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  1. It's explained in the Smart Connect operators manual. The system uses live mapping via the DCM so the maps are always up to date. The only mapping data stored in the infotainment unit is the back up base map data that is used if the DCM doesn't have a data connection. These base maps are the ones the dealer can update. That message is perfectly normal.
  2. The low washer fluid warning light is only fitted to Corolla that also have headlight washers.
  3. I thought it didn't look any different when I was looking at the fitting instructions 🤣
  4. Not fitted / still on back order?
  5. The 2 litre hybrid doesn't need sport mode, it's more then quick enough in normal mode. It's basically a gimmick copied from other manufacturers ( the German ones mainly )
  6. When the 2 litre hybrid can still return journey figures like these without trying, why would anyone want the slower & more noisy 1.8 hybrid?
  7. Yeah it's the EU mandated pedestrian acoustic warning sound. I hardly notice it now, then again I can hardly hear it from inside the vehicle.
  8. The bonnet is made from aluminium so it dissipates heat away far better then if it was made from steel. You wouldn't get an aluminium or steel bonnet hot enough to worry about heat damage during normal vehicle operation. It's a sound deadening mat fitted to 1.8 hybrid Excel as its top of the UK Corolla range & considered more luxary / refined & also the 2 litre hybrid powered versions due to the noisy direct injection fuel pump under the bonnet.
  9. There are millions of vehicles around the world from multiple manufacturer's which don't have any under bonnet insulation / sound deadening as the manufacturer has deemed it not required during the product testing stage.
  10. This DROVE to the garage earlier this week - any sensible person would have had it recovered.
  11. Tyre repair kits are supplied by a lot of various vehicle manufacturers for two reasons. 1) Weight saving helps with lower emissions & improves mpg. 2) A lot of younger persons just don't have the necessary life skills to safely change a wheel. The amount of vehicles that arrive at my local garage with a puncture that end up having to buy a new tyre due to the internal structure being destroyed isn't surprising these days. A lot of driver's just don't stop & arrive on a totally flat tyre, even vehicles that have a spare wheel included.
  12. No the person on the line wont stop it as nothing is wrong. Each vehicle ordered is built to an exact specification & kit of parts stipulated by Toyota - if Toyota says that vehicle order doesn't have an insulation mat then guess what, it wont get one fitted as it trundles down the line.
  13. My nearest Lexus dealer is in Milton Keynes.
  14. Doesn't really matter to me as I'm extremely happy with my C-HR plus the Toyota dealer is much nearer then the Lexus one.
  15. I considered the UX but to get a decent F Sport spec with Takumi pack would take you over the £40k luxary vehicle tax limit which isn't ideal. Plus at the time the old fashioned touch pad infotainment system wasn't appealing. Rear & boot space isn't really important to me as its only ever me & missus in the car.
  16. You need to ask Toyota UK as they decide on specifications & pricing for the UK market. You could also ask why blind spot monitoring / rear cross traffic alert isn't available on any UK spec Corolla? Corolla built in the UK factory but for the European market have it fitted either as standard or available as an optional extra
  17. The Excel is the top Corolla spec in the UK, that's why it has the bonnet insulation on the 1.8 hybrid version. The Excel also has the upgraded LED dual beam projector headlamps.
  18. Technically nothing was missing - if it was required to meet EU / UK vehicle rules then Toyota would have fitted the necessary items / equipment at the factory. Toyota like all vehicle manufacturers can also change equipment specifications between placing an order & customer receiving there vehicle.
  19. 1 for the engine cooling & another 1 for the hybrid inverter cooling.
  20. It was a week once my C-HR turned up from arrival at the dealership until customer collection. Depends on the individual dealership in question & how busy they are plus if your having dash cams fitted etc. They want to handover the car in perfect condition so when it's ready they will contact you.
  21. IIRC the tailgate is made from a composite material around a metal frame & is not suitable to mount a cycle carrier to Roof bars or tow bar mounted carrier are your options.
  22. Having test driven both hybrid engine options in a C-HR I came to the following conclusion. 1.8 hybrid is ok for pottering about & saving fuel if you don't mind the slow performance & noise if you happen to press the accelerator hard. 2 litre hybrid is a more up to date ICE, much more relaxing to drive, just gets on with the job without fuss, is still pretty decent on fuel & can get up to speed / overtake much much easier when required. I'm doing less then 8k miles per year so the extra fuel cost of running the 2 litre hybrid isn't a worry. The 1.8 hybrid is just to slow & noisy in operation when pressed for what I need in a vehicle power unit.
  23. forkingabout


    I found the slot in the polystyrene is perfect to store a breaker bar & wheel socket, I hate using manufacturer supplied wheel braces.
  24. It's the old fashioned way of doing it, other vehicle manufacturers removed the on / off button & green status light but Toyota are just keeping it old school 😂
  25. Auto mirror dimming. Help stops glare from headlights behind you. The mirror glass will automatically darken when light hits the sensor on the mirror.
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