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  1. No sticky strips on the Climair's for the Prius+, the front deflectors just slot in and fit snug. The rear deflectors do need a pair of clips about 3" in from the sides of the window as the top of the rear door-frame is pretty much straight and can't generate enough inward compression on the strip to hold it in place unaided. Interestingly, they use the same design of clips that the American 'Weather Tech' brand deflectors use (shown below) although there is a flat hook-like part to the clip that protrudes out from under the rubber doorseal, you can't see it once the deflector is installed.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation Catlover, I now have a set of Cimair deflectors fitted to my Prius+ and they seem to work really well. My daughter likes the fact that she can have the window open (seems to help her manage her travel sickness) and I like the fact I don't hear any wind hammer with the windows ajar 🙂 . I did some research before purchasing and although they are more expensive than the competition (i.e. Heko etc.) they did compare favourably in all the reviews that I read and upon inspection they certainly seem well made. Unfortunately, they did take a while to arrive as they were a special order from the factory in Germany (sports tint - extra dark) but they fit well and weren't difficult to install. Andy the MD at Climair UK was also really helpful when I had some questions and overall I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a set of wind deflectors for their vehicle.
  3. First time Toyota owner here and thought I'd say a quick Hello 🙂 Currently enjoying my experience with the brand and still getting to grips with maximising the fuel efficiency on my 2019 Prius+. Hopefully won't be too much of a stranger to the forums and looking forward to making a few acquaintances along the way. Xerxes
  4. I had Michelin CrossClimate's (all season tyres) on my previous car (a Mazda) and was very pleased with them, they have a low noise profile, good efficiency and grip ratings compared to a lot of the competition and I found they certainly provided some extra traction/grip in icy conditions. Not cheap but worth it in my experience. Will be looking to have some fitted on my Prius+ before the winter arrives.
  5. Hi there, New member here, first time Toyota owner as well to be honest.... but really enjoying my new(ish) Prius+. Sadly my youngest daughter isn't quite so enthusiastic about the Prius+ as she felt a bit 'car sick' the other day while sitting in the rear seats of the vehicle. I have therefore been looking for a set of genuine Toyota wind deflectors, unfortunately they don't seem to make them for the 2019 model. I was wondering if any Prius+ owners have any experience with third-party Wind Deflectors on their vehicle and could suggest a set that fit well and don't interfere with the window action. Any suggestions or advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance... Xerxes
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