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  1. I think it will be yes, can't wait to get an order in and delivery in May I believe.
  2. You only need the surround, no cage or anything. If you don't have steering wheel controls just get the right iso wiring adapter and it will be plug and play. If you use dynamic sounds you can put in your vehicle and it will list the parts.
  3. I did see those, but I was concerned about if you could fit a double din and not have to cut it etc. It was a bit misleading so I went for the one with cage. Normally I would agree with you on the fitment of the Connects2 stuff but as I actually ended up ordering the Connects2 and the Celsus version I can confirm they are exactly the same. The trimming will be necessary, it's very minor and can be done with a Stanley blade otherwise the vents won't fit and neither will the side trims. As I used the steering wheel control box the wiring was plug and play, takes a couple mins.
  4. Save yourself some money and get the Celsus one from eBay for £17 it's EXACTLY the same as the Connects2 part and you don't need the cage. You will have to trim it to fit correctly anyways.
  5. Just to update the stereo is now in fully, the Connects2 kit has exactly the same fascia as the Celsus version. The numbers are the same on the back and the colour is identical. To make it fit you need to trim the top push fit clips by about half a 5-10mm, this allows the vents to locate properly and the silver side trims will fit aswell. @ussy7861 I'm not sure what you have done, but you need a patch lead like this https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/connects2-ctmultilead-2-universal-steering-wheel-stalk-adaptor-stereo-patch-lead.html Then you follow the instructions for your stereo below, hope this helps.
  6. What steering wheel control box do you have? What stereo do you have?
  7. Had a go at fitting today, the fitment of the fascia is very poor. Its not quite the right colour either. Even after cutting the tabs on the fascia the silver side trims and the top vents will not fit correctly. Decided to do what I should of done in the first place and ordered the Connects2 kit so hopefully that fits better! The stereo is in and the steering wheel controls work perfectly so just need the trim.
  8. I have taken a gamble with the Celsus AFC6020 as I only really need the surround and the Connects2 CT23TY24 is pretty much double the price. I also ordered the steering wheel control CTSTY001.2 and a new DAB aerial so hopefully that will be everything I need! I will post the results.
  9. With the car running, unplug the MAF. If the car runs normally again then there is your issue.
  10. Hi, I am looking to replace the stereo in my Auris, but I'm not sure what colour surround I need to match the factory trim. On the Dynamic Sounds website there are silver, black, metal grey. This one says it's silver, but it's hard to judge if it would be a match or not. https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/toyota-auris-2007-2013-double-din-stereo-fitting-kit-fascia-and-steering-stalk-control-silver.html My interior is the colour below
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