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  1. but I haven't figured out how to stop it when the cheap rate finishes at 07.30, but that doesn't matter for me as I want it fully charged even if goes into higher rate.
  2. yes, I use the car's programming system to start charging at 02.30 as that's when my cheap rate starts
  3. TonyFR

    Snow chains

    Thanks MattO - I hadn't heard of Weissenfels so that's very helpful. It does look as if the SUV 10 model is good for our 235/55R19 tyres as seems to be nothing "on the inside" to foul the mechanisms.
  4. I can't agree that "Another few years using oil will make little difference". It will, for the worse. I used to believe the hydrogen route was best and in many ways wish it still was - as still believes our Great Maker Toyota. But EV sales are thriving now (in rich countries) and there is a huge momentum for building charging infrastructure. I am not an engineer but I do believe that BEVs will become far more efficient in the next few years. Right now the PHEV is a practical solution to remove eliminate range anxiety and make long trips practical while still giving the (real) enjoyment of electric motoring for most trips.
  5. Maybe I wasn't clear, so apologies. I added all the petrol I have bought and computed l/100km for the entire mileage I have done INCLUDING the battery powered mileage, so it's a mix of petrol and battery power giving me that figure. I'm still happy with it though, considering that my long trips have been distinctly non-eco in style!
  6. For what it's worth, I have done about 6500km since I had the car including a return trip to UK (over 2000km) and four 200km each way trips to high mountains. When I am blasting along French motorways (bliss compared to most UK motorways) I am doing 130kmh. I cannot drive long trips like that at low speeds! A major reason for PHEV for me is not having to worry about charging stops on long trips if it were pure EV. Anyway, I do all my short trips (i.e. the vast majority) using EV only. So my calculation gives me an overall petrol consumption of 4.4l per 100km. Putting that into good old mpg, it is about 64.2mpg.
  7. TonyFR

    Snow chains

    Under French law, certain departments (including where I live) require that you have winter tyres fitted between 1 November and springtime (I forget date) or else carry chains in the car.
  8. TonyFR

    Snow chains

    It's in the manual English  Vehicles with 235/55R19 tires Tire chains cannot be mounted. Snow tires should be used instead. French (where I live) *: Il est interdit de monter des chaînes à neige sur les véhicules avec pneus 235/55R19.
  9. TonyFR

    Snow chains

    Just discovered to my surprise (understatement) that snow chains that I have bought for my RAV4 PHEV cannot be fitted to the 235/55R19 tyres. I hadn't noticed this in the manual, so my fault ultimately. I only carry chains for in extremis conditions in the mountains (and hope never to have to use them) and I have snow tyres (Michelin Alpin) fitted anyway. I only put this post on the forum to warn anybody else who might be contemplating chains for these tyres.
  10. Yep. We always knew in IT (my career too) that hardware is called hardware because you can kick it when it goes wrong, which is why it's less obvious that you have to re-boot software since you can't use your feet.
  11. Yes it's on a schedule, and finishes typically around 7am. When I Ieave it plugged in, it does this occasional "charge" (i.e. the green light comes on on the granny cable connector box (whatever that's supposed to be called)) within even 3 or 4 hours of finishing the 100% but, as I mentioned, it is very cold right now. I am trying to find out if the battery management system is doing something smart other than re-charging (which seems a bit unlikely). Or maybe there is a fault?!
  12. I have noticed that even when the car is 100% charged (according to MyT) - and the charging cable is still connected , of course - that the charging process appears to start up for a while, then stop again. We now have quite cold temperatures where I live (often sub-zero). Would the process I am seeing be that the battery is being kept warm (as opposed to actual charging)?
  13. Having just driven 2000km from home in France to Herts and back I can give the Satnav a high rating. Got lost a few times but "she" performed perfectly. Just wish Toyota would let us non UK buyers have an mph option instead of kmh. Got tired of looking at red speed dot as my kmh speed always exceeds the permitted mph!
  14. I have an uneasy feeling I am missing something obvious, but here goes: I have set up a regular charging schedule for my RAV4 PHEV (to take advantage of cheap nightime tariffs),but I sometimes want to charge it at other times. I can press Start Charging from the My T app and indeed it starts charging. But I cannot stop it charging from the same app. There is a link "Unlock charging station" which if pressed takes me to a Subscription Service ("subscribe to Smart Charging") which gets me nowhere except an invitation to join Toyota's charging network. To stop charging here at home I have to go to the car and unlock it to try and release the charge plug and even that didn't seem to work the other day - had to disconnect the power source first!
  15. Is there any way to force the MM17 to continuously show the audio screen? I like to see the radio text for the details of what's being played but the system always goes back to the Home screen, and I only see the station name in the audio box. I have tried to put the Audio into the bigger Home screen box but that seems reserved for maps, which frankly I do not always need.
  16. Not this morning. No need as no mist or ice. But I am beginning to see how well the Toyota system is programmed to optimise the use of the traction battery in winter conditions. What is increasingly clear to me is that we have no absolute control to ensure ONLY use of the (even fully charged) battery in tough conditions.
  17. Last night overnight temperature was max 1 degree where I live on French Swiss border. Had charged battery overnight to full, I started off for a short trip at about 2.5 degrees and the ICE came on immediately unasked for about 5 mins (maybe for battery warming or maybe 12v battery topup as I came back from a long trip last night from the mountains when all systems were blasting away). The app's still showing me the same range I would have expected in late summer (when I bought the car). Honestly I don't believe it, but I do think that Toyota is able to exploit the ICE to optimise the battery. Does that make sense? Not sure of the ecological balance though! (When I was in the mountains, having exhausted the EV on arrival from home, on little trips thereafter between 1900 and 2000m the system was ICE up and EV down, after the same ICE warmup)
  18. TonyFR


    I decided not to change to a winter rim (which I do for my wife's much smaller car) as big wheel storage is heavy work, plus winter rims rarely look as good. I now just get the tyres changed (new Michelin Alpin last week).
  19. Twice recently I had set off from home fully charged, on EV by default of course, and was surprised that the ICE kicked in after about 5 minutes. Was only still in town at about 30mph. Had to stop and restart (it then happily stayed on EV) as I don't like ICE unless necessary on long trips or motorway. Anyone else had this experience?
  20. One of the reasons I got the full trim version of my new RAV4 was for the electric seat adjustments which I was used to on previous (non Toyota) cars. But I cannot make the preset buttons work. I'm under guarantee so I'll go to the dealer if necessary but maybe I am doing something wrong. For what it's worth, I often make adjustments to allow for load, road conditions, and fatigue.
  21. I give up. I suppose the sentiment that the principal city of the department of Bouches-du-Rhone is a bit mad is being proven in unexpected ways.
  22. But it did get transliterated. M !Removed! i l l e are the component letters!!
  23. No idea why that happened. I spelled Mubikille quite correctly. Hope it doesn't get transliterated via Hiragana or Kitakana filters.
  24. Amused by your plates, Peter. I bought my previous car from a garage in Aix en Provence and therefore with a 13 department number on the plates (though I live elsewhere but wasn't obliged to change the dep number). A lot of French people associate 13 with (mad) Mubikilles so over the years I often got jokey (!) gestures on the roads and leery looks when I parked.
  25. Maybe one day the UK will go fully metric, having educated generations of children in metric, but I doubt in my lifetime. I guess this isn't the place for that debate, so will keep silent about thorny non-car issues such Br.......! Thanks for the Covid warning - I have the badge already having driven across in the summer (just before my RAV4 delivery!!)
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