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  1. My message also says SHUT but I think it is a reminder to lock the car.
  2. I get the same message when I have stopped and switched off but have stayed inside the car for a while. I think it supposed to remind the driver to lock the car.
  3. When you consider that, for each tyre, the amount of tread in contact with the road is only about the size of the palm of your hand, why would you want to reduce the braking efficiency by over-inflating? It is not logical.
  4. I've had my Yaris Cross Design (red) since November and have done 9,800 miles. I find it a delight to drive, brisk away from start although I don't normally floor the pedal, and extremely economical. My mpg figures are usually in the mid 70s particularly in warm weather. I do a lot of volunteer hospital driving and my passengers frequently praise the comfort and smooth ride. Some have a bit of trouble getting in the back with the rear doors not opening wide. The boot is well shaped and can accommodate folding wheelchairs and zimmer frames. The interior light is a bit feeble and the car could do with one in the back. Otherwise the only other improvement would be to have the inside door levers chromed to make them more obvious.
  5. I think you have hit the nail on the head. If when pulling out you are having to floor the accelerator you are probably taking too much of a risk. I tend to be gentle with the accelerator and have not had that particular problem. I have had the 'Brake!' warning plenty of times. It often happens when approaching a right hand bend where cars are parked on the bend. It drives me demented at times but I have not had the emergency brake activated - yet!
  6. If in doubt just lower the beam using the load adjuster. This is for when you are carrying a heavy load in the boot.
  7. The advantage of a red car is that in a crowded car park they are easy to spot amid the sea of grey,silver and white cars.
  8. Yes, the red colour is not an in-your-face red. My one is shown below. Ignore the parking angle, that was to take the photo!
  9. Yes, on the Yaris Cross when you put it into park the parking brake automatically engages.
  10. I have a red Yaris Cross, very happy with it. I tend to buy red cars because they are so easy to find in a crowded car park amidst a sea of grey, silver black and white cars! Red has become one of the least popular colours and it may die out as an option eventually.
  11. Do remember that your RAV4 may have increased in value due to the recent rise in 2nd hand prices. Might be worth asking for a revised figure. I did.
  12. And you can turn it off!
  13. I found it to be accurate and quite enjoyed watching its progress. I would get the dealer to double-check his info as the car is quite likely to turn up within a couple of weeks.
  14. Following my rough ride and 82mpg I checked my tyre pressures. They were over-inflated by 10 to 12lbs each! I've alerted the dealer to a PDI failing. I don't know if they were over inflated at the factory or during the PDI.
  15. I picked up my red Yaris Cross yesterday and did 80 miles on various A-roads. Speed limits restricted me to, mainly, 50mph but by the end the trip computer told me that my journey had been at 82mpg. Remarkable! Very smooth to drive although I noted that I could feel the the bumps in the road. I haven't yet checked to see if the tyres are over inflated. If they are that would explain the high mpg figure as well as the ride.
  16. My one is currently at Zeebrugge according to MyT. Probably waiting for a ship load to accumulate.
  17. My first car was also a 1966 Beetle. I spent many a happy hour with my head in the engine bay and lying underneath it doing mechanicals. I now have a Yaris Cross on order delayed until November. The only comparison between the two cars is the colour - Red.
  18. I'd be grateful if you could expand on your difficulties please. The Yaris Cross is higher than the standard Yaris so should be easier to get in.
  19. I have ordered a Yaris Cross which was supposed to come in October, but which has now been delayed until November because of the chip shortage.. I have special requirements in that, in my spare time, I am a volunteer hospital driver and frequently carry elderly and disabled passengers. Some of them have folding wheelchairs or zimmer frames. My needs are easy entry, a tall car is therefore useful, and a decent boot. At the same time, I am one of these odd characters who, shock horror, insist on keeping their car in a garage. The Yaris Cross meets my needs. I've looked at one in the showroom. It seemed okay. I don't particularly like the front of the car and I hated the dark grey/black roof lining. Whether that will appear on my Design model I don't yet know. I agree that the wheel arches are a bit too fussy but overall I am more concerned about how practical it is. I have never had a Toyota before and did consider the Honda Jazz Crossstar. The Yaris's larger boot was the deciding factor. Mind you, the flip up rear seats of the Honda are a great idea. Pity they are not in more cars. Probably a patent issue.
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