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  1. Oh ok... thanks for your reply. So not knowing the service history on this would I have some peace of mind with Toyota reliability?In other words is this engine a good one?
  2. Hello all... My name is Jay and I'm on the coast in West Sussex I have bought an old 2008 auris 2 liter diesel 4d4 SR with 130.000. It has a few issues that need addressing but I like a little project to work on😊 It comes with a "lost service history", so I've no idea if this engine will last my 20.000 miles a year challenge if it's not been looked after? Upon my first long drive to work I noticed a horrible knocking or clicking kind of sensation through the steering column when I was on the motor way🙄. Reading posts from others this seems a common issue? It's not something I think I can just live with as I hate imperfections 🤣... The steering wheel doesn't judder or anything it just feels like something is loose. From all the experts on here would it be advisable for me to replace the steering column or am I wasting time and money? I'd also like to know what is the right grade of oil for me to use on oil changes in the future? God only knows if this engine has been regularly serviced.... Am I right in thinking this 4d4 engine is in the infamous Hilux and can see 350- 500.000 miles? Anyway apart from all the questions it's nice to be apart of the Toyota owners😊 I hope to learn a few things from here👌
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