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  1. Thanks my friend for your answer . I know I don't compare it's 2 different cars that's will it's difficult my disision what it's the best for me to buy . Both it's around the same price
  2. It may sound tedious just how many suggestions I get before buying will help me. I just see the same people answering me. But thanks for your help .
  3. I didn't drive yet Prius but I saw a lot of videos 2018 model. The problem it's to find what it's the best for my case because I am everyday in motorway around 160km per day
  4. I didn't drive yet Prius but I saw a lot of videos 2018 model. The problem it's to find what it's the best for my case because I am everyday in motorway around 160km per day
  5. I am steel between 50% Prius and e220d 2018 mondel . Both are economy service I don't know . ( I used to drive only mercendes ). What's the best for me I cover 4 times in the week 160km on motorway what do you thing it's the best for me and for my pocket?
  6. Hahahaha so imagine how much he spend for that car. I had all e class and I know
  7. Lok

    About service

    How much cost service Prius gen4? I will see different that I used to pay when I had diesel engine car?
  8. Yes all the diesel around the same. I had mercendes all the e class economy let's say yes but maintenance you need extra salary ,😀. That will I want gen4 to save me
  9. I ask because I can find more eazy drivers in UK use Prius in Cy not so popular for taxi yet
  10. Yes I agree . I am nearly to choose the new gen4 2018 . I used to have diesel car believe me I get tired of spending a lot of money for the service dpf injectors ect...
  11. Hello anyone who covered a lot km any issues? Gen4 . I think someone who use the Prius as a taxi can tell me I think.
  12. Lok

    Prius Business

    To buy new their they ask a lot. I am looking from UK used Toyota approved.
  13. Lok

    Prius Business

    So it's better to look for excel that comes with everything.
  14. Lok

    Prius Business

    Because I am looking to buy the new Prius I mean 2018 and above. The business edition it's that one with full extra?
  15. The good that I like the warranty of new it's awesome more than 10 years I was thinking to buy second hand but with no warranty it's a bid risk for me
  16. Yes I agree gen 3 also looks better on my ways more acceptable but as you said beauty is in the eyes of beholder. That's will I went yesterday and I saw the new corolla because all the I say to me gen 4 not beauty
  17. Yes I agree many taxi drive that engine. Prius its little more economy that the. Ew corolla or around the same ?
  18. Because one life I was driving only diesel cars that no problem if half million. I cover 30.000miles per year means around 6 year 200.000miles
  19. Yes it's ok no problem the back space. I am only worry if the engine 1.8hybrid can cover a lot km because I am not thinking to buy car every 3 years
  20. I saw the hatchback it's perfect the top version with full extra. I hope it's good choice economy fuel , service cheap and cover a lot km because every year around 50.000km
  21. Yes my friend I had all the models eclass but 2021 I want to avoid to buy. A lot of money for service always
  22. Yes I I agree with you I want to avoid buy again diesel car I spend a lot of money to repair the engine every time like injectors dpf bluetec.
  23. Yes I went today at the showroom I saw it I like it 1.8 it's ok because I need as more economy I can. I saw the Prius also the new but the style different than the corolla hatchback. Corolla better style for young.
  24. The 20L hybrid it's take more fuel tha. 1.8. I know it's more powerful
  25. I am also looking for the new corolla hybrid. Is it economy hiway consumption? With full tank how many km can cover?
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