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  1. The Settings functionality does not appear in my French delivered RAV4. I am planning to contact Toyota as I want to be able to change language on the instrument display (although it was easy to change the language on the big screen). I will also want to be able to change to miles when I drive to England. BTW does the map and navigation display auto-adjust fro driving on left/right?
  2. Philip is indeed correct. I declined the T&C in the My Toyota account and promptly lost pretty much all functionality in the app. So I reversed that and will now attempt a dialogue with Toyota. I do not have high expectations.... Question: is Toyota unique in collecting this kind of data (journeys etc), or do the other manufacturers do much the same?
  3. As I don't want to share my daily journeys with Toyota (despite their assurances re GDPR), I think I will have to delete my My Toyota account. Their dire warning is I will lose some functions (unspecified) in the MyT app. I want to keep the app of course as it gives some neat functionality with the car, eg charging time setup, battery information etc. Would I be right in assuming that those functions remain even without the My Toyota account?
  4. Thanks to all for information. I do not want to have my trip data stored by Toyota. I now need to find out how to stop it being collected.
  5. The Driving Analytics section of the MyT app is showing me all the trips I have done, complete with maps. Q1 - Does Toyota collect and store this data, or is it only phone-based? Q2 - As the data is presumably stored on my phone, can it be edited/erased? For example, "remove all data older than xxx". (I can erase it all for sure if I remove the app completely. But then I'd have to start again...) There is an obvious confidentiality and security issue here. I know Toyota's T&C are in the app for us all to read, but maybe a Forum member has done all the homework and can share an informed view.
  6. I am still learning my new RAV4 PHEV. Is there some software in the the car, maybe accessible on the MyT app, that records the cumulative electric charge, presumably in kw? This would be useful to track, and thus measure efficiency and cost.
  7. Hi Rudi, I live in France and I will soon be looking for winter tyres. I do not plan to buy new rims - storage becomes too difficult (...heavy...) - so I shall just get different tyres. I will be interested to see what my local garages recommend.
  8. I have just got my new RAV4 PHEV. I love it. But the instruction book isn't clear (to me at any rate) on how to do certain things. Especially on using the instrument cluster... 1. How do you actually change between the analogue and digital display ? 2. How do I change the instrument cluster display language? This is important to me because I live in France and the vehicle was delivered with French language displays (quite reasonably!). Although it was easy to change the language to English on the multimedia screen, I am having difficulty changing the instrument display language (although it is said to be possible in the French booklet and my downloaded copy of the English version). Any help would be welcomed!
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