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  1. Relax warranty won't cover the water pump as it now an existing fault when the Relax warranty was activated by the Toyota service.
  2. Did mine a few weeks ago - the vehicle uses its own built in data connection to download the software updates. Smart Connect automatically checks once per week for any software updates then will prompt you to download them. I did mine while parked in ready mode but apparently others have reported you can start the install while parked & then drive the vehicle, just make sure its fully finished the software update before switching the ignition off!
  3. I checked on a couple of UK oil companies online oil recommendation for the iQ. Company A gives various specs of 5W30 for any year / engine size of petrol & diesel iQ. Company B gives the correct 0w20 Unless a Toyota dealer can show you a TSB that tells you to use a different grade of oil for your vehicle, follow the advice & use the grade that is in your owners handbook - under the bonnet on the information sticker.
  4. I spot a quality Varta 12 volt battery 😎
  5. Reading online reviews, watching videos reviews then going to see & test the product your thinking of buying would have highlighted the lack of under bonnet sound deadening & lack of engine cover. Then once you discovered the Corolla didn't meet your expectations you could have just gone to the Lexus dealer or elsewhere instead.
  6. Why waste money to fit something that obviously isn't required, needed or serves any purpose? My C-HR with 2 litre hybrid power unit doesn't have an engine cover - does it bother me when the bonnet is open? No.
  7. I to was considering a UX - but a decent spec version moves you in to higher road tax bracket plus the awful touch pad infotainment system wasn't appealing. Also why would anybody buy a poverty spec of Lexus apart from just to get the badge? The 2023 model year updates with the new touchscreen infotainment system plus the other tweaks now improve the UX appeal.
  8. AAWireless | Wireless Android Auto™ for everyone
  9. Be interested to know which oil company supplies the Toyota branded oil for the UK market. FWIW: I do know Unil lubricants supply the forklift side of the Toyota family across Europe with Toyota material handling branded oils.
  10. Its not standard fitment so it has been added.
  11. AA Wireless that is winding down on Indiegogo & now has its own website shop has been working well for me on my previous 308 T9 & now my C-HR ( Toyota Smart Connect equipped ) On first use with a new vehicle you will have to configure it via the smart phone app but after that it literally is plug & play.
  12. I wouldn't touch anything EBC with a barge pole, personally seen & also heard far to many issues with there products.
  13. I have the older 18v Makita LXT blower at work, great for blowing debris / dust out of forklifts. FWIW a lot of the F1 teams use the 36 volt versions for cooling, normally painted in there team colours.
  14. The cars computer should have logged something for the event - get it seen by a Toyota main dealer ASAP so they can investigate the issue.
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