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  1. My car is a premiere AWD. Ordered 15th August picked up 10th March. It was well worth the wait. Great car, got it in Brass Gold and loads of people have commented on the colour, all good too. Tried the advanced park today, it parked the car perfectly and surprisingly quickly. Actually think it parked quicker than I would have. So much better than what I had in my CHR, which I used once and never again. Still lots of toys not used yet so much to look forward to😁
  2. Crikey that's not good, perhaps they're doing a complete respray? Probably come back a nice shade of pink.🤣😂
  3. I had the same worry as the MOT on my car was due 29th March. Shame you had to get yours done but at least you know your car is nearly ready🤷‍♂️
  4. Well finally picked my car up today😁 From order to pick was 207 days
  5. My date changed a few times once it went into build. In my case the dates got more accurate as the different stages were completed.
  6. I can tell you how long mine was from there. It was 15 days from arrival at Zeebrugge to arrival at the dealers. I would imagine it wouldn't vary too much from this. Although now I've said that, it probably will🤷‍♂️
  7. Checked the background info in MyT this morning and it showed the car leaving Derby yesterday. I emailed the dealer to ask if they could check the date the gave me for delivery yesterday which was the 18th March. They phoned me later this afternoon to say the car had turned up and apologised to me as their system was still showing the 18th March. So, for everyone checking the MyT background data, it seems the info is more accurate than the dealers. Picking my new car up Thursday morning.....cant wait🤩. It will be 5 days short of 7 months🤷‍♂️
  8. Sort of thing my wife does!!! She's not related is she🤔😂🤣
  9. Spoke to the dealer today and was told date is still 18th March. The background info on MyT shows the 8th March.....now I don't know which to believe🤪🤯
  10. Checked the background info on MyT yesterday and it now says eta to the dealer 8th March. It's been at the Derby hub for 6 days now....they really need to get it loaded on a truck and moving😞
  11. I have OM52N15E downloaded. It is the AWD version which I believe is only hybrid.
  12. Just keep your eye on the eta to dealer. This could change a bit until your car goes to build. Mine came forward by 2 weeks👍 I did jury service and got chosen for a big fraud case. Was on the jury 2 months. Loads of days off whilst evidence was being checked. Two nights in a hotel whilst deciding on the verdict. Loved it.😁 Although others waiting to get picked got things like two biro's stolen from WH Smith, Don't know how that came to Crown Court😂🤣 Some just got two weeks and never got chosen for any jury🤷‍♂️
  13. For my car, from build to Grimsby was 8 days. I thought that was pretty good considering it coincided with all the storms.
  14. Well.......MyT still shows 11th March in the background data and my car is now on its way to the Derby hub. There's no date on the MyT data for leaving the hub so I guess it depends on what they have to do with the car there. I suppose there is a chance it will be at the dealer by early next week😁
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