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  1. Was just reading that article a bit: - Stratified combustion mode. Fuel is supplied at the end of the compression stroke, forming a charge of varying enrichment. This mode is used after a cold start, allowing to effectively ignite a lean (up to about 16:1) mixture, providing a higher combustion temperature to accelerate warm-up of the catalyst. - Homogenous mixture mode. Fuel is supplied at the beginning of the intake stroke and is evenly mixed with the incoming air. Homogeneous air-fuel mixture is compressed and then ignited. Due to the evaporation of injected fuel, air charge in the cylinder is cooled improves cylinder filling. Could this be the two modes of operation? Also, yikes :X
  2. Really? Was just googling around for some information and I found Toyota's video: They explicitly say that some non-hybrids are able to switch:
  3. Haven't managed to record this but I'll try to explain. When driving uphill on steep roads at low RPMs and sometimes even when idling there is this loud noise that I don't think is the engine noise, as it sounds more like a loud fridge compressor or a petrol generator. Seems to overlap the regular engine noise and it's a bit higher pitched and sounds... Hmmm. A lot less refined, let's put it like that. What's interesting is that during idling, it says it's charging the battery, but the fuel consumption gauge is at zero when it kicks in. The AC has no impact on the noise. Does anyone have any ideas if this is something to worry about?
  4. So is there a chance that Toyota will offer dashboard upgrades to the older models like they did with previously?
  5. I had a similar thing. It ended up being microfiber cloth lint that got stuck on the inside with the vapors expelled by the new plastic that also gets baked on the inside of the windscreen.
  6. When I asked my dealer (Toyota Croatia), they said that they wouldn't install any dashcams since they're not original Toyota parts.
  7. Is there anyone with the same car and no issues who can take a photo? I'm having this exact same issue and I believe it's present in all units sold and is within spec since multiple cars at the dealer's had the same issue.
  8. Got some rattle from the top of the left A pillar (driver side) on my new 2021 Yaris. It's not the sun visor, and it's not the panel covering the pillar. Probably something inside it.
  9. I think I'm gonna wait for a dual protocol dongle since I might switch to an iPhone at some point.
  10. Aw 😞 Guess I'll wait until the market stabilizes and get one of the dongles then.
  11. Found out that Toyota is offering a head unit upgrade for older models to the 2020/21 model that supports Android Auto and Apple Car Play, for a pretty low price of £120. https://mag.toyota.co.uk/toyota-apple-carplay-and-android-auto-upgrade/ I was thinking of buying a wireless dongle like AAwireless, Ottocast or Carsifi, but they are all currently kickstarter campaigned, cost ~100$ and ship from the US, meaning I'd have to add VAT to that, + shipping. Do you think there's a chance that Toyota will be offering a multimedia system upgrade to the one that supports wireless connections, like the one in the RAV4?
  12. What still bugs me is how a 20-year old Atos didn't suffer from unburnt gas in the exhaust in these conditions. I'll try seeing if letting the car shut down the engine on its own fixes the issue. Which then begs the question: what's different, combustion-wise, between letting the car turn off the engine on its own and me cutting it off with the power button?
  13. Yeah. It was running. That must've been the only difference now that I think of it.
  14. Thanks for the replies. The car was in eco mode and the HVAC was turned off immediately. The battery was almost half full too. It's weird that an old bucket like the Atos didn't have the smell.
  15. Today I had to move the car 4 times by a few meters, and I noticed that after I turn off the car (30s power on time, 2m driving) there was a really intense gas fume smell. I actually thought that the construction workers nearby were using some solvents the first time. I've had the car for almost a month now and I haven't experienced anything similar so far. Even the weather was nice, 7°C, so not a cold start or anything. I used to do this car moving dance due to how narrow my street is all the time with my old 2001 Hyundai Atos and I've never experienced this, nor did I notice the Yaris smell like this before. What could cause it, and is it something to worry about?
  16. Would be great, since it seems I'll have to do it myself 😕
  17. Well I don't really know what they were like on the Mk2, but I was kinda expecting a car built in 2021 by a company priding itself on its QC to be symmetrical.
  18. Went to the dealer (Toyota Croatia). They quickly fixed the rear view mirror plastic cover, but said that they can't do anything about the panel gaps as long as the gaps don't compromise the functionality, eg structural integrity, water ingress, rust, aerodynamics etc. The car on display had almost the exact same panel gaps which tells me it's a widespread issue. Kinda sad that that's the situation as I was hoping that some minor corrections could be made. Then again, while googling I found some review samples that have it REAL bad:
  19. Nah this is metallic creaking/grinding, not a rubber squeak noise. I'm taking the car to the dealership this week anyway, see what they say. Just wanted some independent input 🙂
  20. Why would it be different if I push by hand? Pushing is pushing 🤷‍♂️. Hopefully it goes away then.
  21. Found the exact noise that's happening with the brakes on the outside:
  22. It's me again... This car is a gift that keeps on giving. So, during the car handoff I noticed that the brake pedal was squeaking, but the dealer told me that this is normal, and that maybe I'm hearing the disk brake squeak. I decided to see if it will eventually go away. It didn't. Is this normal? On the topic of the disk brakes, they exhibit a few loud thunks when engaging and disengaging. Is that also to be expected?
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