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  1. Honestly, the issue is in Toyota, and their extremely loose and picky USB ports.
  2. Yeah, I would never have guessed that the car wants you to rev up the engine from a dead stop. Acceleration from a stop is the most demanding. I'd have guessed that it's better to just start up slowly, on the EV, and let the engine kick in when it needs to, instead of intentionally pushing it to start up the engine.
  3. Yeah, I have no problem with stopping or cruising. I usually get 5/5 on those. For braking I keep it at ~50% of the charging pip and never bottom out. I'm not really sure what you meant by "Mostly (but not always) it will be the max in eco-zone." in the hybrid coaching view. When starting from a full stop, the available eco zone is basically the full length of the bar, which corresponds to the eco zone on the power indicator on the left. But no matter where I stay on the bar, I'm getting 4/5. I get 3/5 if I rev up the engine hard, all the way to the max of the available bar.
  4. Has anyone managed to get a 5/5 score when accelerating? I don't think I've ever been able to get a 5/5 acceleration no matter the state of the battery and acceleration style. I've tried eco mode and keeping the throttle up to the 1st pip on the power meter until the motor starts up at around 40 kph. 4/5. I've tried the "pulse and glide" where I stay inside the eco zone, get up to speed and then release the accelerator pedal. 4/5. I've tried staying up to the edge of the eco zone to get up to speed ASAP and then releasing the pedal. 4/5.
  5. The Mk4 Yaris with 15" tyres has a sticker. It's 2.3 front and 2.2 back for < 160km/h, and 2.4/2.3 for over 160km/h.
  6. which is weird. I had fogging issues and I was thinking of replacing the wiper blade with a new Bosch one. But everywhere I read people were saying that OEMs were the best ones.
  7. Was just reading that article a bit: - Stratified combustion mode. Fuel is supplied at the end of the compression stroke, forming a charge of varying enrichment. This mode is used after a cold start, allowing to effectively ignite a lean (up to about 16:1) mixture, providing a higher combustion temperature to accelerate warm-up of the catalyst. - Homogenous mixture mode. Fuel is supplied at the beginning of the intake stroke and is evenly mixed with the incoming air. Homogeneous air-fuel mixture is compressed and then ignited. Due to the evaporation of injected fuel, air charge in the cylinder is cooled improves cylinder filling. Could this be the two modes of operation? Also, yikes :X
  8. Really? Was just googling around for some information and I found Toyota's video: They explicitly say that some non-hybrids are able to switch:
  9. Haven't managed to record this but I'll try to explain. When driving uphill on steep roads at low RPMs and sometimes even when idling there is this loud noise that I don't think is the engine noise, as it sounds more like a loud fridge compressor or a petrol generator. Seems to overlap the regular engine noise and it's a bit higher pitched and sounds... Hmmm. A lot less refined, let's put it like that. What's interesting is that during idling, it says it's charging the battery, but the fuel consumption gauge is at zero when it kicks in. The AC has no impact on the noise. Does anyone have any ideas if this is something to worry about?
  10. So is there a chance that Toyota will offer dashboard upgrades to the older models like they did with previously?
  11. I had a similar thing. It ended up being microfiber cloth lint that got stuck on the inside with the vapors expelled by the new plastic that also gets baked on the inside of the windscreen.
  12. When I asked my dealer (Toyota Croatia), they said that they wouldn't install any dashcams since they're not original Toyota parts.
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