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  1. By tech, i meant the Toyota Technicians at the dealer. I wasnt kidding, I have very little time so I didnt stick around for the repair.
  2. I left it to the pros. Been a great car, but i just dont have the time.
  3. It was a combination of two things. Blocked ac drain which resulted in water filling the heaterbox which overflowed onto the passenger floor. Once unblocked I understand from the techs litres of water poured out. Coolant issue was water pump leak which was caught very early. So two totally unrelated things.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Ill have a look. Anything else it could be?
  5. Ive just used my car this morning and the front passenger floor is soaked. Any suggestions?
  6. This was a pain for me too to find the right file. Give the file below a try. Your unit should be panasonic and this works will all of the units. Big thanks to @Devon Aygo for the help and @flash22for sourcing the file. Its going to be an issue for anyone with a factory default panasonic unit as the files are not readily available anywhere and dealers dont seem to know about the issue. 1947640298_Avensis-DACMsoftwareMAIN00000000andRC2.zip
  7. I wondered if anyone had suggestions. Not sure if wear or tear. Our car went in for some minor collision repair (literally a small dent) on the front right side panel where the wheel well is. They had the car for two days and im not sure if they removed panels or parts in engine bay. This panel is located right next to the radiator overflow tank - see picture. I was driving the car and noticed a weird squeaking coming out of the aircon and what I think was a swish sound. This is followed by a small drip from the driver footwell heater. It seems to happen when turning left. I also noted the coolant was low and topped this up. I immediately took the car for a test drive with air con on. On the left hand turn the issue happened again and a little more than the regular drip landed on my foot. It doesnt appear to be soaked around the drivers floor. Could this be due to the repair, or is something else in play here? Its a 2014 ZRT272 petrol avensis.
  8. Thank you soo much. It was getting the 000000 fix I couldn't find it anywhere
  9. And thanks to Flash22 getting the update files, I was finally able to update
  10. Here's the details 86140 0590 is the model. I took the screenshots from the service menu.
  11. Another member in this forum had the issue, but I messaged him yesterday and no one was ever able to help him. It seems the mysterious 00000000 fix is not available for people. The issue seems to be the instruction in Step2: Download the zip-file "(vehicle name) – DA CM software… .zip" from TechDoc. Problem is without TechDoc (or a dealer who actually cares), I cannot get the files in the MAIN00000000 RECOVERY USB or CD directory to do the 00000000patch. An unless you can see the MAIN00000000 RECOVERY USB folder you don't know what the files are as they used "example pictures in the bulletin" which do not show the correct files. I know this because I have all of these files from the Diagnostic manual and I still get the 006 error code.
  12. I'm using a PC. My unit is 13TFDAEU-DA04 and is non navi. I has my car on for a service yesterday at Toyota here on New Zealand (it's NZ New) and they said they cannot do the update as they 'cannot get the CD from Japan' and they seem disinterested to help. When I put the kwi file on a usb or burn a cd (using Nero), and put it in the car, it says identifying update (or something similar), then I keep getting an error, software cannot update error code 006 (picture). I have tried burning the CD as per the instructions online : ISO/UDF, multisession off, close disk, etc. I've used 10 cd's so far. I have soo many .kwi files (from the diagnostic manual and sources online. But none of them work. I always get the update error code 006 which I was able to only see reference to this issue in one forum and a picture of the exact code error in a Russian TSB bulletin with the exact picture of what I'm experiencing below (it makes reference to it, but no way of fixing it).
  13. I meant the dealer cannot get the patch
  14. I have this issue too. My local dealer has told me they can get the 0000000 fix patch files. They said I would need to replace the entire DA unit.
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