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  1. when I test drive the HEV i thought it very noisy and noted the lack of sound absorbing material in the boot. I also think the hard plastic side panels do not help either - most cars in this class are comprehensively carpeted which will reduce sound reverberation. The PHEV is acceptable, not as good as some and no where near as quiet as my previous Volvo which had almost 1” thick carpet/soundproofing.
  2. All I can say is the RAV is on a par with my previous generation Volvo V60 and a country mile ahead of the FL2 I had. However it also isn’t upto Audi/VW either. I agree about road noise although the PHEV is much quieter than the HEV.
  3. The tyre pressure impact on ride/handling may vary with tyre brand too. I am looking for a softer ride on the rear when towing so am sticking with the 33psi for now. I also need to research tyres with softer side walls to help given I am getting no where with finding aftermarket shockers.
  4. It depends how you define build quality. I refer to solidity and quality of materials which in the RAV4/5 is very good. The styling is a different matter altogether and much prefer the Tucson but when we test drive one there was a definite lack of robustness - as an example the centre console flexed too easily.
  5. I do agree the Tucson specifications, design and styling of the interior and infotainment system are a significant step up from the RAV. However IMO the RAV has much better build quality.
  6. Well it looks as though it may have been a moth coming out to play each evening. Alarm went off Saturday evening, opened car felt a moth however was unsure if I had got it out. Alarm sounded off again Sunday evening and this time saw the moth fluttering around under the sunroof. Opened roof and off it went. Hopefully finally sorted. Next quest is to find a bug zapper for a car……
  7. The rotation of tyres to even out west on AWD is critical on some older 4x4’s with less sophisticated systems. Some Landrovers for example. I was horrified to once see a Touareg on a VW dealer forecourt with 3 different tyre brands and all different tread depths. The salesman simply couldn’t get why I walked away from it.
  8. The instructions for the drive away insurance are straight forward so do not understand the problem. And Canningz, did you really pay full list price?!
  9. The alarm has started going off randomly over the past 2 evenings. Struggling to find a cause. Anyone else had this problem?
  10. Full charge range indicator isn’t the same as actual range likely to be travelled. I find the real world range is between 15 and 20% less than full charge range suggests.
  11. I agree their comms appears to have been lacking but in reality what difference would it have made? As an aside I note the PCP finance rate on the RAV is now 4.9% - up from 1.9% before Christmas. Due to an impending job change we will need a second car again and looking at overpriced used cars and the now high finance rates is depressing.
  12. Thanks. The receptionist referred to ‘engine management ECU recall’ so will see what the problem actually is. Have also asked they look at the satnav and disappearing road issue.
  13. Flatcoat

    1st Service

    A service plan usually protects you against future price increases which in the current climate is helpful. I had intended taking out a 3 year plan but somehow it didn’t get processed. In hindsight just as well given I am changing my job and the supplying dealer location will not be convenient in future.
  14. I have my car booked in later this month to replace a piece of trim my neighbour damaged. The receptionist also mentioned they would carry out the ECU recall too. Couldn’t give any details. Any one know what this is for?
  15. It is very simple, If you are so unhappy with Toyota then cancel your order and buy a Ford or whatever. And when Ford or whoever pay the extra RFL for you I will beleive in Santa Claus and see flying pigs.
  16. Just about all cars are going up in price, some significantly. And if not yet they soon will.
  17. After much discussion and research I have concluded the damping on the rear of the PHEV needs changing to smooth out the ride when towing. Does anyone know of a Toyota tuning specialist of the type who might know where to get some non O/E shocks? I have looked at Koni and Monroe websites without success but the specialists may know better.
  18. The Chinese vaccine is at best 65% effective which is simply not enough to bring the virus under control. Around 10% of the worlds container ships are stuck in Shanghai harbour. It is a nightmare for logistics companies with container contracts which cannot be fulfilled.
  19. However the PHEV has noise insulating glass in the front door windows and, I understand, further additional soundproofing elsewhere. I do clearly recall when I test drive a HEV the rear road noise was bad however the PHEV is much quieter, if not upto Volvo PHEV standards. In my V60 PHEV I could cruise at 100mph (autobahns) without unduly turning up the radio or significant road noise. I doubt the RAV will be anywhere near as quiet.
  20. Rather strangely I only get noise from the offside when my wife is in the passenger seat….. 😉
  21. Flatcoat

    Road Tax

    Completely agree….. alleged green taxes disproportionately affect those who can least afford them the most. All taxation is simply legalised extortion.
  22. it will have. Mine was an October build so missed out however cars landing since mine have the 22MY upgrades.
  23. Already on some US Faceache pages and looked however most of them are lift kits and stupid size wheels/tyre upgrades. Will keep investigating.
  24. Finally! I have a working charger. BG changed everything apart from the cable and all seems well.
  25. Everyone is focused on Ukraine. The new Covid lockdowns in China are going to make life a whole lot worse. 10% of the worlds containers are trapped in Shanghai harbour and over 30m people are in lockdown in the city. I am tendering some large housing developments for 126 new homes and we cannot get a fixed price contract. Unheard of in all my 40+ years working in housing development.
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