUI 12 ( android 11 ) on different car brands like Peugeot and VW. Xiaomi is aware of the issue but they don't care to fix it due AA is not used on China market
  20. AFAIK it will not limit speed by cutting car performance but simly will stress driver with alerts ( lights, beep, vibrations ) to inviite him to reduce speed. Like driving without locking the seat belts. You can drive but car drives you crazy with beep beep beep..... If car automatically adapts speed to road signs there's a serius risk to reiceive visits in the back expecially if it makes a wrong evaluation of correct speed ( and I think that is not too far from reality ) and suddenly brakes.
  21. I think that the term "speed limiter" is not correct. It should be "speed limit warning" because its only warns you're going too fast but it doesn't cut the car speed. If you enable the speed limiter function of the car it limits the maximum speed you can reach even if you continue to push the accelerator.
  22. The booster must be used just to help the car to go in Ready mode, not to charge the battery. Booster must be removed immediately ater car switches in Ready mode. The charge must be done using a smart charger ( like CTEK ) or the internal DC/DC charger
  23. Currently I've set my 205/55R16 to 2.4 Bar Front and 2.3 Rear. I found them well balanced but a bit noisy. I'll try to reduce the pressure to your values. When I first got the car from the dealaer they wher 2.6 on all wheels. Car was a bit unstable. I set to 2.3 and was fine but noisy. But I laeft them to this value. When I got the car back from dealer after yearly check, the dealer told me he had set to the correct values ( 3 wheels set to 2.7 a rear one left to 2.3 ). I found the car more silent and stable so i left all wheels to 2.6 for winter time ( I'm not using winter tyres ). But when external temperature beagan to rise I reduced the pressure to avoid reaching too hig pressures ( I've seen pressure rising to 2.9 on front wheels ). By the way I've read of many users that got wheels overinflated by official dealers ( different dealers so I'ts no a specific dealer custom ).
  24. I don't think that electric handbake could be a problem for 12V battery. Its motor ( both to activate or deactivate brakes ) always runs when the car is in Ready mode so 12V circuit is powered from DC/DC converter taking energy from hybrid battery.
  25. Yes, I too used VLC, then I discoverd Musicolet. It's free and without ads. It worths a try. The only problem I had ( but I had the same problem also with VLC ) is that sometimes it doesn't starts automatically when i connect the USB cable.
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