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  1. They are original japanese toyota corolla touring sports reflectors with led lamps for tail & brakes.
  2. Mot I'm not worried about as it's a 71 plate & no mot for a few years
  3. Yes mate used teeth floss then used autoglym tar remover.
  4. Yes the led rear lower bumper reflectors which are side light & brake LEDs.
  5. Thought I'll Post This Little Video & Pictures Up Of My Car VID_172321102_081008_244.mp4
  6. @Coypi I had a few cars in the past I've just come from a vauxhall astra hatchback to now a toyota corolla touring sport excel 1.8. Reason of purchase of a estate is that my children are at university so back & forth plus I'm a electrician. I seen the price difference between the 2 & hardly any difference. The space in the rear isn't that great but more roomy in the estate. Put it this way you can't go wrong with a estate because you have more opportunities with it is shopping, moving, day trips/holidays, going to IKEA 🙈 The 1.8 has a bigger boot too than the 2.0. Even though we have 2 toyota cars other 1 is a new yaris but the family enjoy the estate due to space.
  7. I understand that but I'm tapping off to supply not the lamps so feed wise it's the same.
  8. Hi all Can someone help please. I need to get to the plug behind the rear toyota corolla touring sports light to tap into the harness.
  9. What's your name can't see so I can see your car too 🙈
  10. Never too old I found loads of info from the lads from USA, Europe & Japanese People.
  11. Drop Your Instagram @ For A Follow. @you_see_me_rollaing
  12. Anyone Installed A Body Kit On There Toyota Corolla Touring Sports? Looking For Ideas. Cheers.
  13. Sorry just been busy but here you go people. Just showing you with my fingers that you just join the Y splitter to the main loom then to the twin horns. VID_20220416_191917.mp4
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