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  1. They are original japanese toyota corolla touring sports reflectors with led lamps for tail & brakes.
  2. Mot I'm not worried about as it's a 71 plate & no mot for a few years
  3. Yes mate used teeth floss then used autoglym tar remover.
  4. Yes the led rear lower bumper reflectors which are side light & brake LEDs.
  5. Thought I'll Post This Little Video & Pictures Up Of My Car VID_172321102_081008_244.mp4
  6. @Coypi I had a few cars in the past I've just come from a vauxhall astra hatchback to now a toyota corolla touring sport excel 1.8. Reason of purchase of a estate is that my children are at university so back & forth plus I'm a electrician. I seen the price difference between the 2 & hardly any difference. The space in the rear isn't that great but more roomy in the estate. Put it this way you can't go wrong with a estate because you have more opportunities with it is shopping, moving, day trips/holidays, going to IKEA 🙈 The 1.8 has a bigger boot too than the 2.0. Even though we have 2 toyota cars other 1 is a new yaris but the family enjoy the estate due to space.
  7. I understand that but I'm tapping off to supply not the lamps so feed wise it's the same.
  8. Hi all Can someone help please. I need to get to the plug behind the rear toyota corolla touring sports light to tap into the harness.
  9. What's your name can't see so I can see your car too 🙈
  10. Never too old I found loads of info from the lads from USA, Europe & Japanese People.
  11. Drop Your Instagram @ For A Follow. @you_see_me_rollaing
  12. Anyone Installed A Body Kit On There Toyota Corolla Touring Sports? Looking For Ideas. Cheers.
  13. We have the same issue with our 22 plate yaris. VID_20220330_165259.mp4
  14. Hi has anyone changed there roof lining interior lamps to LEDs? I've changed the sun visors to led but don't know how to open the roof lining panel? Has anyone changed there's or is there a video link?
  15. Anyone modified there corolla's? What you modified? Any Pics?
  16. I'm too having the same issue with my wife 22 plate yaris dynamic model. Can't connect to to he app neither.
  17. Ive got a 71 plate & I've changed my horn because it's a joke. Got 2 snail horns & a spilt lead for a Toyota Corolla.
  18. Hi all. As anyone purchased a after market boot liner? I order 1 but not correct plus I'm not pay £60 as I've seen after market was thicker & better as I purchased 1 for my corolla touring.
  19. On my wife's Yaris. No qr code no maps too. I know it works on Android Auto.
  20. I to looked at the options on both swace & corolla. I went with the corolla excel estate due to Brand More trim level, More available parts i.e non oem products, Population between the 2, there really is a forum for swace compared to the corolla ie facebook, instagram & online. As this forum helped me a lot!!! Plus I've joined the corolla Facebook page & USA are crazy on them. Instagram I talk to the jap lads & loads of stuff & specs out there. As I've changed stuff on mine. Resell value 2nd parts of you damage or break something on your car. When I was looking I was asking the tax drivers how good are they as they are in them day in & out. For me it was the 0% finance deal even tho I have the money it's better in my bank 🙈 plus I needed a vehicle for going into clean air zones plus as I look like a taxi I park in the bays 😂 but as I'm a electrician I need stuff to carry. Blind spot monitors who of been amazing but as a electrician I don't think it's hard to sort out as the loom is gonna be the same it's getting the parts & time to fit it.
  21. Hi all. I'm confused how to register the multimedia on the my Toyota app. The car is a 2022 model 1. Which model is my wife's car stereo? Which touch &/with go system? 2. How to get the id number from the stereo?
  22. Hi All. How do I hotspot & add the house WiFi to my wife's toyota yaris dynamic 2022 model? I can do it on my corolla touring 2021 model but not sure on this. My corolla lets me hotspot & automatically connects to the house WiFi but not sure on the yaris. Can someone please help. Cheers
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