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  1. Winter tyres are invariably quieter in my long exoerience of them on various cars. The tread pattern (I think) is the main reason.
  2. Going back to basics with this 12v battery: Why would the manual state ■ To prevent 12-volt battery discharge ………. ● Turn off any unnecessary electrical components when the vehicle is running at a low speed for an extended period, such as in heavy traffic. ?? While actually running the car I assumed that the traction battery would always keep the 12v battery sufficiently topped up, and the ICE will ensure the traction battery is ok. But the implication of the manual that when we are in very slow moving traffic at night in cold winter (heater, lights, maybe AC, probably radio etc) then we should start turning them off is, shall we say, puzzling. I could live without audio but not without lights or heat.
  3. If you want to charge the 12v battery, the Manual says "If recharging with the 12v battery installed on the vehicle, be sure to disconnect the ground cable". But smart chargers, or so I understand, allow you not to have to do that. Is Toyota being cautious, given that with older chargers removing the ground is necessary?
  4. Thanks to the info I get from this thread, I'm planning to buy the NOCO GB20 for possible jump starting. Does anyone have any idea how often it itself will need charging if, as will probably be my case, it just sits in the car not being used? Putting it another way, will checking its charge every month be sufficient? I don't often check my insurance policies - maybe I should do!!
  5. I bought a voltmeter for the socket which I started using 2 days ago and observe the following: When I put the car into Ready mode the meter shows instantly about 11.7 (don't blink or you miss it) and goes immediately to about 14.5. Stays there more or less while I am driving. This morning for first time I did Accessory mode (the car had fully charged overnight by the way): the meter showed instantly 11.7 and then to my surprise settled at about 12.5. I then went to Ready when it went to 14.5 again. Not being at all technical in this area I have no idea why it went 11.7 to 12.5 but it was a good result all the same.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Maybe my trying to input the destination address when not in Ready mode did the dastardly deed, but nothing else I am aware of! One more question: you write "As long as the auxiliary battery is healthy, and the car is used reasonably regularly, there is no issue with this system at all. Toyota guidance is that 60 minutes in Ready mode per week is sufficient". Well, I use the car almost every day, in EV mode when charged as it usually is. Does the reference to "60 minutes in Ready mode per week" refer to being stationery and letting the traction battery charge the 12v battery, or does it mean, you need to drive the car at least 60 mins per week, when by definition it is Ready? That's a dumb question perhaps, but I need to be clear.
  7. I know there have been other posts concerning the 12 volt battery but here’s another as I consider this item to be the achilles heel of an otherwise excellent car. My car had its first annual service on 8 September and on the 11th we drove 700km to a Spanish destination. Obviously in HV most of the time. Left it for three days (the first night of which the front windows were accidentally left open but discovered and rectified in the morning - would the 12v battery have been affected by this?). No problem then driving it to next destination about 50km away. Three days later the car (unused again for three days) died on me shortly after I tried to put a new address into nav system - without having put the car into Ready, I should add. Car completely dead. Won’t mention all the pain involved but eventually the breakdown guy arrived and jump started it from under the bonnet (which I admit I didn’t know could be done, thinking he would have to go to boot for 12v battery - but have since learned a bit more by properly studying the manual.) I then drove to the nearest Toyota dealer who recharged the 12v battery, stating it had been too low. On the way home we got stuck in a monstrous traffic jam in the late evening on the A43 near Grenoble, and hardly moved for an hour, but with lights on, worried that the car might die as the traction battery was at what I call the Hybrid setting (30% ?), and the ICE wouldn’t run, being mostly stationary, unless I put it onto the Charge setting. Fortunately we managed to get off the motorway and get home safely. Questions: 1 is there a simple way to monitor the 12v battery health? On the US forum some people suggest a simple voltmeter to plug into the 12v socket (aka cigar lighter!). Would this give a useful reading? 2 what parts of the car are directly powered by the 12v battery once we are under way? Could the lights have failed in an enforced nighttime stoppage? Or would the ICE kick in to charge the traction battery to then trickle charge the 12v battery? Dare we use the heaters or AC in that sort of situation? (We didn't) 3 More generally, if, as in my case, most car trips are around town and solely in EV, should we routinely charge the 12v battery by (as I understand) leaving the car in Ready for 20 minutes to let the traction battery charge the 12v battery? If so, how often? Or does the act of charging the traction battery do that sufficiently anyway? There seems to be some ambivalence in the posts I have read on the forums. I find the lack of any warnings concerning 12 v battery on the dashboard to be a real negative! Sorry to go on about this but my faith in the car has been shaken.
  8. I did not have this problem until a few weeks ago: My RAV4 PHEV will happily communicate fom the car to me, with details of my last trip, current battery status etc. But it will not let me Start Charging from MyT on those occasions when I don't want to wait for the scheduled charging and need to charge it now. It invariably times out after a while and won't start charging. Normally it charges according to a daily schedule I set up, and that works just fine. If I go to Connected Services on MyT it says they are activated. The app even allows me to send an itinerary to the car. I should add that neither can I start the AC system remotely. I don't know how Myt and the car communicate. But my wifi is good and strong. I have a VPN, but whether I leave it on or off, it makes no difference. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Heated steering wheel is honestly the only thing I miss (admittedly not right now....).
  10. It's fascinating to see how the car takes and then gives. I regularly travel to a place in the Alps. I drive to a certain village about 940m altitude using ICE, I then switch to EV and climb to our destination at just over 2050m, loads of hairpins. It showed me last time that I had about 75km EV range to do the 25km and 1090m climb. I make it exactly to the destination in EV and exhaust the traction battery- in fact it literally went to ICE as I parked it. Not so good you might think. But when I descend it does 25km entirely in EV and charges, giving me 30km additional EV range at the bottom of the mountain when I rejoin the motorway. So in total I have done 25+25+30 in EV, a little more than I started with.
  11. I have a slightly diferent problem with the app. Background: I have set my RAV4 PHEV to charge overnight every night at home during the cheap tariff hours. Works like a treat. Sometimes however (at home, with the car obviously set up to charge)I want to start it charging outside those hours. Until about 6 weeks ago I simply pressed the battery charge % symbol on the app and the app "communicated " with the car, started the charge and told me it was successful. But now it doesn't work. It says it's "currently contacting" my car and tells me I can Continue using the app, but then times out after a few minutes. If I try the Climate control on the app, it also fails, telling me to have a good internet connection, which I do. Does anyone else have this problem, or a solution?
  12. but I haven't figured out how to stop it when the cheap rate finishes at 07.30, but that doesn't matter for me as I want it fully charged even if goes into higher rate.
  13. yes, I use the car's programming system to start charging at 02.30 as that's when my cheap rate starts
  14. TonyFR

    Snow chains

    Thanks MattO - I hadn't heard of Weissenfels so that's very helpful. It does look as if the SUV 10 model is good for our 235/55R19 tyres as seems to be nothing "on the inside" to foul the mechanisms.
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