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  1. Noticed today that the inside of driver's-side reversing light appears to be suffering quite badly from what i think to be condensation, and wondered if this was normal. It's not something that I have noticed before and was wondering if anyone else has noticed this on their vehicle? It's a 2020 corolla hatchback. I realise that there is only one reversing light on the passenger side of the car and the one in question is just a matching unit. Your response would be appreciated Thanks
  2. I purchased my toyota on the first of July, it was registered new July 2020. It was a toyota owned car and according to the stamp in the service book, it was serviced by the dealership in October at 6000 miles. When I checked this online it only showed a hybrid health check. This got me worried as it didn't appear to have had an oil change and that my warranty could have been in jeopardy. I approached toyota uk and asked them to look into this. Within a few days they assured me that the service had been carried out in October as well as the health check but they recorded it as just a hybrid health check. They informed me that to get this information they contacted the dealership and requested to see their record of the service. As I said earlier, the VW service checklist system in this case could have saved me a lot of hassle.
  3. My previous vehicle, VW golf while under warranty, was serviced by VW. Different to toyota it had in the service book a checklist which when filled in showed what work had been done. I too paid £200 for an oil and filter change and a big thank you from them. Oil and filter I reckon would be about 35 to 40 quid.
  4. It would be interesting to know the percentage that use their local garage for servicing rather than the toyota dealership.
  5. If I took the car to a local non toyota dealership for a service this wouldn't include the hybrid health check.
  6. In the service book it outlines that in relation to the warranty the car should have a full service every two years and a oil and filter change every 12 months depending on the mileage. It also mentions the Hybrid Health Check but on a different page. Does this mean that the health check is an option rather than a warranty requirement.
  7. Hi, The MyT app, is it a free service or a subscription service?
  8. I have done this but nothing seems to happen. Could be on option that you have included with your model but not in mine☹️
  9. I just traded in my 2017 Golf GT, it had a CD player but the new Golf don't have them. Thing of the past now I guess☹️
  10. I mean to use my phone as a WiFi hotspot so that the car can connect to WiFi from my phone
  11. I know, all manuals are notoriously difficult to understand. A friend of mine recently purchased a Lexus and can’t make head or tale of how things work. Eventually gave up and now relies on YouTube for info. As Toyota and Lexus have similar features I’ve been able to explain a few things to him such as the workings of the cruise control, up to that point, he didn’t even know that it was fitted on his car..... not mentioned Park assist yet😂
  12. Perhaps we should start a new topic..finding things in the user manual😀
  13. Is tethering possible? I can see the wi-fi menu on the car settings but there doesn’t seem to be an option for hotspots. If not possible, is there a way round this? Thanks
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