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  1. Happy Birthday chrisfitton!

  2. Hi over the last 2 weeks i have noticed that on my 2002 5dr corolla hatchnack that there has been sort of a very damp small and the back window has been soaking wet on the inside. Finally got around to finding the source of the smell and i found that the passenger footwell is dripping wet so i have taken the floor padding out to dry then felt the rear passanger side and that only slightly damp, lifted the rear seat up and its quite damp again on the passenger side. Then i opened up the boot and took all my gear out and the spare tyre and the tyre well was about 70mm deep with water. I felt all around the edges of the boot and couldnt find anything wrong. Anyone got any ideas where this water could be coming from? The drivers side is fine. Thanks Chris
  3. Hey heres the link to the installation guide My link
  4. clicky Go to the above link and select corolla then e12 then installation manual and then select spoiler
  5. Has anyone used one of these on a 02-04 corolla? For linking an mp3 player to headunit.
  6. I have a brand new E12 Corolla 2002 - 2004 SALOON (NOT HATCHBACK) front bumper for sale. Its brand new and newly sprayed in Met black colour No 209. Never used and still in its delivery packaging. Pickup Only £70 ONO
  7. Hi i need to change my fog light bulbs. i have got an 02reg e12 on most websites it states they are hb4 9006. But these bulbs wont fit but do look almost the same. On the bulb it says H10 but not many places actually sell them
  8. Update: all i need now is fog light trim and the rubber strip under the bumper. Just drivers side will do. Thanks
  9. Does the fog light from the 00-02 models fit the 02-04 models Thanks in advance guys
  10. can anyone help me out if yes please PM me. I also need drivers side wheel arch drivers side fog light and trim and the arch lining. cheers chris
  11. It is an auris on display as in Australia Toyota are keeping with the name corolla for it. http://www.toyota.com.au/corolla
  12. I have for sale a Sparco front strut brace. Its off my recently sold E10 1.3 corolla sportif. It was bought from Demon Tweeks. Its got a chrome centre bar with powder coated red ends and a Sparco badge in middle. £30 pick up only. Can meet within chester, northwich tarporley frodsham area.
  13. I have just sold my 96 p reg sportif. got £900 for it 70k central locking alloys mp3 headunit spoiler lexus lights imaculate condition.
  14. whats the best glue to attach my rear spoiler on corolla e12? Should i use an epoxy like from a diy store or betalink K1 mastic. The betalink is the stuff i know bmw use and vauxhall. BETALINK PIC Can anyone help? I used epoxy to attach my e10 spoiler that worked fine.
  15. chrisfitton


    but i dont have a sunroof and still dont have the stoage bin
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