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  1. I use Tomtom go or Google maps. As I have spotify i use this for listening to favourite music. Music is downloaded to my phone which does not use data with no issues, however do pay a subscription for spotify. As others have said using radio not a problem.
  2. Hi Good spot!! I was not aware of this. Since having new battery all I going well with no further issue so far. I do deactivate key fob and will now make sure I P position. Cheers
  3. Update Motorline have picked up my car this morning so they could check the flat battery. They have finally replaced the battery. Advised to keep driving car to maintain charge. Note I have been working from home during the pandemic, so this has not helped with this situation, as mentioned before leaving the interior light on will drain battery in quite a short time. Once back to work i will be doing 80mile round trips, hopefully this does not reoccur going forward. Once the battery is flat and left in this state for long periods it will start to create sulphides which damages the battery. I was also told the MyT app does not drain battery.
  4. The key's are kept well away from car. I can't believe it following car being delivered back after check, a week last Thursday by dealer battery in good condition and fully charged. Tonight first time to drive car after 10 days battery is flat again. Dealer to pick up on Thursday to recheck. I feel new battery is required.
  5. My first flat battery was due to leaving the interior light on my mistake. The second was when car had only been for short runs and not being used for 12 days during the cold weather. I could not open car with key fob. Had to manually open AA were called out, started up using booster battery took car to dealer who checked and charged battery to inform me battery was in good condition. 3rd event had been possibly leaving interior light on again by mistake this I had double checked light was not left on outcome same 2nd time. Make sure interior lights are left on drains battery overnight. Hope this helps?
  6. I also don't see the padlock on my Mk4 2020 Excel. Warning I deleted the MyT app to try to update to see if the padlock came on. Now the app will not reload only goes to 67% upload then stops. Now no MyT app. There seems to be issues downloading with other comments on Google. As we say if it's working don't touch. This following a flat battery 12v which has happened 3 times since Oct 2020. I have emailed toyota for some feedback on the MyT app.
  7. Regarding the lighter socket i plugged in my michelin tyre pump into this which the blew the fuse last year within a week of picking my new Excel up. Fuse cannot take the ampage. Fuse replaced now only use it for charging phones. My old Yaris 2008 4D4 i had no issues with this using the same pump. As said before all the electronics on the gen4 yaris are all new. Have replaced tyre charger for Skey portable tyre compressor which is brill very small to keep in boot in case of emergency.
  8. Hi Just quick update, had car checked over today, Toyota could not find any data to show there was an issue. Car all OK. Does seem very strange to have a malfunction message come up on screen, which has not been saved. Will keep a close eye on it. All seems to be working OK now though.
  9. Yes the Mk4 Yaris. The radar area was clean no issues there. Car booked in for Friday once I have the results from the dealers I will feed these back on here.
  10. All booked in for next week to be checked over. Keep you updated on the finding. Otherwise really enjoying the car.
  11. I was going to do that notify the dealer. Recently had the recall done WWG20.
  12. New Yaris Excel, driving today on 150 mile journey mainly motorway, once off motorway had a message said cruise control malfunction notify dealer. Has anyone had this message? Car was parked up 3 hrs later re started journey back all worked OK. Any ideas? No photos to highlight this.
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