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  1. The car was warm and the engine revs remained at 1000rpm, even going down hill? I have done a number of short journey recently. Put the battery on charge at 10am this morning, still charging at 3.30pm, so battery charge must have been low? 20220613_142056.mp4
  2. I have noticed,has anyone else, when the small battery has been left standing for a while, when driving the car ticks over at 1000 rpm min to charge the battery and does run on hybrid battery for some miles,? Would be sensible to charge the starter battery to reduce fuel consumption?
  3. I did the map update on my 2022 sports tourer. Managed to link my WiFi to the car. Took a couple of hours all told. Had to leave the ignition switched on, so could not lock and leave the car, which is a pain really. Anyway worked OK which is the main thing
  4. They insist I use a special character in my password, I used a # sign?
  5. I have tried to sign on to MyT in the car, using my email address and password, including the special character required and I am told email address or password is wrong? Can sign on ok via my PC. Any suggestions please?
  6. You, definitely speed cameras, very handy!!
  7. Thanks everyone, so I will check for speed cameras next time I go out.
  8. Thanks everyone, so I will check for speed cameras next time I go out.
  9. When driving along, for no apparent reasons far as I can see, occasionally the car gives two Bleeps! It must be a notification or a warning, but nothing shows on the dash! Any ideas folks?
  10. Went on our first run yesterday, 23 miles and recorded supposedly 60% battery at 54mpg, so very pleased for a 2.0L.
  11. I agree about the key, good to be light in the pocket, but hardly feels a premium item. Good you can switch the key off to save battery. Like you said, the dynamics of Toyota cars has improved no end. Enjoy, and do not forget to polish today!!🤣
  12. Found the rear suspension a little hard, checked tyre pressures and discovered they were inflated ready for a max load only on the rear tyres (+5psi). Made a difference adjusting the rear though, far more comfortable.
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