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  1. Yep, mine is exactly the same
  2. Would a carbon clean through the engine clean the valves? I know theres loads of places doing this now
  3. I have a 2015 1.2t design, love the car, loads of pull, even at low revs, mpg is around 40mpg in the city and 46mpg on long journeys. Ive had a idle issue for ages now with no joy in resolving it, a friend had tge same issues with his a class which was sorted by having a remap done, ive now had mine mapped and ohhh hell, what a difference. Loads more bhp up to 154 and torque to 314, pulls really hard but spins the wheels in 3rd so good tires are needed for grip
  4. Ive checked the pcv valve and it seems to be working fine. Tested using the paper over oil filler trick, pulled the paper quickly and tightly, so again im out of ideas. Noticed when the ac on, it drops to idle really smooth like it should do, but it only idles around 750rpm not at nearly 1000 when it was new
  5. Yep, me also, been working on cars since i was 10 with my god father, im now 42 and been doing it for a living for 14yrs, wondering if toyota are right it being the ecu
  6. Not touched the injectors, but do use forte additives in it, but no vacuum leaks anywhere, if i remove just 1 pipe then it stalls
  7. Ive cleaned the throttle body several times with no joy, cleaned crank, camshaft sensors, cleaned egr valve, cleaned the maf sensor, ive even blocked up most of the hole on the maf just in case its reading wrong, only thing to check is the coolant temperature sensor
  8. Ive unplugged the maf, it does idle but will only rev to 2500, ive cleaned it with throttle body cleaner, which i got when i stripped the throttle body. Checked for air leaks but nothing, the car still runs like new, sometimes poor on mpg but that could be part of this problem. Starts up ok everyday, idle doesn't drop until its completely warm and at its optimum operating temp. Toyota thinks it could be an ecu issue, but im in second thoughts about that
  9. Hi all, i have a 2015 auris 1.2t, had it from new and been a great car, but for the past year or so its started to idle poorly, when coming to a stop it drops rapidly to 500rpm then goes back up to around 600 rpm, it judders like its missing, been in to toyota who cant find anything wrong. Ive changed the plugs, coil packs, gave it a service, which i do regularly but still no better, tried to reprogram the throttle body but no joy. Any suggestions would be great Thanks all
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