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  1. Sounds like the ABS system cutting in. Were you parking on a loose surface like dirt or gravel?
  2. New Corollas also have proper trolley jacking points front & rear, which is rare these days and nice of them to consider those of us who have invested in a decent jack The more comprehensive online version of the owners manual shows where they are.
  3. Red_Corolla


    I always go for rubber mats, carpet ones soon get scruffy especially during the winter months. The OEM ones I got for the Corolla are reasonably good quality and the drivers one anchors to the floor to prevent slide.
  4. Thanks Mark. I have the Design model with 17" wheels. 16 would be a better choice for comfort but, all things considered (looks, features etc), Design was the right one for me.
  5. I'm still on the first tank supplied by the dealership, so I expect it's E10! Still learning how to drive the car efficiently and how it's affected by speed, traffic conditions etc. I did my first decent runs this week - 115 miles each way to Kettering & back with most miles on the A1. Going down, with light traffic, I drove to 70 on the A1, averaged 54mph and got 53mpg. Coming back in Friday traffic, I limited it to 60 (except while overtaking slow wagons) and spent some time crawling in jams. This reduced my average speed to 41mph but boosted the economy to 67mpg (these figures come from the myT app so make of them what you will). The rest of the tank has been used for short trips and I've averaged 54mpg overall, which is pretty much what I was hoping for out of the 2.0 estate.
  6. You want to change a variable displacement compressor for a traditional clutch unit? I don't think that can work. Even if you find one to fit, the variable compressors use a different control philosophy. On a variable type, the control solenoid works off a PWM signal that varies it's movement. The same signal wouldn't work with a magnetic clutch - it would need to be controlled by a simple on/off power supply
  7. I would go after the misfire first before worrying too much about the other codes. Often with engine faults, other systems are automatically disabled and this can cause other codes to set when there's nothing actually wrong except the engine fault. Fix the misfire and then see if your VSC faults are still coming back. I don't know why the coil casings are cracked. Could be age related or maybe they've been stressed due to worn out plugs. But I would replace all 3 bad ones. You don't want to be running the car with a misfire for very long, because the result will be a destroyed catalytic converter - that's when things get expensive.
  8. Sure. The two grooves are where you touch to lock the car. On the tailgate, there's a small button just to the right of the main release.
  9. All production engines have a statistic called 'maximum continuous operating speed'. This usually coincides with the beginning of the red zone on the rev counter. 4k is going to be fine for most car engines, but it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the temperature, especially when driving hard.
  10. I don't think it was. When I placed my order, I'm pretty sure the only way to get it was to go up to Excel. Had it been an optional extra, I wouldn't have bothered with it. I had keyless on my old Skoda, and the opinion I formed was that it's nice to have, but not worth paying extra for. It was a nice thing when I was using the car for personal reasons and just wanted to jump in without putting anything in the boot first. Other times, I tended to want to open the tailgate first to load my work bag, so I just used the fob. BUT.....on the Corolla, I've now discovered that the keyless works at the tailgate too! This makes the feature much more useful to me and it's a very nice surprise after not expecting to have it!
  11. For the past week, I've been operating the locks on my Corolla TS Design using the fob because my understanding was that only Excel trim gets keyless. Today, I noticed some grooves on the door handle with a bit of wax trapped in them - I touch the grooves to remove the wax and discover that the car does indeed have keyless entry via the front doors! Does anyone else have a Design with keyless entry? I'm wondering if this pleasant surprise is down to a spec update or just a misunderstanding on my part.
  12. Fiat, in their wisdom, decided to make the dipstick on my wife's car out of beige plastic. By comparison, the dipstick on my Corolla is dead easy to read, even with new oil
  13. I see. Clearly, the connector doesn't protect against the elements very well. Better designs tend to have a rubber seal around the male part to prevent that sort of ingress. Have you checked the one on the other side? I would want to apply some preventative TLC but, if it's gone the same way, pulling the plug may do more harm than good!
  14. It's very subjective and depends on your use case. For me, the car will last me long enough with the standard service intervals, which are already much more conservative than many other brands where they go to 2 years or 20k miles & beyond. I don't need to sink a grand into extra oil changes over the next 200k miles so that I can make sure the engine lasts another 200k, because it's not going to happen. Remember that things are different in the US. There's more high mileage vehicles, oil is cheaper and car residuals are crazy high compared with ours. What makes sense for them doesn't necessarily carry over to us.
  15. Based on my experience, the information is not very reliable. I would be inclined to refer to your dealer for a delivery estimate and ignore the Toyota order tracker. Mine was 'in transit' for a few weeks before it actually arrived. There's no way of telling what the logistics are really up to.
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