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  1. Lease and car finance companies are well aware of the problems with delays to new cars. If that is the problem have you spoken to the finance company? You may well find them sympathetic and have a proposal, or is it assumptions on your part? We had a car on PCP (we sold it privately as we were not replacing it) and were offered an extension without asking ‘in case our replacement is delayed’, quote-unquote. Sorry if you don’t like the message but don’t shoot the messenger.
  2. I am on 3kw/h on a PHEV - what are other PHEV drivers getting?
  3. I have had 97 on a long drive however realistically it varies from 65 when the steering committee is driving to typically 85-90 for me. Given all the variables it is like discussing mpg, difficult to compare and say what is or isn’t a good score.
  4. I shake my head in amazement that despite all the news coverage and comments in this thread there is still such a lack of understanding of worldwide supply chain problems. Let me mention a couple that might have passed some readers by: Covid resurgence in China, war in Ukraine. I could add more but is there any point?
  5. So was my Volvo, Passat in part and Audi in part. As others have said it’s cr8p for a car at this price point and sector.
  6. In connection with a major decorating project I have been carrying ‘stuff’ to the tip in my car over recent weeks. Last night I gave the interior a very good clean and am shocked at how easily the plastics have scratched. Almost everything has been in strong bin bags or wrapped in old curtains but the marks are bad. Not since my crappy Freelander have I had such fragile poor quality plastics in a car. Not remotely impressed. At this rate by the time it is 5 years old it will be trashed. And I do have a rear floor mat.
  7. A Good decision You will not regret!
  8. There are 2 reasons I did not go for a Hyundai PHEV. First off the tow weight limit is very low (1350kg) but more importantly the EV range is much less and the battery charging/management and cabin heating technology much less sophisticated. The Hyundai is more susceptible to cold weather depleting range or simply running on the ICE in conditions the Toyota would not. Maybe for many owners in the UK these aspects do not matter (especially given global warming has allegedly consigned cold weather to history) but for me they do have benefits. interestingly Hyundai have re-introduced a diesel option for the Santa Fe - they were losing too many sales due to poor towing ability of the HEV and PHEV versions.
  9. Very good post - agree wholeheartedly. If BEV works for you then great but please stop preaching and telling everyone else it works for them ‘if only you adapt your lifestyle…’ Why should they? The current charging and range restrictions of EV’s do not meet the bandwidth of car use and needs in the UK. Full stop. Having a car capable of 30 minute super fast charging is of absolutely no damn use when such chargers are very few and very far between. And having EV’s that typically cost £25k’s or more is unattainable for most people when they can’t afford a £10k car.
  10. And what will you buy that presumably is available from stock?
  11. This is becoming boring, how many posts have to say it doesn’t work that way? The VED is based on the list price at the point of delivery. You can argue interpretations until the cows come home but you will not change it.
  12. Agree however that applies to many taxes, not least of which income tax thresholds.
  13. It is the legislation and nothing to do with Toyota, the dealer, the salesperson or anyone else. If you want someone to blame then look towards all the greenies and those jealous of anyone with more money than they have and who regard cars as targets of abuse. Saying it is a ‘con’ is pointless. If it comes to it taxation is also simply legalised extortion.
  14. As has been explained before the VED is based on the list price at delivery, NOT when ordered or with allowance for any discounts. If the list price is even a penny over £40k that is tough.
  15. I agree the Lexus front is an acquired taste…. It is quite fascinating looking at Chinese and other local market versions of cars we are familiar with. Some examples are the Chinese Ford Mondeo, various MG/Roewe models (including the Rover 75-ish Roewe 750) and numerous market specific VW models. Historically who is aware of the VW built and badged Hillman Avenger in South America or 6 cylinder Marina in Australia?
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