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  1. Thanks Philip - really appreciate you taking the time to do the research! And yes, so far all I've managed to work out is that it would need the whole instrument cluster to be swapped out, and, even if I elected to do this, Toyota can't guarantee that it would fit, and I'd be shelling out around £1,800 on a 'might work' solution. Back to Googling for conversion specialist, or, re-export and sell back in Ireland!!
  2. Hi all I appreciate the input, thanks to all trying to help. Unfortunately the model where you switch digitally didnt come out until 2019 - mine is the 2018 model and is analogue, with a clock with physical markings, not a digital readout. 😞 If anyone has a 2018 model in the UK, petrol electric hybrid, automatic, it would be great to see a photo of your dash to see if it matches mine. That way I might be able to get the right part number to order. Any other advice much appreciated. Elaine
  3. Hi Hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. I've imported my Rav 4 Luna Sport 2018 model from Ireland, into UK. To register the car in the UK I need to swap out the odometer to show MPH instead of the current KMPH. I've been on to Toyota dealers but, the way their system works, they can effectively only guess at the right part number (by inputting a UK reg number for a model they think is the same but not sure, as the Luna Sport isn't sold in UK). That's a pricey gamble, so wondering if anyone has done this previously and knows how to find the right part number, or if there are conversion specialists out there that may be able to help? It's a petrol/electric hybrid, automatic Thanks in advance Elaine
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