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  1. I have the 322gw front and rear cam, got it earlier this year and plug it in on start up and unplug when finished. The rear camera I stuck to the hatch not the glass which allowed the lens to get a good rear view. Picture quality is good.
  2. c90


    This is the beauty of owners clubs, you get up to date unbiased information from members who have personal experience of products and updates. I know from the websites I belong to that some questions have been asked and answered many many times and they say look it up, but things change and get updated. From what I have found out about the catloc on the C-HR is that some have got one, some do not have one, some think you don't need one and some say Toyota have re-designed where they put the cat and of course there are those that did not answer.
  3. c90


    Does Toyota fit catlocs to C-HR's, if not, is it worth considering.
  4. I feel better already about our weather. I settled for the C-HR because of the seat height which suits my wife who has trouble getting out of a low seat now.
  5. Welcome Peter, I also test drove the Yaris Cross and liked it, I think it looks quite chunky, but settled for the C-HR. Did you have to mention the weather in the south of France.🙄 There's a lot of knowledgeable people on here so you are in good hands.
  6. c90


    Think I'll send for one of them thanks.
  7. c90


    Wow, that's an eye opener, battery in boot and jump leads under bonnet.
  8. c90


    Thanks for all your input, I understand a bit better now the ''ready'' mode, all be it a little alien. Although I have been driving for the best part of 60+ yrs, bikes, cars and HGV Europe I am looking forward to my C-HR and gadgets, which only half will be used. My concern with the battery, which has been reported on here and elsewhere, is the hospital visits that me and my wife have to endure now, so reliability is needed. The reason to move back to Toyota.
  9. c90


    I am really after first hand knowledge of mileage required to keep the battery in a healthy state. The car will be used every day, but was hoping someone who used it for X amount of miles and had no problems would have replied.
  10. c90


    Waiting for delivery of the new C-HR Excel in decuma grey.
  11. c90


    Yes I have read about the ready mode, but don't fully understand it.
  12. Welcome Mnaveed, love the Corolla's.
  13. Welcome Jamie, new here myself.
  14. c90


    What would you say would be the minimum mileage per day to keep the 12v battery charged.
  15. c90


    Thanks for that 1990.
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