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  1. I never said it was the correct torque figure for an Auris 🙄 Ill now go limit myself to C-HR & General Discursion parts of the forum then, thank you forum Police.
  2. Its 195 Nm on a Toyota Tonero counter balance forklift rear wheel - as I pictured. My username kinda gives away what I repair for a living 😉
  3. Wonder if the 1.5 hybrid power unit will get a 5th gen hybrid treatment in the future? 🤔
  4. Tish reviewed a Yaris GR Sport the other week, she did mention the suspension was tweaked.
  5. Pass, I always tighten them correctly to 195 Nm with a calibrated torque wrench as per the repair manual. We do keep a set of new studs & wheel nuts in stock just in case.
  6. Here's the last lot of rear studs I replaced - I always change them as a hub set & replace the nuts as well.
  7. They will need to unwrap it etc first before contacting you to arrange collection.
  8. I have one in my tool box, purchased a few years ago after seeing James May demonstrate its usefulness on one of his tv programs.
  9. It so people don't activate it then get out of the vehicle thinking it will stay where they left if - it will likely be a liability reason in case the vehicle rolls / drives away by itself. Also some drivers don't want to use the brake hold function.
  10. I've had the red brake warning flash & beep on mine a couple of times, I assume yours doesn't do that?
  11. It's likely had the DCM software update applied as well.
  12. IIRC the secure fobs where introduced to C-HR for 21MY vehicles.
  13. Yaris / Yaris cross have 2 x airbag in each of the front seats, there is the normal outside airbag which fires towards the door. Then there is the centre airbag which fires to stop the occupants from being throw across to the opposite site of the car or colliding with each other. The video link I posted earlier in this thread shows these airbags being crash tested.
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