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  1. My previous car was a Polo GTI 189bhp which was small but packed a lot of punch. I'm not really a fast driver in all honesty, but when need be, like it was mentioned above, overtaking others or if the road allows for faster driving etc, I want to have the ability. I'm aware if I were to go hybrid it would be a downgrade in terms of power unless I were to get a larger car like you mentioned, but at the end of the day I'm not on a rally haha. I just need to find something that's not too weak like the Yaris seems to be. I imagine if I have 3 other people in the Yaris on a motorway that would be dreadful lol, so I guess I'll have to have a look at an Auris etc, I'm just not a fan of the fact that almost every single uber/taxi driver has an Auris haha. It does speak for its ability/reliability but I've mentioned Auris to people and everyone comes back to me with "oh please don't get a taxi car". I'll have a think haha.
  2. Yeah that makes sense! I initially wanted a small car though something like the size of the polo but the Auris is a bit longer. I'll probably go to a dealer and test drive both and take it from there. Thanks for the advice : )
  3. Great thank you everyone for the comments. Seems like it might not be the right car for me 😭 really wanted it to be though. I do a lot of motorway travel and was hoping the acceleration would be punchy but the more I read into it the less convinced I become, unless I go for the better version but that's too pricey tbh. I read somewhere that the petrol only version of the car is even worse in terms of performance compared to the hybrid.
  4. Hi guys, Hope you're all safe! I'm new here. I'm thinking of buying a Yaris hybrid 1.5 2018 model. I've never driven a Hybrid and wanted to ask what your experience with it is compared to a petrol only engine. And also some questions: - Is the engine really very noisy when accelerating? Does it depend on how hard you accelerate? - Can you choose whether to drive the vehicle on petrol only vs electric only vs a mix of the two? Is there an option that allows you to choose? - If you choose to use petrol only, does the engine revs go to max when you accelerate similar to when driving on a mix of electric/petrol? - How are the noise levels in the cabin, do you experience a lot of wind noise? I've only ever driven a DSG automatic whcih was extremely smooth when accelerating and you could hardly feel the car switching gears and there was almost no nosie (Kia car). Any feedback would be great 🙂 Apologies if some questions seem silly.
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