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  1. I have recently noticed with my Mk3 Yaris that the top of the gear stick which contains the graphic seems to rotate when changing gear. . The top doesn’t seem to be firmly attached. How do I secure it?
  2. The wheel locks kit contains a key code card. The card has a graphic referring to a placard inside the glove box but my car doesn’t have one in the area depicted.The only placard in the glove box is about tire loading information. What does the code refer to?
  3. This is the graphic on the box exterior . In a perfect world you would hope that the graphic reflected what was actually in the box
  4. That is what I thought but the graphic on the box looks nothing like what is inside.
  5. I was looking in my wheel nut kit supplied with the vehicle (Yaris 3rd generation) and there is a piece missing.Would anybody tell me what should be in the empty slot
  6. Top as in where the cogs are or another spot?
  7. Does deleting allow you to only remove certain items or does it wipe everything?
  8. When a new map database is loaded into the system does the satnav forget entered points such as HOME and previous journeys? I have just purchase a used vehicle that was alleged to have the database updated before delivery to me but the previous owners points and journeys were still loaded in it. How do I delete all of these?
  9. So it seems that whoever completed the service book at the dealership was being sloppy then? I will pass it back to the dealer along with a few other items and hopefully they will rectify it.
  10. The windscreen is made by Pilkington and the driver’s side window by Sisecam . I haven’t driven it fast yet to notice any wind noise as I have only had it two days.
  11. I have noticed on my Yaris what appears to be part of the seal of the windscreen or it could be insulation sticks up above the coaming in front of the passenger.Would this indicate the windscreen has been changed at some time since new or is it a known manufacturing defect? I have recently bought this used car so I am unaware of its history since manufacture.
  12. That is strange because it is not a hybrid so whoever filled out the service book got it incorrect then.Should I ask for a new service book?
  13. I have just purchased a 2018/19 Yaris Icon Tech 1.5 second hand from a Toyota dealer and reading through the documentation I have noticed that the engine on some paperwork has a serial starting with 1NZ and on other paperwork it is 2NR. Is it an error and what should it be? The 1NZ appears in the service record and the 2NR appears in a document entitled vehicle history confirmation certificate. The numbers after the prefix match.
  14. Thanks, I have contacted the dealer and am waiting for a reply.
  15. Thank you for the replies. I eventually got a reply by badgering the AA on twitter
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